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So a lawyer brought this up on r/ medicine. Trying to get a discussion going about consent and etc I think.

Omfg the responses by my colleagues including a pediatrician were so astoundingly disgusting I rage quit the sub. Basically saying that since nearly 100% of kids who start blockers proceed to cross-sex hormones, it is the definition of a perfect treatment and we must be getting the diagnosis right in nearly 100% of kids! Completely missing the point.

I would link to it but can't go back there rn I'm so mad.

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CBC talks a lot about UK but has been very silent about genderism here or in UK. The fact they went overboard about a homegrown performer isn't unusual but ignoring the UK connection is very suspicious. The CBC isn't Russian or CCP bots or whatever reddit says lol but something is seriously off.

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Fun fact that might dox me

At one point in high school for awhile on English assignments, I referred to myself as (my initials) the Magnificent.

I was being an idiot on purpose based on a book we'd read. In reality I hated myself just like anyone else did. If there were edgelord teen girls back then I guess I would have been one. Were there? If so then I missed out lol

Nobody called me Your Magnificence and I'm alive 30+ years later

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Argh multiple personalities was hard enough to workaround 20 years ago. Please don't bring it back...

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She's Canadian and we tend to get very excited about Canadians making it in Hollywood. We also are very very super woke and are more in tune with the UK than the USians are.

If this judgment in UK stands, it could possibly affect Canadian law in the future as well.

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Depending on your health care system or coverage, I would consider looking into options like endometrial ablation, if you're not planning pregnancy.