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BBC article as well -

Pleasantly surprised to see any convictions at all arise from the Nth room case(s). It seems the rest that got sentences got much lighter sentences. Not great, but better than the usual 0 days in prison or jail that results from sexual offences. I quite liked the last lines in the BBC piece.

. . .women in South Korea will see this as a start and a sign that their long fight is finally yielding results.

But the words I wrote when this case was made public still ring true.

The fury will not stop here.

I was trying to find more info on what government support/services the victims are receiving or have been offered & was not able to find much myself. If anyone had something relevant related to that, would appreciate if you linked it.

edit: figured some might not be familiar with how this type of exploitation has been spreading -

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anti-straight white male

Lmfaoooo, wow. Not to stan for men or anything but LOL what is the plan? Ship them all to Mars? Framing their approach like this is so poor -- it implies there is something inherently wrong with being these attributes & pre-maturely pump the brakes on any further discussion regarding class analysis, privilege, etc. Also a very American-centric framing. So exhausted of American racial politics being projected to the rest of the planet with no regard to the nuances of local politics & their history.

bark at straight people

...? congrats, we did it, "bimbos". We eliminated the heterepatriarchy by barking at them.

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Nope, not entirely paranoid, though I don't think I'd so much attribute this solely to them rather than -- I think they are simply encouraging those sorts of things to develop & taking advantage of the increased pornification of everything.

So much of the current make-up looks originate from drag culture, such as the extreme contouring, highlighting (of face, not hair), baking, cut crease, & overly-plump and heavily-lined lip looks. The more that it can be enforced and normalized for women to participate in feminization rituals like this, the better for TIMs who hope to pass or hope to be able to point to those women when others rightfully recognize him as a man & say "but no, see, I look just like them! We are the same". They tend to more easily look like what is being pushed as ""authentic"" if this sort of drag-inspired, pornified look becomes more and more mainstream. The more plastic/in-organic the beauty standard, the higher chance of being able to replicate the look through clothing, surgeries, cosmetics, etc. Current make-up trends highly encourage you to apply make-up such that your facial structure appears different (contouring) & in my opinion, the desired contour look to me looks typically masculinizing (while ironically being a component of current ritualized submission to achieve what is deemed as femininity), similar to how the fashion industry "ideal" female model body is far more "boyish/mannish" than that of a typical girl or woman that is not underweight -- very low body fat, no curves, very tall. I mentally consider two line-ups of the typical TIM and a line of average women. One set of them are entirely no make-up and the other set are donning the typical as-seen-on Instagram make-up look. It would be MUCH more obvious in the no make-up group that they are men compared to when both groups are donning the current make-up trends.

The projected "ideal" face of makeup is largely affected by trends on Instagram and YouTube & I feel that has had a significant effect compared to earlier decades.

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Is there something particular about the Librem that you're personally drawn by? Just my own curiosity asking - it's interesting to me to hear the different reasons people gravitate towards FOSS or FOSS-associated things. I think I'm actually eyeing the Pinephone a little bit more myself now, haha. Librem seemed like it was trying to promise a lot and is stumbling on the delivery.

Pine doesn't seem to be setting their goals as high as "being a direct competitor to the Apple and Samsung flagship phones", but it still looks pretty promising. The cost would be a lot easier on my pocket too -- about $300 less when compared to Librem's options. Hoping to be able to snag one for Christmas, as I've got someone in the household that would love to contribute to the project (code-wise) -- but you have to have the physical phone to be able to do so.

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I think others may be having the same problem as me, primarily what you mentioned about his psychoanalytic background. When reading his writing, it was coming across to me as 'this is how things are and how they always will be. this stuff is just inherent', but after reading the comments here by you & others and receiving some guidance from an aquaintence well-versed in Lacan - it really is the unfamiliarity with his other writings and not being familiar with psychoanalysis. If he truly is writing from the perspective of explaining the current state of things & how that logic is constructed rather than it seeming moreso like he is presenting his personal views - makes sense!

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Neo: The World Ends With You trailer was posted today on the official Square Enix Youtube account, announced for a 2021 release (no month noted) for both the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

TWEWY (Nintendo DS) is one of my favourite games EVER, BY FAR. I have been waiting SOOOO so long to see if this game would ever get a well-deserved sequel. The original came out in 2007, iOS port in 2012 and (I actually completely missed this one) a Switch enhanced port in 2018 named TWEWY: Final Remix. I think the popularity of TWEWY can be considered somewhat of a "cult classic" type of following, though as I had no idea about the Switch enhanced re-release, maybe it's not so much of a cult following anymore!

