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Oh, that’s a good one. Personally I use preferred pronouns for people I know personally and actually have to deal with. Same with their silly names. It’s just easier to not fight it.

“I don’t identify as “she”. I just am “she” based on the sex organs I was born with and the language I was taught. It would also be appropriation of trans culture for me to use any other pronouns. So I don’t.”

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It’s so true. I work in education and have yet to meet a young lesbian who hasn’t either drunk the trans kool-aid or called themselves “queer” and may or may not actually be straight.

I’m straight, but I can only imagine how stressful and awkward it is to be lesbian, go through puberty, and feel like you’re alone in a world full of straight kids. And instead of women like Ellen Page being a role model for young lesbian girls, they are coming out as trans. We desperately need well-known lesbians and gay men to be visible for our LGB youth!

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The whole pronoun thing is stupid, and even TRAs don’t agree. TIMs and TIFs are learning toward the pronoun circles being transphobic since they want people to assume the pronouns that match their “identity”. Enbies are the ones pushing the pronoun circles because they’re the ones with the weird pronouns.

I had a coworker that I don’t interact with that much come by my workspace a couple weeks ago. She wanted to compliment me and said, “They really seem to have it together.” She’s a pronoun in her email signature type, so I can only assume she assigned me “they/them” because I don’t share my pronouns at every opportunity. I really should’ve taken the opportunity to say something like, “I’m glad you think she does.” But I didn’t. And it irks me. I’m not even GNC. I have long hair, my clothes are stereotypically feminine, my workspace decor leans feminine, my name is traditionally feminine, etc. The one thing I don’t do is wear makeup. I guess I have a little LGBTQ+ safe space sign, but since I’m straight, that’s more to conform to my workplace than anything. It keeps my clients happy.

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When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s bad, it’s bad for both parties. Foreplay is important. I’ve had sex where I wasn’t ready, and he wasn’t fully hard or couldn’t maintain it. Men who are smaller have to do more prep work, in my experience. We can smother them with our vulva that have the capacity to birth infants. Also, find yourself a man who is okay with giving your clitoris special attention but doesn’t pressure you for blow jobs. He gets sex, you get oral, and it all works out.

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Mental health is definitely less exact than other specialties. But I’ve tried therapy twice, and the two therapists seems to be on the same page. The first therapist wanted to test for ADHD, and I didn’t stick around long enough to go through with it. The second therapist several years later got me to do the testing and confirmed the diagnosis. Of course they didn’t go any further than ADHD, so I got meds and continued therapy with no further diagnoses in addition to the ADHD.

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And your mom would have been within her rights to sue if the photo was posted. FERPA is pretty clear that you must have permission from parents to post public images of their children. At the very least you have to edit the comments photo or ensure the student’s face isn’t showing. But usually it’s just easier to not include that student in photos you intend to post on social media.

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In America, America’s Democrats are center-left. True Blue Democrats know and accept this reality. It’s the Woque Left that is trying to turn the Democratic Party into a Far Left party instead of merging and growing the existing fractured Far Left parties.

But I also think it’s pointless to compare one country’s parties to parties in other countries, especially when it comes to the US. The average American couldn’t care less that, “Bernie would be center-right in Europe.” He calls himself a socialist and will therefore never win a presidential election.

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Most public schools in the US should have a process for parents to request that photographs of their children not be taken. Usually that applies to social media, newspaper, district publications, etc. It doesn’t usually include formal school pictures or yearbooks.

But I agree that social media has completely changed the dynamic. I work in education and would never post photos with students on my private or public social media accounts.

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I work in education, and most school districts have forms to request that your child not be photographed. And most social media posts from schools I see don’t include last names and often don’t have first names either. But I agree that social media is a far cry from newsletters and local papers.

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I’m so sorry that happened to you! I’ll never forget when my high school paper had a front page article about how a girl in my class had had an abortion in 8th grade. They didn’t use her name, but it was still incredibly uncomfortable to read about. I can’t imagine a high school girl feeling comfortable talking about that.

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Makes sense. Princess Di’s funeral is the first big news event I remember watching on TV with my mom. I was 6. With Monica Lewinsky I just remember my parents talking about it a lot. 9/11 sticks clearly in my mind though.

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Ugh, I’m so sorry!

My mom has this theory that women gravitate to their mothers when they are pregnant. She was all over my cousin and his wife when they moved closer to home before she got pregnant. I suppose it makes sense when you think about how women in the past would support each other through pregnancy and motherhood. I’m of childbearing age and find myself struggling living far away from my mom.

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If you don’t have kids at home, you’re more likely to re-enlist. At least that’s my assumption for why a military hospital would be totally ok with sterilization.