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Am I the only one who thinks she's about to break out into tears in the picture? Like is something else going on? Was she just so happy to announce her TIF status?

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Now, I never really cared about celebrities. I don't want to say "looked up to", but I enjoyed characters that I felt i could relate to.

What I am rambling is I hope they don't trans her character in the show she's in now-- at least give something to the young lesbians.

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true. I have a enby friend. I saw that she complained about being asked to leave from the women's room and took it as a sign that transpeople need more rights. But the more males we see in our single-sex the more we are going to question everyone.

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Oh. This is awesome! I want to post all my stuff, but I don't. Maybe if someone outs me to my art groups.

But I am working. (Not very far along) on a sweater for my SO's mom. I can post that here, can let her see her gift!

I also make jewelry out of recycled materials.

I will try to post tips and... lots of things.

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Excellent thread. I am posting that on the personal social.

(I originally didn't like GoT because everyone dies. I got the same answer. But that's how this shit was. Yep and dragons. There was dragons too.)

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I have gladrag, but I think they are woke, now. At some point I hope to make my own.

I love mine. I usually only need one insert. Mine come with two, but that's way too bulky for me.

Oh, you do need to make sure your undergarment isn't too loose or it will flip over.

I only soak mine while I shower and scrub a bit when I get out. I live with my mother, so I figure leaving it longer would freak her out a bit.

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I don't know what to say. But I hope you feel better. And I hope she does and has/gets some great friends.

Edit: and her mother--! How could you not tell the other parent? Especially, if the kid needs to be watched.