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It's amazing how many self-described submissive women experience this. They're able to separate their fantasy from reality, but seem unable to realize that the men aren't. Even when it's in their face like this, they're unable to recognize it or make the connection that these men don't want the fantasy.

I was involved in my local 'scenes'; didn't take long for me to notice this. Once I did, I left and didn't look back.

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I've seen that as well, and, speaking as a bisexual woman, it drives me up the goddamn wall. I hate seeing other bisexual women so eager to prostrate themselves before men while throwing lesbians (and occasionally other bi ladies who refuse to conform to their 'oh-so-moral' ideals) under the bus.

And it definitely has raised the tensions between lesbians and bisexual women; lesbians (rightly) feel betrayed, while the bi women who don't buy into the pansexuality BS feel 'homeless', in a sense, rejected by both TRAs and what parts of the GC crowd they've encountered. (The good ol' 'minority within a minority' problem; bisexuals often find little to no support from either the LG or straight communities.)

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Some of them further down in the thread legit think they'll be able to produce vaginal mucus in 10 years. Guys, odds are you're going to start growing hair in there, the tissue will begin to rot and/or it's going to literally smell like sh*t because material from the large intestine is leaking through. It's an OPEN. WOUND. These dudes are gonna be in for a helluva rude awakening if any of them actually go through with it.

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Not to mention repeated surgeries if the necrosis starts eating its way further into his body, repeated rounds of antibiotics, and likely then having to go on another round of drugs to compromise because his immune system's been so badly weakened.

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Being upset or insulted by someone calling you a name you don't like isn't a human rights violation. You have every right to be upset by it, of course, but claiming they're violating your civil rights by not referring to you the way you want (demand) they do is a whole new level of entitled.

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Yes; it's existing while female. So dangerous, I know. Unlike the idea that performative femininity or a gendered soul is what defines womanhood, which doesn't run the risk of hurting men's feelz and damaging their egos.

Remind me what feminism's for, again?

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I wouldn't say quite 'over the counter', at least not hormonal birth control. Some women, depending on their medical history, could have seriously adverse side effects to hormonal birth control. But requiring insurance companies to cover birth control/contraceptives and making it easier to get a prescription would go a long way toward making it more accessible.

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You see just how insidious this gender id movement is when you see just how deeply it damages the kids and young adults who adhere to it because they just plain don't know any better.

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Would you be able to talk to her about it beforehand? Tell her your views, explain the TRA views and why you don't agree with them, and, perhaps most importantly, how GC views are being misrepresented. Plus a mention of the current social climate and why you may not feel comfortable or safe making it publicly known you hold these views. (I have no idea how old your daughter is, or what your relationship is with her, so this is really just a thought from me). I've seen other women on here posting about talking to their kids about this before the indoctrination starts at school, and for the most part it seems to work well.

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YES! As I mentioned in my post, many of my native English-speaking friends don't know what a cervix even is, much less that only women/girls have them. If they saw something like that on a questionnaire or other document, they wouldn't know it applied to them.

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Plus, most of the women I know (most of them being young, around my age) have NO idea what a cervix is. And some of my friends are non-native English speakers; they're conversational, but no fucking WAY would they know what to fill in on a questionnaire that referred to 'cervix-havers' or 'person with a vulva'.

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Wow, that's different from my area. Though we had multiple shooting threats, plus a few lockdowns due to people running around with guns and/or knives on campus sooo... that's probably why.

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@littleowl12 is correct. Unless you're a staff member with an ID badge, you're not allowed on campus unless you've checked in with the front office first and obtained a pass. Generally you have to give a reason for your visit and how long you expect to hang around, and I doubt many would let you walk into a class unless you'd cleared it with the teacher first.

But complaining to admin and the principal (especially if you're not the only one) about that teacher's practices will do the trick. If a teacher gets called to the office for a 'conference', usually they change their tune right quick.

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I really don't think there's anything more you can do; you've told her the risks, she knows them and apparently she's accepted them. She's an adult, she's made her decision; having been identifying this way for 13 years, I doubt anything's going to change. Hopefully nothing does happen to her, but with any luck you'll be there for her if it does.

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Plus serious lack of skill in critical thought. I was glad to see that made my white libfem friends a bit uncomfortable though. Didn't quite get it through most of their skulls, but I think that was the first step toward at least one of them peaking.

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Wokey leftists are currently dragging her for putting trans-identifying men into men's prisons, and I seem to remember she didn't initially support TWAW or all that bunk, but later started stepping on the bandwagon when she was lagging in the primaries. So, maybe, but at the risk of her career? Call me a cynic, but I honestly doubt it.

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Trust me, you're not the only one. I stopped communicating with the one 'atheist/skeptic' organization I was part of over this gender ideology bunk.

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Agree; if Republicans maintain control of the Senate, the odds of the EA getting passed with any speed will drop significantly.