Oh damn. I hope that's the beginning of the wave of giant lawsuits that will wash over the US soon! Every lawyer take note of this!

It'll be a new crop of legal commercials and billboards:

"Were you or a loved one castrated at a gender clinic? Do you want compensation? Call Sweet James Law Group today!"

Need a giant flashing WOMEN TOLD YOU SO to be bannering across Twitter.

[–] SecondSkin 10 points Edited

Projected onto the houses of commons also.

With purple, green & white flashing dinos dancing.

Will this be coming soon to its own Direct Tv channel like the Camp Lejeune stuff?

In the article they say the opposite, referencing US lawsuits and hoping they start to happen in UK. So this article DOES have an element of speculation to it, particularly the number given.

Should be tons of low-hanging fruit here, so I don’t see how this can escape the notice of lawyers.

[–] spw 85 points

So they've had 19000 'patients' in total and 1000 of them are going to sue them? And presumably this will keep growing. That's more than 5%. How can TRA claim that this is such a negligable number? And it probably damaged the mental health of so many more who haven't realized yet

And that's only the number of families who are willing to go through the hassle of a tribunal.

[–] SecondSkin 24 points Edited

I don’t think they have that number yet, I think they are estimating that’s the number who will join in once this is under way.

I think it reads like they have a solid number of key players, so are going ahead and expecting more to join. Which I think is a fair bet.

This is also timed spot on, Keira, Sonja Appleby, Cass review, tavi closing etc. So they’ve been watching a long time and will know what they are talking about, as they’ve timed it for maximum impact. And it’s a multi national-so the same key players from the firm can be mast point for tooting for similar cases in other countries.

And it’s a multi national-so the same key players from the firm can be mast point for tooting for similar cases in other countries

Oh, let’s fervently hope. I would love to see Boston Children’s Hospital (the first clinic doing “gender affirming care” to the underaged in the US) go the same way as Tavistock.

bUT dEsIsTaNcE rAteS aRe LoW !111!11

How can we even know that when transition treatments and protocols of the current type have only been around such a short time?

[–] SecondSkin 11 points Edited

And GIDS at tavi didn’t keep records, no way to check detrans rates if there’s no adequate follow up.

to be fair, if you frame it as "95% of transitioners don't desist", it does make it sounds a lot better...

*within the first year or two

We don't have actually useable statistics for the long-term yet. Especially not for all the child-transitions.

whats worse is this is the NHS, people should be able to sue individuals (the management) not the Trust, I am not sure how exactly the Travistock is run but most clinics are part of the wider trust, so suing them, the NHS Trust takes away funding for the Trust it doesnt have any impact on any of the individuals involved.

the NHS is bad enough already with lack of investment in patient care and long, long waiting lists, poor quality old equipment.

[–] SecondSkin 9 points Edited

It will damage, possibly end, careers of those in charge.

It will stop other trusts taking the same risk.

Isn’t insurance designed to pay out? I think the problem is it’s already been proven that GIDS ignored safeguarding whistleblowers, CQC ratings, complaints etc. So I’m not sure if insurance pays out when basic safeguarding policies weren’t followed. So if insurance doesn’t pay out then it’s a hit, even if it pays out it may well mean it costs more in insurance in future - I have no idea how insurance for a large public organisation like that works, I know there’s a scheme for schools to buy so it’s rare they go for individual insurance that would have this risk, I don’t know if nhs has similar options.

https://resolution.nhs.uk/services/claims-management/clinical-schemes/clinical-negligence-scheme-for-trusts/ This seems related to the education scheme for cover in these incidences, which means there’s increased cost, but certainly won’t rip money out of the NHS hands by any means. But would provide a deterrent.