I cannot BELIEVE this is finally happening & isn't just another fake-out, like what happened with the iOS re-release/port. I'm giddy, stuck with a grin over here. Most hype I have been for a new game in a while. I was linked to a trailer for the TWEWY anime that is coming out next year, via the IGN channel. I was thinking "oh goody! Maybe this will mean they're seriously considering a sequel then, or maybe the renewed interest resulting from the anime release will encourage them to finally get going on that" I did not actually imagine I'd be seeing the sequel game trailer today, too! But lo and behold, here it is.

I'm very curious to see if they implement the "social" XP you could earn for badges like you could in the original, which was earned by street-passing (or whatever the DS equivalent of street pass was at the time) others that had the game. So I think there ended up being some badge evolutions I could never get, because of not being able to earn the social XP, similar to how there are some pokemon that only evolve by trading with others. Also very curious to see how the switch from 2D to 3D like as was shown in the trailer ends up feeling like, if the game is still as charming and addicting as it was. I really liked how the touch screen was utilized for TWEWY, so I hope that "magic" isn't lost in translation.

Anime trailer:

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I'm someone that also tends to be quite a harsh self-critic! I convinced myself for years that I just wasn't creative and that it wasn't worth trying. Recently I picked up a little book about Zentangle that has a bunch of patterns and simple step-by-steps for how to do the pattern. It's basically slightly advanced pattern doodling that they've trademarked and somehow turned into something much bigger than I would expect for doodling (you can become a Certified Zentangle Teacher lol!). I don't quite like all the rules that the Zentangle method supposedly includes, like they say to never use an eraser as there are "no mistakes" -- find a way to work your 'mistake' into the design. I usually do follow this, but for some mistakes with pencil, come on! I'm just going to fix it real quick. Especially if I'm trying to get my "base" areas set-up. Like recently I was trying to do a set-up for a COVID-19 inspired tangle where I was going to have a rectangle that had patterns in squares at each corner and then various circles sprayed across the center-ish area that I was going to fill with a pattern reminiscent to how the COVID virus looks under the microscope && filling the other areas with patterns that I felt were fitting for how I was feeling about COVID and this year. I screwed up the initial circles and how I wanted to place them a ton before I was satisfied with the balance. If I had kept with my very first lines, I would have hated how it turned out, guaranteed. Little mistakes a make while doing the patterns I don't stress out about though, as they're typically tiny mistakes that don't detract too much from the piece as a whole.

Similar to u/ligaments, I find that doing the repetative patterns gets to be a bit meditative. Allows me to zone out a bit & ruminate while also requiring my focus on something. I think my ADHD brain likes that balance. You can find tons of people showing off their own patterns and creations by web searching for Zentangle or Zentangle inspired. The specific book I have is called Joy of Zentangle, nabbed it for super cheap from a store around here that re-sells overstock stuff for a bargain.

I really like that you can expand it to a lot of different ideas, like lettering, mandelas or filling in outlines of animals or buildings or what-have-you. I'm hoping to feel confident enough to attempt something more "free form" like this at some point! I think this is just so neat looking.

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The TRAs are the tip of an iceberg and maybe we need to look beyond them

By "we" do you mean how Bates discusses TRAs in the book or "GC/RF women in general"? If the latter, I would say a fair few of us are already quite familiar with how much misogyny is seeped around nearly all online spaces. It's just that trans-activism has unfortunately tied up quite a bit of our collective time/energy, as of late. I'm quite curious to check out this book myself. This line you mentioned in particular -

It's seeping from internet fringes to mainstream

Very curious to see how she explains that it's been seeping from internet fringes into the mainstream rather than the other way around. To me, it feels like these misogynistic men have been out there, thinking these things, torturing women & girls in various ways. The internet sure does allow them to more easily connect up and "amplify" their thoughts amongst each other, allows easier capture of younger boys/men that would likely have found this kind of ideology amongst irl peers at some point, & allows new venues for show-casing their misogyny to each other & to participate in group-bullying. Easier access to specific communities allows this process to accelerate that I think would have happened "in real life" anyway.

