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No problem! This is a fun question :)

I'm stating the obvious, but taking the beat out of any song will of course make it naked. Increasing awareness of what it sounds like in songs you like might be a good step. Kinda like when people tell writers to read a lot. If you wanna make music, listen! One thing I like doing is listening to a song through with only one earbud in, then again with just the other, since most songs now have stereo sound, different sounds coming through different sides. Might make it easier to break down a beat. Once you feel confident in how to supplement your melodies with all the other parts of the song, it'll make everything a lot easier.

Good luck! <3

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...Shh, you're invalidating them!!!

Yeah, TRA logic, or lack thereof, is just a gift that keeps on giving. Where else would we find people who claim that our boxes are limiting, then say they're non-binary, simultaneously creating another binary and set of boxes :')

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Yep, the most frustrating part about all of this.

Genderspecial: The binary is limiting!

Also genderspecial: I'm non-binary!

Like, for someone who touts that you hate the binary, you sure are quick to place everyone else in it!

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God, I remember checking out some of those surgery videos out of curiosity...lord help us all. I cannot believe this shit is approved. They look absolutely terrible! Like you see them and it's so obvious that that dick was literally an arm. The coloration, the everything...shudder

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I get what you mean. I think in the beginning, you just need to figure out your goals. It's too overwhelming to sit down at a workstation and want to make a song. How much do you know your way around the software? If you hear a sound in your heard, do you know how to create it? What do you mean when you say you have ideas? It is lyrics, a beat, a sound effect?

To become fluent in your software, I recommend picking an already existing song that you really love the sound of, and trying to recreate it. Learn by doing, plus you're immediately diving into how to create a vibe that you know you like. Sit down with a pair of headphones and just really absorb each sound that makes up the whole. Then try to make them. It's a good way to learn the language of both your software and the general components of a song, like bass, kick, etc, and also inspire ideas of your own.

I'm by no means a producer but I know a bit and have been playing instruments forever. I don't know what knowledge you already have, but if you're starting fresh from no musical training, maybe look into some foundational music theory.

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Tell me about it. With the nature of my work, I'm so scared to be out in the open in that way, but the line between what's acceptable versus not just keeps drifting further and further, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to take it.

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In light of this post, I checked out her shop. SO worth it, about £10 including shipping for this pack of 12 postcards. So excited to use them as bookmarks. If someone tries to come at me, I'm just gonna play dumb and be like, "Oh but they're so beautiful, aren't they?"

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This so much!!

My jaw literally dropped reading that part (though I guess it shouldn't have, because Reddit idiocy shouldn't surprise me anymore). u/ripstep1 not only misses the point completely, but get it perfectly backwards. I can't believe 3k medical students upvoted the actual post too--as if they are entitled to receiving patients. Actually, no, but if you think that way, you probably shouldn't be in LITERAL healthcare. God, I hate this timeline.

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Kind of feels like everything dark festers there

I totally get what you mean. It honestly alarms me. I've tried to voice these concerns before, like in a general sense not even about gender, but family/friends will say that I'm taking the internet too much as real life. Like, no, I don't think it's real life, but I think we can't keep being so naive to think that it doesn't get under all our skins in ways we can't even understand yet. I just want to say to them, "Please, go listen to certain trans communities philosophize about sissy porn." Porn, social media, this general obsession with self, it's clearly all connected. The longer these people ignore that, the more power it has.

In a way, the world-view of the Party imposed itself most successfully on people incapable of understanding it. They could be made to accept the most fragrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them ... By lack of understanding, they remained sane.

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Just let out the loudest cackle. I remember the good ol' days, when I was a bubbly libfem, unaware of the absolute pandemonium going on at actuallesbians.

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I don't have debunking material, but I would like to add--if this is a framework now for being considered "transphobic," disagreeing with such an ignorant idea as bigger-breasted women are more female than smaller-breasted women, then nearly the entire world is a goddamn TERF.

I dare a TIM to go into a college classroom, tell the girls to stand up, then rank them on their femaleness as perceived by the TIM. It just would not slide. Bonus points if the TIM got huge breast augmentation, to the point where he has the biggest "breasts" in the room, and declares himself the most female. To even think that someone could believe such a thing is ludicrous. It is the female body, full stop, that faces oppression in this world. Not "degrees" of "femaleness." Are my experiences of getting made fun of for having a virtually flat chest "less female" than my friend's experiences of her very large chest getting groped? No. Absolutely not.

