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Can't have one of those BIRTHER people on our payroll! She might ask for maternity leave! We need tRaNs wOmEN to bring REAL diversity (that doesn't cost us anything)!

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Your perception is 100% correct. We women CANNOT win. If we are too nice and kind and accommodating, people walk all over us and take advantage of us. If we "act like men," as we are CONSTANTLY told to do, the same traits that get men called things like "confident, authoritative, decisive, etc." get us called "conceited, bossy, stubborn, etc."

Honestly, I think you should speak up. I understand not wanting to rock the boat, but it's ridiculous that all the people you were told to work with to improve are men when you have female colleagues with double the experience. That is NOT a coincidence. If you want to say something, I've got all the backup you need right here (and even if you don't want to say anything, PLEASE read this): Gender Bias in TA Evaluations

We had a thread on Ovarit about it here.

I am so sorry this has happened to you. Favoritism towards men affects women in so many ways. Politics, job interviews, medical care, work evaluations, meetings... it just never ends and it's beyond exhausting. If it's any comfort, I think it's impossible that someone as analytical and wise as you clearly are could possibly have deserved a poor evaluation.

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I really wonder how much of the current banning is happening due to actual belief in trans stuff, and how much is due to fear of the whole sub being banned like r/GC if their commenters are allowed to criticize trans stuff?

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I think their site just isn't as active yet because there is no reason to be since they haven't been banned from reddit. If the ban hammer ever comes down on them, it might become more active.

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FUCK, I know, right?! Half of r/relationshipadvice is like "My [24f] boyfriend [38m] likes to pull my hair and choke me during sex and it really hurts, and now he's asking to punch my face. How can I build up my pain tolerance so he can get off? Please no kink shaming in the comments!"

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The main thing I appreciate about FDS is that I suspect it is far more palatable to young women than some radfem views are. FDS may not be perfect but it is a vast improvement over 3rd wave feminism, and I love anything that can improve women's lives!

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I was wondering if someone would post this on Ovarit! This is an excellent post and so accurate. I fucking love FDS. They give me hope for younger women's futures!

I've always been "chill" about my love for FDS on here, acting like I think it's "ok," or "interesting," but I've been straight up lying. I absolutely adore FDS and I'm not lying about it anymore lol. I wish FDS had existed back when I needed it most, but it's never too late to start adopting its principles!

Waste NO time on pornsick scrotes, ladies! You're better off alone than with that walking waste of space living in your house!

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I hope that under "what we find challenging," that an actually LGB person says "I find it challenging when the T is permitted to get away with blatant homophobia."

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No, not at all. It's a fact that men aren't women, and there is no reason to feel guilty to know a fact. I also don't think you're less developed/kind than others for knowing that fact.

What I struggle with (and what I suspect you may also be struggling with) is how to navigate my life in a world where saying facts is becoming a crime or at least grounds for social ostracism. I think you aren't feeling guilty for your beliefs themselves so much as you may be feeling frustrated with how to live a fulfilling life in an era where so many people are willing to lie to themselves and everyone around them to fit in with the crowd.

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Awesome idea! I'd go for this. We could also practice debating each other! For example, the OP makes a post she wants to learn to argue against, and can ask the commenters to play the role of TRAs arguing against it. It could help us learn what all the common arguments are and how to debate them.

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Hmm.. I wonder which part of your tweet earned your jail sentence?

"Men are male" or... "women who refuse to be submit should be raped."

Clearly two equally inflammatory phrases! I can't tell which one it might have been........ I'm going to have to go with "men are male" since that's clearly more violent.

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I know everyone's got mixed feelings on this show, but you can't deny the music was awesome!

I'll never understand how TV/movie soundtracks work, because as always the official soundtrack to the show is just a bunch of background music... it doesn't even appear to have the theme song? But this article has a list of all the awesome songs played in the show!

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I actually really enjoyed it. I know it's not entirely factual, but most shows like that aren't. If it were marketed as a documentary, that would be different, but it was clearly a "drama based on true events". Also, the music used in the show is so awesome, the music alone makes it worth the watch!

I'm not too bothered Gloria Steinem thinks it's ridiculous, because I think it's ridiculous that Gloria Steinem thinks trans women are women and tweets quotes from Laverne Cocks. How did she have the guts to take on the pornographers in the 70's but she rolls right over for TRAs? At least Mrs. America allowed me to reminisce about Gloria Steinem in her heyday!

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Peaking multiple times is not uncommon when the mountain of bullshit they spew keeps getting higher and higher. There is alllllways a higher peak to be discovered.

Has your stepdaughter been checked out for ADHD or autism? I feel like the "formerly gifted but then suddenly does crazy shit as soon as they get a modicum of freedom and no longer have the structure of school" pattern is pretty common among neurodivergent women and girls.

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Found this post 23 days late after searching specifically for a circle like this. Add my name to the list of Ovarettes who would love a circle like this! Great idea, OP!