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This is so true πŸ˜‚ all of mine are for fertility clinics for "alternative families" or ketubahs. I'm neither Jewish nor a lesbian but if Facebook thinks I am, great.

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I'm still collecting pits for avocado dye! My favorite so far is onion skin dye, though walnut is lovely as well. Walnut season this year wad woefully wet, so I didn't collect any and kind of regret it.

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Something I have JUST started doing is using a prompt. This is very corny but I bought my nigel Brian Eno's oblique strategies cards, which are just vague suggestions to spark creativity, so we will pick one, start a timer, and work on a piece of art inspired by the prompt for the time set. I do collage and he draws. Afterwards, we compare our pieces and thought processes. Someone else will be far more complimentary of your work than you are. The timer gives you a really great excuse if you don't like your piece, ie "it would have been better if I had more time!" but it still gets you moving and practicing, which is the most important thing. Having that built in excuse weirdly helps, and the time limit keeps it from being too daunting. I've found it very helpful but I am a person who loves orderliness and rules.

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Full disclosure I'm vegetarian, not vegan, but the recipe I make for a main dish is vegan- mushroom bourguignon. I'm also making roasted potatoes (in olive oil), a roasted onion and green bean dish, and roasted acorn squash with maple syrup. Cranberry sauce, etc.

My brothers like to complain that I don't make traditional Thanksgiving food but to be honest, I don't care for traditional Thanksgiving food much 😜. My mother is very supportive and always has been- before I wrested cooking duties from her she would make vegetarian stuffing, using a different spoon, and stuff it into Portobello caps for me. We both agree that if my brothers want to complain about a free meal, they can blow it out their ass! My family isn't perfect by any means but my mom kind of rules on this front. She likes to try new food and I think this is an easy way for her to do it.

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Excited to see this circle grow! I'm primarily a knitter but I also dabble in collage and natural dyes.

Might I recommend an [FO] flair for finished objects? Sometimes you just want to brag!

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Yes, try rinsing it. You might also get your dude to try making different fermented foods that might offer similar probiotic benefits with a bit of a different or more complex flavor. Look up curtido, particularly, and see if it might float your boat a little better. He might like the challenge of something new!

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God I hope so. However I also can't imagine being over the age of 20 and having a gender identity but these women keep proving to me that god just be making anybody so πŸ’

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I really like the pants from uniqlo, especially their linen cotton styles. They have actual front pockets I can fit my whole phone in. I'm short with wide hips though, so they may fit you differently. I'm also not sure which countries uniqlo is in.

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I'm with you, 100%. Just because you (general) might find a similar opinion among someone you disagree with doesn't mean the opinion is BS.

We always say words matter. Does that only apply to trans issues? Trying to get maleness off the pedestal of 'default' is a core aspect of feminism. Just because a they/them agrees with you that guys shouldn't be default doesn't mean you have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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It's not a horror movie, but my friends and I watch Death Becomes Her every year. It's a fun movie, I'm sure horrible from a feminist point of view but πŸ’

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I'd love something like this. I don't have much to contribute these days but I spent the last few years on a healing journey from my alcoholic parents and would help if I could.

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American Utopia is David Byrne's latest project, it's a concert movie type deal. I saw it on tour and then also on Broadway, both were amazing experiences. The music of Talking Heads is really important to me so it's uplifting in that sense. Not afraid to be political either which is nice.

I hope you're able to find some relief soon. In laws can be a real drag... I'm not great with other people's families so the situation is always so awkward. Do something nice for yourself if you can!

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I'm taking my first shot at fermenting food today with curtido, a cabbage condiment from El Salvador! I had some from a local restaurant with some pupusas and fell in love. I really hope it turns out.

The sunset was beautiful today.

My neighborhood is chock full of Halloween decor, and tonight I'm having hot chocolate and watching Over the Garden Wall.

Finally, I checked out a new grocery store in my area and they have all the weird hippie food I can't find anywhere else... Excited to eat seaweed again.

American Utopia is available to watch and it takes me back to my last real vacation before covid to see the show.. Amazing and uplifting.

I hope you feel better soon, I haven't had a lot to celebrate lately either, which is why my reasons to be cheerful are so small. But anything helps.

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Hmm.. O/radicalfeminism is available. I don't want to be Online enough to moderate a circle to be honest, but I think it would be an excellent addition.... Then we would have o/gendercritical for the trans stuff and o/radicalfeminism for the real meat of the theory. I envision a low-pressure book club for reading the classics together, discussing Dworkin among like minded women, etc. I would love more diversity of content on the site generally.

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I totally agree. Trans ideology is a big threat to women's rights right now, sure, but talking incessantly about them is still so male-focused. I'm not above dunking on men with delusions on occasion but it does start to feel excessive, at least for me.

I'm wondering if this is something that could be spun out into its own circle? O/femalefocusedfeminism or o/gencritnotrans? I don't know if that would be seen as unnecessarily divisive but I would love to engage more deeply on topics like this one and it might serve as a learning resource for post-peak women looking for a more holistic feminist approach. Does spinning it off into its own thing cede the main space entirely to trans issues? Should we just keep posting other feminist topics in the main fora? Just a thought... Would love to hear feedback.

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I'm there with you if it does. I need extensive dental work left over from a childhood where the dentist was a luxury but you don't see me starting a go fund me for this ACTUAL health issue. πŸ™„

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You know? Poorly considered snark response from me last night after a few beers honestly.

I also tend to forget that Ovarit is not a solely radfem space. I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that while there are some really good responses here (on both sides! I found the discussions about what constitutes a dress and male dress wearing really interesting), I feel as though I'm seeing a lack of, well, being critical about aspects of gender performance because the woman in question enjoys them >which is the classic liberal feminist position >which is not a GC position. No one has to conform to all aspects of an ideology, but being critical of gender (in the understanding of gender as a set of roles and behaviors slapped on top of biological sex and an oppressive construct for women) is literally what gender critical means.

I think a lot of women have newly come to the movement from the trans issue and I think this is what's causing some of the disconnect in approach. Shit, I came for the trans issue and stayed for the radical feminism. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for making me explain my position rather than just letting me be a dick. I hope I explained my viewpoint in a bit less of an inflammatory manner.

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I'm so glad I was able to spark that for you! Raising our girls as free from gender as we can is so important. I don't have children myself but I try to keep that in mind with any little girls I happen to meet.