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Yes because if Emma Portner leaves the relationship she will get cancelled so bad and the TRA will come after her so bad she might find a repeat of the Vancouver Rape Shelter happening to her like dead rats nailed to her walls and bricks thrown at her windows.. for her own safety she has to suck it up and shut up

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I pretend that I have drunk the kool aid because when the TRA cancels you, they cancel you so good you cant even get pretty much the worst job on the planet even

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I have seen an interview Rose of Dawn did and I think she leans GC.. She may be a TIM but she transitioned way before the TRA bullshit really took over and in her interview she pretty much said that you cant ignore biological reality and made up pronouns are bullshit and this whole "i will commit suicide if you dont use my pronoun" is bullshit too. She is also not in favour of self identifying on IDs. I think what sets Rose of Dawn apart is that I think she is part of the 0.00000000001 % of people who are legit trans and have not drank the TRA bullshit. Unlike other TIMs who go for flamboyant makeup and glittery nails and wanting to wear flowery dresses, she was dressed normally for the interview too.

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In general, their quality of news and coverage of events seems to be way better and they keep their Instagram updated

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the only good thing trump did is make it easier for doctors to decline to buy into TRA bullshit.. doctors can now legally decline to prescribe "trans medicine".. the TRA takes it to mean that if a trans turns up with a broken arm doc can be like "you are trans, not fixing your arm"

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One of my classmates in grad school had his younger siblings taken away because of homeschooling. One of the kids had severe mental illnesses.. like will be institutionalized probably a very long time and under the recommendation of her medical team the parents emancipated her as she was deemed too dangerous to be allowed back home as she may harm the younger kids. She one day lied to police about crap happening in the home and then admitted to lying and said she did it because she wanted to not be home and wanted her freedom but as that brought the family under the radar of the state, the state took the kids away because they were homeschooling as homeschooling is deviant behaviour. They were literally told in court that homeschooling is the reason.

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I bet this family will become the token poster child for anti immigrant activists too.. "see how backward people from Country xxxx are, they didnt let kid transition, they wont assimilate and wont integrate [key words used by anti immigration folks], we dont want these kind of people in Australia".

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If Biden didnt go full TRA he would have been cancelled already inspite of being the president winning an election in a landslide. I want to know who is funding the TRA lobby, they are so damn strong that they will cancel the shit out literally just anyone. I think Star Trek also put in those non binary and trans people in Discovery too just to placate the TRA

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Greta is very controversial as I have read an expose done on her, by the BBC I believe. Greta has some severe mental health problems and was going to a special school for that and had stopped talking altogether for quite some time and her mom says her food intake went down to like 100 calories a day as Greta would eat only a very small quantity of one specific food only and her "fridays for climate" was part of it, like she became so hyper focused on global warming that she, along with a teacher from the school, would just sit with the sign all day every Friday with the sign and it was only after her school and her parents indulged her in her hyper focus on global warming did she start talking again and eating more food... so the "woke" crowd hails her as having a "superpower" and a "super kid" when actually her severe mental health issues are being exploited

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what do TIFs do during that time of the month if they only occupy male spaces? a big component of female spaces is dealing with periods and related things that is missing from male spaces

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I follow the sex worker subs just out of curiosity and inspite of everything they talk about "whore phobia" and try to sell sex work as a glorified 9 to 5 job that pays much better.. they will be like "it is dangerous because of xxx and has occupational hazards xxx but you are whore phobic if you dont think sex work is real work and dont respect it just like a 9 to 5 corporate job"

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According to mental health subs on Reddit.. therapy has either been useless or just made it worse.. it has only been beneficial in 0.000001 % of cases

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i have said this before on this forum and i will say it again.. those who say "sex work is work" or "sex work is real work" and shame people for "being anti sex work" and say that they are pro sex work are people who see the privileged and glamorous side of it such as only fans, cam girl websites, escorting where you literally get paid well for turning up and looking pretty or the sugaring thing.. that is literally the one percent of sex work.. the rest of the 99 percent is something like this..the human trafficking, brothels, standing on street corners, going into hotel rooms with literal strangers, pimps, basically coming in contact with medical waste without biohazard protections, pimps, etc etc gets swept under the rug. A while back someone shared a link about New Zealand and how prostitution is now considered a skilled labour job for immigration purposes and the author of the article said that should not be done and some former prostitutes wrote in the comment section about how they agree with the points the author is making and how as you cant put prostitution on a CV they cant get a job because they are left with big gaps they cant explain, and how the profession aint that glamorous as it is cooked up to be.. like literally people were like "been there, done that, i agree new zealand shouldnt do this" and the woke crowd was like "you are wrong"