Curious - about how long did it take you to finish the book?

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I have zero problems with violent racists getting their comeuppance

I don't see what happened to them as a "comeuppance" and more so a denial of their rights to basic needs, especially housing. From what I've experienced, most places are NOT going to accept cash to pay your rent or your mortgage. You have to have a bank account for so much -- to even write a check (for the few bills you have that might accept check, rather than direct deposit/transfer)! Places that will be willing to cash your check (say for your weekly pay earnings) for you without an account typically take some percentage off the top. My thoughts align with what u/thedarkhouse and u/pennygadget stated in that thread:

They may be awful people but surely this is denying them the right to food and shelter? There are plenty of people with wacky beliefs who are hateful to others but they still have human rights. |||

Murderers on death row are still entitled to food, shelter, and medical care. So I think the same rights should also apply to folks whose only crime is shitty opinions.

A lot of defenders of cancel culture claim that its perfectly fine for a private corporation to discriminate because only the government is obligated to respect free speech. But I don't think that's accurate when mega corporations have so much power and so many connections with the government.

Someone else had mentioned as well, having trouble finding it now, mentioning about how exiling these individuals from their banking institutions is likely not only affecting them. They've likely got dependants & I don't think the rest of their family, especially children, deserves to suffer because of one family member's views. I also don't think cutting them off from their banking is going to do anything to help them "see the light", so to say, & will instead embolden them (much like with what we've seen with Trump & Alex Jones fans..).

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Is it known who actually put these graphics together? I know it is far from unusual for him to bring awareness to content that others created & I'd be interested in checking their other work out, if it truly was someone else.

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They adopted a position paper on full decriminalisation co-written by a pimp.

Reading about this situation is what made me finally accept that Amnesty really had jumped the shark. Anyone not familiar - I highly recommend checking this out:


It really shocked me to see them adopting this position and seeing who they consulted with. I don't trust them at all anymore.

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it’s hilarious

I was amused at first, but after seeing how effective this slimey tactic is.. I'm more so depressed and increasingly worried. By repeatedly asserting that any opposition, no matter how reasonable, to gender ideology is '(alt)-right wing aligned', they effectively shut down the majority of critical thought & end up dissuading people from looking into the issue for themselves, by appearing to provide an established 'answer'.

It's terrifying actually. After seeing the story about those individuals who had their personal bank accounts shut down by the bank (two separate banking institutions at that) due to their 'politicial views' (they were alt-right) && repeatedly seeing GC/RF voices banned/excommunicated in various online spaces with the justification of those ideas being 'far right bigotry' -- this is getting really bad for us. Censorship never just stops at 'the obviously bad guys' & now we see this. They are advocating for us to be entirely censored politically, by urging representatives to deem us not part of their constituency & urging for us to not be given our representatives' ears at all. If it hasn't happened already, I am sure soon we will see them advocating for us to entirely have our right to vote revoked.

edit: Banking story for reference for those who didn't catch it earlier or didn't remember

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To be fair..I think it is unfair to say 'ALL' trans people should go to the men's. I don't think trans-identified females should be obligated to use the men's.

Curious - what was the actual ban reason/message they sent you? Was that your only comment recently made on the sub?

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It really is a shame that women felt they had to 'soften' feminism for at least years both online and offline against men who claimed feminism was about female supremacy, by retorting that 'no, no it's not just about women trying to get sole benefits for women, it's actually about equality!!'. It was a mistake to try to make feminism more palatable for men, especially men who think feminism is not only not needed, but that we live in a 'gynocentric society'. It was just too much (between men's shit attitudes and female socialization) to unashamedly state that it's a movement for and by women.

So, now we're stuck trying to clean up after that mess of years of insistence that 'it's about equality'. Now we get to hear all about from men 'i tHoUgHt fEmInISm wAs aBOuT EqUaLitY' whenever women actually advocate for women & get to see how they think it's such a 'gotcha!' when you state 'no, actually, it's not'. 'wooooah see, feminism is just for female supremacy!'

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It might sound dramatic, but when he came back to bed it felt like I had just been cheated on.

