Some of the bigger names I already know, but I'm trying to compile a bigger list.

Some of the bigger names I already know, but I'm trying to compile a bigger list.


Ok, so Macy Gray seems to be GC and Bette Midler is a big maaaayyyyyybbbe.

Midler is definitely a lefty. Macy Gray I would guess is but I don't know for sure.

Pamela Paul just wrote a gender critical op-ed in The New York Times.

I forgot one. Sean Penn (though I'm not a fan of his) got into the tra's crosshairs earlier this year for saying "men shouldn't try to be women..it's just not fair to women"..not the biggest proclamation of solidarity, but in this climate..it's something.

I was completely surprised he said it actually bc he is someone I consider over-the- top woke..

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Just remembered… his ex, Charlize Theron, transed her adoptive son at what, 4? 5? years old. Astonishingly abusive, if you read her explanation of things. I wonder if that peaked Sean Penn

I suspect that Hillary Clinton doesn't buy into gender woo. She's always supported the idea that trans people deserve equal rights and shouldn't be discriminated against but I don't recall her repeating the lie that men are women, and she's currently saying that the Democrats need to back off of trans issues because it costs them votes.

I don't think we would be having any of this shit if she had won the election..she would've put all these hyper-woke busy-bodying troublemakers right back in their place with a smile..

I always am surprised by what is considered a left-wing in USA. Coming from Poland she would be in center - slightly left when it comes to sociological perspectives and right when it comes to economy.

So are a lot of American left wingers. These pro-corporate, pro-war candidates keep winning based on name recognition, and "at least they're not a Covid denier or bible thumper" is good enough for most of the older Democratic voters apparently. There are actual left-wing candidates running, but the media doesn't take them seriously and they don't have 50 million dollars to buy constant TV ads, so the older regular voters don't pay any attention to them.

I'm not sure why this is worse in America than in Europe, or how to fix it. Getting younger people to show up and vote would fix a lot of things, but Democrats have been trying to make that happen for decades and it's just not working. And there's no realistic way to make third party candidates viable, or fix the campaign system so that it's not all about who can buy the most ads.

I can only hope that reproductive rights motivates younger women to show up and vote in the next election, at least. It won't be good if Biden tries to run again though, other Democrats will be heavily pressured to not run against him in the primary. Biden has little chance to win re-election and it may drop to zero if his reputation is harmed by a tough challenge in the primary.

Honestly I think Biden's best chance to win is if he's facing Trump, because Trump motivates Democrats to show up and vote against him. If it's Ron DeSantis, Biden has no chance. Here's hoping an actual left wing candidate gets the nomination this time, it would be a dream come true if Katie Porter were nominated and won based on a campaign promising to protect women's reproductive rights. (Sorry, I got off on a tangent there...)

Author E.J. Levy is another. She was attacked and her book The Cape Doctor was forced to be rewritten so that it's no longer about James Barry.

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Check out Derrick Jensen & Liere Keith. Ardent deep-ecology environmentalists. They published an article in 2019 on the trans madness that someone on Ovarit linked to a few days ago.

But recently, I think, Jensen wrote specifically of his own experience with TRAs, a devastating, take-no-prisoners smackdown. I suspect the reason we don’t see women writing such articles as they would have to hire 24/7 bodyguards like Ayann Hirsi Ali.

The R/collapse subreddit did an AMA with Jensen and oh boy, the salt. Lots of apologies sorry trans friends we love u they're evil transphobes but at least a few of the mods stubbornly made it happen. Iirc it was a split where on the discord they cancelled the voice chat AMA but still had the subreddit one. Idk. Maybe someone else who remembers it better can give more detail.

I do distinctly remember a very self important TiM crying about all the TERFs on the sub a few days after, we can't platform these bigots!!!! Im shaking they want to genocide us!!!! But there were still a lot of pushback, albeit downvoted. I weirdly had a critical comment around that time stay in the positive but I'm pretty good at using my words in a way to criticize without them catching on. The subtle "just asking questions" I suppose.

But yeah that's reddit for you. I really should avoid that hell site.

Julian Vigo is an older lesbian socialist (maybe even a slight communist?) and runs amazing podcast Savage Minds.

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Brett Weinstein and his wife Heather Heying are both evolutionary biologists who were chased out of Evergreen College. They have a pod now.

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Sad how I can't think of any more names. We are living through an era which is like the McCarthy hearings in the US or the Cultural Revolution in China, and the punishment for wrongthink is extremely severe. So it's difficult to know what people actually silently believe.

But I don't think the understanding of the issues is very deep for most people in the US. That might be changing when more people realize that the word 'woman' must not be mentioned when protesting the loss of abortion rights. The comments in NYT and WaPo on the trans issues are now actually allowed and are overwhelmingly on the gender critical side.

But it will take more years, in my opinion, for things to change, and they might not change if the majority of the young stay as perfectly comfortable with the loss of women's rights as they currently appear to be.

Also, the public is not allowed to know about autogynephilia as a paraphilia which motivates some/many men to transition. Because of this, anyone critical of TRA ideas will be seen on the left as a bigot the same way as anyone fighting against gay and Lesbian rights. So it is still very costly to come out of the GC closet.

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