Do experiences like these have overlap with some TIMs who have passed for 20 years now? Oh, I am sure. But the counter-argument is in the question. "TIMs who have passed." What does passing mean? It means people would never have suspected the person's actual sex. A "passing" TIM means a male who looks female. And there is the answer. If you dress yourself up with hormones and surgeries to LARP as a female, to the degree that people actually fall for it, you will get treated as female. Who woulda thought.

Sex can't be bimodal because historically the female body loses no matter where it lands regarding these characteristics. Breast size we've covered. Can't have children? "Useless." Can have children? "Pro-life." Small bone structure? Large bone structure? Hairless? Hair everywhere? I don't understand how any of these things can be considered to matter at all to TIMs. Women of any of these characteristics face sexism, and it is for being women, period.

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Epitome of No True Scotsman fallacy. The perfect storm where they can get everything they want, and none of the blame.

Self ID is king--a declarative speech act, or so they'd like it to be--but paradoxically, TRAs also think "real trans" and "fake trans" people exist, and the "real trans" never commit crimes nor detransition, while the "fake trans" do. But wait, I thought it was all down to the individual's word? How can they not have been trans? They said they were trans, and that is what's required. Cue circular reasoning by genderspecials.

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Right, like they pull all this BS about transwomen being the ""most oppressed"" women, but surely their argument must be off when they're simultaneously working to get rid of the linguistic capability to distinguish between a female and a TIM in the first place.

If a TIM falls in the forest, but there's no one left who knows the difference between TIMs and females, can he still call transphobia on whatever made him fall? 🤔

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Legit lol'd, thanks

I think about this so much. A TRA's immediate reaction would be oBViouSly theY're not tHe saMe thINg, but it's like, yes, that's the same thing. Take a social construction, then turn around and say that it somehow exists inside of you as an independent identity.

Not sure what people think about Graham Linehan around here but I thought he had an excellent take once that without the tribalism of earlier eras of music, young people don't know where to go for that tribe feeling that we particularly want as teenagers. His wording was something like "They don't know what to hang their non-conformity on, there's no Bowie, no thriving alt scene, so instead they're going to institutions, academics, ideologies," that will all place them in that box on paper.

edit: annnd now just feeling so disheartened about the sheer level of absurdity lol "We're breaking boundaries! We don't need your boxes!" two seconds later "You must tell me I am in this box. I NEED you to say I'm in this box or else you want me to die"

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I feel so sorry for young lesbians growing up in this mess. Glad you have found a space where you're comfortable :)

One thing that grates on me so hard about this is the general hypocrisy of trans people on this. And if you bring it up, they just deny it or ignore you. They say sexuality is about gender and genitalia does not matter - but if that's the case, then where is the line? TIM "lesbians" claim they will date other TIMs and don't have problems with a ""woman's penis,"" but doesn't that mean any factor generally attributed to sex is fair game for "transphobia"? So they should be fine with a mustached, chest-hair-bearing "woman"? Then they might say, "Well I just prefer..." and it's like, yeah no shit? So you can reject body hair but a lesbian can't say she doesn't like dick? What?

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How do they not see they're running in circles with this? "Only transwomen can speak on transwomen and transwomen say transwomen are women."

There's no way they're gonna be unquestioned forever. If they weren't infringing on women's rights it'd be amusing to just let them run their circles, until they're the only ones telling each other they're women.

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It's said all the time around here but non-binary people are seriously the worst. I saw a debate vid once between an eNbY and a skeptic; the skeptic suggested pronouns just aren't important, nature has granted us the ability to distinguish, etc, and enby was like, "Well what would you call me?" Skeptic says "she." Girl seriously thinks she's doing something when she says, "Ackshyually, I'm non-binary." I think the man just had no idea how to respond because it's like, if you seriously not only believe in that but believe it's of paramount importance and an argument in itself, how do you get through to someone like that?

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That 'latinx' shit is so ridiculous. TRAs: "Don't mind if I do guys, just gonna switch things up around here in this territory that isn't mine just so I'm a bit more comfortable and validated!"