Jesus christ that's offensive. The flowery language that you KNOW he's using because he thinks it makes him sound well-read is not helping. Arrogant, ignorant, racist prick.

Another instance of a man speaking like a founding father because he thinks it makes him sound authoritative and educated

Agreed. I'm visualising someone wearing a monocle on top of their KKK hood.

I’m seeing the madtv kkk sketches.

Entirely off topic, as nothing to do with this guy, but can’t stop my mind replaying them.

Jana Cornel was excellent in spotting the racism in this movement. When I started out the only time I saw racism was when a trans-identified male told me that since I accept black women in women’s bathrooms, I should accept transwomen,

I said to him, what are you trying to imply about black women?

I started following Jana and it was eye opening how incredibly racist the trans ideology is.

I just checked her Twitter - I noticed that she was not active on Twitter after 2020.

She said she was taking a break.

I hope she returns but at the same time Twitter can be a cesspit

They hide their racism about as well as they hide their male identities

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 41 points

Didn't this moid get the memo? The trans phase is supposed to come AFTER the Nazi phase, not at the same time!

At least he admits all the TIMs he knows are white and he's solely fighting for the rights of white men. He's literally the last person on earth who will ever be a woman.

I'm sure info on an actual trans nazi was posted here a while ago, and the TRAs were defending his right to be a total piece of inhumane shit because uwu gender souls??? So yeah this type of crazy is becoming more and more blatant.

Ha, I was so busy being furious I didn’t consider that angle. How does he classify Laverne Cocks, do you suppose? Feminine because a delicate trans, or hulking and masculine because black?

What a hideous waste of oxygen.

Honestly most TRAs dgaf about black trans people beyond using them as a gotcha card ("black trans women literally gave you your rights!!" etc., etc.). The vast majority of them are heterosexual middle class white people who use their transness as a way to get attention.

I applaud black women for resisting the patriarchal pressure to be graceful and well-mannered.

The chances that the person who said this doesn't have a KKK membership seem low.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 37 points

The masks slips upwards in this case..........

I’m white but every time I read “ebony” for black people I’m like oh shit here we go…

This has to be a 15 year-old MRA autogynephilic porn goblin right? Who else would outright say things like “their masculine counterparts”…and that he applauds black women for not accepting needing to be graceful…but that you can’t deny TiMs because they ARE graceful? It has to be.

Sad thing is in a lot of woke conversation there’s this whole framing racist stereotypes as actually beautiful things to celebrate about being black, so this idiot really feels he’s got a deep argument that’s somehow not racist just “true”.

Hey, made a meme inspired by your comment!


Also, porn goblin omg. So many great points here.

Haha! Yeah that feeling is super common nowadays isn’t it?

Yes I imagine a little goblin living inside of them that needs porn to live 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m convinced it’s a metaphor that’s not far from the truth.

[–] Califasauros 40 points Edited

"Perform femininity exquisitely..." NO surprise there...this dude defines women as people who "perform femininity exquisitely," regardless of whether they are subject to menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause...and then goes on to claim that the "trans women" in his life epitomize this.

Assuming he's telling the truth, I guess he does not have many autogynephilic TIMs in his social circle.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 22 points

Wtaf does "performing femininity exquisitely" even mean anyways???

Even super "feminine" HSTS come across as camp gay men. 🤔 Guys like Samantha Lux, Kat Blaque and Lappendage Cocks also come across as being desperate to be fucked...

I have never, ever seen a TIM who "performed feminity exquisitely"? What is this guy referring to? The will to be a sex object and look like a blow up doll? That's... Not really performing femininity... Those guys are not discreet, kind, polite, submissive, delicate... They're loud, obnoxious, rude, desperate and only "submissive" when it comes to sexuality.

I mean I think even he probably agrees that no TIM is a delicate flower... 🤔

[–] SecondSkin 21 points Edited

Even if they were, hypothetically, performing femininity perfectly. Feminism is not about performing femininity. It’s also not about empowering women or celebrating them or whateverthefuck other insta worthy terms were used.

I want to scream feminismisthepolticalmoventforwomen’sliberationfrompatriarchalheirarchy and readafuckingbookyoudickweed.

Feminism is not something performed for #instapoints.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 14 points

“Exquisite” is one of those words that Does. Not. Apply. to TIMS.

I tell them there is no such thing as a "Transwoman". You cannot change your sex. Woman is a biological descriptor. These are Trans-Identified MALES. Feminist movements did not fight for MALES to live out their fetishes and fantasies.

Black women are not in anyway comparable to creepy autogynephile, mental illness, responses to trauma, or being brainwashed by a cult.

doubled and then triple downed i see. If I hadn't seen this racism before among TRAs, I would guess this was 100% a troll.

It isn't just the TRAs with this shitty take about black women. I still see idiots everywhere claiming Michelle Obama is a trans woman. And speaking of gracefulness and femininity. She definitely qualifies for those descriptors.

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