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Quick question about the “terf island” thing. Does that refer to all of Britain? I’ve heard that the situation in Scotland isn’t as favorable as in England

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Hiya, it's a bit complicated here. There are a lot of prominent gender critical groups here, and I would say that we are overrepresented in gender critical spaces online as we are such a small country. However, the reason for that is because our government is pushing through with policies that are only popular with a minority of people. Most people are not in favour of self id, mixed sex spaces, and mixed sex sports.

It was a derogatory nickname that TRAs gave the UK, at least in part because of JK Rowling being so outspoken. But also because GC women have been able to actually campaign and make some gains here, even though the battle is far from won. Some of us have just jokingly adopted the nickname, since it sounds quite fun actually. :'D

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Scotland is the odd one out here with a devolved government that's in power thanks only to a deal the SNP made with the Greens, who are very woke and demanded that self-ID become the law. Hence the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and her government have been dancing to their tune, and steadily losing support from women north of the border thanks to this. There is a new party, Alba, that is pro-independence but also GC; in any future election there will be two key issues, viz. the SNP will try to present itself as the only pro-independence party, something Alba will have to try to undermine; and self-ID, + men in women's prisons and sports, will be an important door-step issue. Wales is also more trans-friendly than is England, although a couple of days ago Bristol City Council voted in favour of something that resembles a manifesto for the coming Trans Cultural Revolution, for example.

The UK punches above its weight in part thanks to the site Mumsnet, which is like the Provisional Wing of the Women's Institute. It is GC and allows for pretty frank discussion of all trans-related issues, though not as far out as here, let alone Lolcow, say.

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UK Labour MP Marsha de Cordova congratulated Maya, and now the white beardy bros are fuming even more. lmaooo. They are so fucking mad they're losing their get out of sexism and (often) racism free card. "How DARE women support each other without my permission." They're starting to become frantic.

It's one thing to be wrong. I was wrong about TRAs at first too. But I never wished violence on women or called someone sexist slurs because they didn't agree with me. These dudes have and now they're becoming aware that once the spell lifts someone might hold them accountable for that. They should be afraid.

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Yes yes yes

Thank you LunarMoose for posting this. Every few days I check Maya's account on Twitter to see if there is an outcome.

This is WONDERFUL news. As the judgement says, this was not about whether gender critical beliefs are WORIADS. This was already established at a previous appeal tribunal which also established that in UK law, gender critical beliefs are protected under the Equality Act 2010 (brilliant result in itself).

This second judgement was on whether Maya was discriminated against because of those beliefs.

Both of the outcomes (GC beliefs protected; Maya was discriminated against) are absolutely HUGE wins for women, not only in the UK but in the more trans-captured countries also. I believe this is all part of chipping away at the anti-women madness infecting Western countries at the moment.

I can't express how grateful I am to Maya for devoting her life, basically, to this cause for the last few years. It has helped me personally in work disputes and it has helped all women to combat an atmosphere of hate against women.

Real, personal, actual, societal change. By one woman. What an inspiration.

Take heart from this sisters. We are strong. Resist! Do not comply! Courage calls to courage everywhere!

i know this is petty, but I'm just giggling thinking about that one British TIM (forgot which one exactly, probably montgomery) Who was smugly reporting on the case as it happened and claiming that it was going super badly for her and she was making a fool out of herself and she was going to lose.... how's that feel now?


It’s brilliant, he posted something to Maya like “Have you lost yet?” a minute or so AFTER the judgement.

I am giggling right along with you. Possibly even sniggering.

He’s super salty on Twitter atm. It’s wonderful having that little monster on the back foot!

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seems like all this legal talk is just too much for him

Katy Montgomerie (via his twitter)

Maya Forstater reckons she won. I don't really know what she has won and can't understand legal writing so I'll wait for a translation. I guess she'll get expenses or something? I doubt there's any scary precendents here. Let me know if you're a legal brain and care

oh dear. It all suddenly becomes terribly confusing and difficult to follow and "gah oh who really cares anyway?", doesn't it, when it looks like your house of cards is starting to topple?

LMFAOOO 'reckons she won' she literally did. the levels of seethe cope and dilate are skyrocketing

Lmfao he thinks he’s capable of understanding if there’s any legal precedent, meanwhile he can’t even tell if she won or not 😂😂

Sour! Those grapes are sour. Sour I tell you!

Back in reality, congratulations to Maya Forstater and all of us. This does set a huge precedent, not only in British law but in opinion in the Western world.

All of this mishegas for believing that males are you know, male. Such good news.

She literally links to a press summary of the judgment which comes with said judgment. KM clearly struggling to click links or with basic comprehension.

The media is not the least bit reliable reporting on gender identity news, I have found. They forfeited their ethics, professionalism, and standards to be cheerleaders for the movement.

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Read the headline in the Guardian, punched the air, read the article, and then came here to celebrate! Thank you, Maya Forstater! Thank you, Allison Bailey! And thank all the women fighting for our rights--how wonderful that the list of such women grows daily!

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haha the guardian has this article

Excellent quotes such as
*The tribunal examined a number of tweets by Forstater, including tweets in which she drew an analogy between self-identifying trans women and Rachel Dolezal, a white American woman who misrepresented herself as black, and another in which she said: “A man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality.” It concluded that the tweets asserted her gender-critical beliefs.

It said the same of one that described self-identification as a woman as “a feeling in their head”, rejecting the suggestion that it equated self-identification with mental illness.*

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Here from the judgment: The complaints of direct discrimination because of belief are well founded against all Respondents in respect of:

1.1 The decision not to offer the Claimant an employment contract.

1.2 The decision not to renew the Claimant’s visiting fellowship.

  1. The other complaints of direct discrimination because of belief are dismissed.

  2. The complaint of victimisation is well founded against the First and Second Respondents in respect of the removal of the Claimant’s profile from their website.

  3. The complaint of victimisation in respect of withdrawal of an offer to engage the Claimant as a consultant is dismissed.

  4. The complaints of harassment and indirect discrimination (sex and belief) are dismissed.

  5. Remedies for the successful complaints and any issues as to apportionment between the Respondents will be determined at a future hearing.

Good that common sense prevailed. Next person to win, Allison Bailey.

I want so badly for Allison Bailey to win, especially as stress from her case has literally put her in the hospital before.

Congrats Maya 😁 Brb moving to terf island (but seriously though I live in a neigbouring country and have been considering applying for jobs there lately lol).

Absolutely wonderful news!!!! Also love seeing all the TRAs lose their collective minds over the ruling. What happened to Maya being totally crushed and definitely losing like they said a few months back!!

Go Maya! A great victory for all who believe in freedom of speech and belief, and our right to be free from bullying and indoctrination. A shout out from the awakening to the harms of "GI" USA, to all our sisters on Terf Island. You are leading with such humor, courage, persistence, creative activism, and feminism.
Hope this case has repercussions in other western, captured countries.

This definitely gives me hope even though it's in a different country. Or I could move to England. xD

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