It absolutely is not dramatic to feel that way. He decided to invest his time and sexual energy towards masterbating to rape on tape instead of into you two's sexual intimacy. & not only that, but did it during a time you two had explicitly designated as 'spend together time', due to you two deciding to watch a movie together. He ditched you because he deemed his dick and imagining himself fucking other women as more important than you. If people can recognize 'emotional cheating', I think it should be easily recognized why situations like yours feels like cheating.

He didn't leave & hide in the bathroom to plan out a nice trip for you two, read a book or write the grocery list. He specifically did not mention he was leaving to watch pornography because he knows it puts the relationship at risk.

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I'm trying to get this to an LA Times columnist who shares a mutual friend with me

Thought you might like to know about some additional screenshots. USC was contacted as early as September 29th about Ken's comments. USC has repeatedly brushed off this individual (and who knows how many others..) & instructed her to contact the Dean herself, rather than having someone internal to USC escalate the issue.

Additional screenshots included in the parent post of that thread and subsequent comments.

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This was brought to their attention initially about a week ago

Actually, they have known QUITE a bit longer. They have known for at least six weeks at this point.

The original comments were added to a post on the LGBTQ Nation facebook page. Ken has, predictably, deleted his comments since then. It was a post about Judith Butler "clapping back" at JKR. That post was created on September 25th.

More of his comments can be seen in this other twitter thread, that gives a little bit more context as well.

Someone also appears to have spoken with Ruth & gotten screenshots from her, after seeing she was included in the screenshots in that twitter thread. She appears to be the first person to alert USC and being persistent about demanding a response from them, as early as September 29th. It is unknown exactly when she made the initial post to their Facebook page, but her chat log with them starts on September 29th. So, sometime between the 25th and 29th, they were first alerted.

She attempted to follow up with them on their public USC page again on October 28th and they essentially brushed her off again and delegated her to be the one to contact the Dean, rather than someone internal to USC escalating the issue. Images can be referred to here:

EDIT: For others to reference - tracked down the one other thread I remembered seeing about this issue, submitted to o/TERFIsaSlur about 7 days ago now by @AmyHousewine

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I'm not sure what you mean.

I have no quibbles with recognizing sex is fundamentally different from work. What I mean is that you opened with:

Women should have the personal freedom to choose to have sex for money, or for any reason for that matter.

But also recognize:

when sex is unpleasant it's fundamentally traumatizing and violating to the person on a much deeper level.

The exchange of money makes it so that women cannot, or are at least made to feel like they cannot, freely revoke their consent. Even the women that think they're going to be totally up for having sex for money will always have the potential to be put in a situation where suddenly the sex is unpleasant because of something the john does or because, as humans do, people have the potential to change their mind. By saying that "women should have the personal freedom to choose to have sex for money", that implies women should have the personal freedom to potentially put themselves in the situation "when the sex is unpleasant", because any case of exchanging money for access to someone's body has the potential for that to happen.

There's very little demand for that compared to the demand of female prostitutes and the majority of that little demand comes from other men.

..And? Men as a class still do not get socialized to consider survival sex work, regardless of the demand present. If they were, there would be more that would at least consider it. Part of socialization is content and process. This includes things like how family members treat other male and female family members differently (e.g. which professions do family members encourage children to aspire to, how chores are delegated, how they otherwise interact with them). I do not think it can be ignored that something like ~70-85% of those in prostitution have a history of childhood sexual abuse. We know girls are far more likely to be sexually abused, often by family members, than boys (content and process). CSA increases the probability of involvement in prostitution irrespective of any influence exerted through factors such as running away from home, substance abuse, and what others would consider "deviant activities". When reading or hearing from exited women, I often see a sentiment regarding how childhood sex abuse robs you of your sexual dignity & thus makes one more receptive to considering prostitution or other forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

That's the point, if it was caused by socialization some country somewhere would've managed to stigmatize and censor it out of existence by now.

Again, it seems you so confidently assert that something has never happened. Historical progress is not linear. If I've misunderstood & we are only considering present day, you could just as well say "if sex stereotypes were caused by socialization, some country somewhere would've managed to stigmatize and censor those out of existence by now". Just because it can be done does not mean any country will necessarily carry that out, whether due to lack of resources, motivation, or something else. There are a lot of problems countries could have solved by now that they have not.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I'm done with this thread at this point. I think we're just going to keep talking past each other or will have to agree to disagree. 4 days is enough of this.