The trust must have been aware of safeguarding failures, whistleblowers, CQC etc. they bear culpability also. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, even if they didn’t feel they were expert enough to over rule medical policy at GIDS, they still should have followed through on safeguarding policy. Safeguarding regulations come above all others, without exception. So the trust needs a public enquiry into their negligence also, and maybe a law suit will prompt gov to launch one.

you would be surprised I will not go into details but I know one NHS high up shall we say who earns over 80k a year, who gets kicked out of trusts regularly and just moves around the country getting employed by other trusts in the same position until they do something there too, assaulting and threatening nurses, the police and mental health services have been involved but that does not seem to make any difference, trusts can not write bad references for people, only refuse to write them at all.

the payout will come from the NHS there is no insurance, at least there never used to be, they didn't bother and didn't care its the public's money.

The name is new, but Pohust Goodhead are not a small law firm. They currently have a $7 billion lawsuit going on against BHP over the 2015 dam collapse in Brazil. If a multinational law firm is getting involved things are coming to a head.

[–] crodish 🔪🍠 38 points Edited



(The clinic, not the families!)

[–] Aparallaxia 52 points Edited

Feminists everywhere: We don't like saying it normally, but hot damn we told you so.


ETA: Is it just me, or does "Pogust Goodhead" sound like a "Bond babe" from a James Bond movie?
[Mods: I am not calling women babes! Just using the expression.]

We shouldn't be shy about telling these assholes that we saw this coming YEARS ago! Maybe next time they'll listen to us!

I’m going to lose my voice shouting “I told you so” everywhere.

We shouldn't be shy about telling these assholes that we saw this coming YEARS ago! Maybe next time they'll listen to us!

We’ve long been flabbergasted, but now it looks like the day we’ve been waiting for is finally dawning.

It's definitely a better name than PGMBM which was their name until very recently. They are a big multinational law firm that specialises in mass action lawsuits against big corporate brands and governments. They've had a lot of success recently and a lot of money behind them. It's unlikely a firm like this would get involved unless there was a good chance of a big settlement.

Do they have expertise in medical negligence at all?

Not sure, but they'd probably list their victories on their website. Mostly aware of them because of their $7 billion lawsuit against BHP on behalf of victims of the 2015 dam collapse in Brazil.

This is TERRIFIC! This is the TIDE TURNER! Now, let's send this article to some greedy American lawyers . . .

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 46 points

You know the story's fucked up when the ambulance-chasing attorneys are potentially the GOOD guys

Ambulance chasers are the only people seeking justice for a vast number of wrongs in our society. The system is set up so that corporations in particular are only ever held accountable that way.

I don't think you likely believe that corporations do no wrong. Those ambulance chasers you deride do as much as your local prosecutor to make things right and keep the world safe, if not more. And they do it with their own money most of the time.


I wonder if they are trying to get the people who are prone to social contagion “maybe I am one of these ‘trans’ people I heard about on the news”

To find a new social contagion

“Maybe I am one of these ‘detrans’ people I heard about on the news”

[–] OneStarWolf 39 points Edited

US based lawyers can most likely use the UK Cass report and the disaster of Tavistock to bolster their evidence and ask for huge damages over here. These doctors know damn well there's not a consensus on trans treatment on children and that it's been trending to pull back on affirmative care. Yet they CONTINUE to profit off of the experimentation and suffering of children here in the US. Send them all to the cleaners!

It boggles my mind that people were allowed to literally experiment on children with no oversight and no standard of care. I can't think of any other condition where this would be allowed. Completely bizarre.

Now factor in the likelihood that the children might have been homosexual or bisexual, and you've got yourself an unlawful sterilisation case.

The AAP says it is the standard of care. Really makes you question everything else they do.

Might get me some criticism in here, but personally I don't believe the SIDS stuff they spout about why back to sleep is important anymore. Babies sleep better on their tummies. I also don't believe that only feeding formula or breast milk for 6 months has any benefit. My babies both were ready to try food by 2 months.

I think AAP has lost the thread. They are hurting kids with these crazy recommendations, not helping. But that's an awful lot to take on in a lawsuit. They built up a reputation for setting the standard of care, and we have to live with it until there is some sort of counter narrative.

This firm is US as well as UK, and other countries.

They can likely use any experience in this case directly in other countries.

Yep, some good results there will really help. You need to fight against the idea promoted by the AAP that affirmation only is the standard of care. That is a huge barrier in the US. There has to be a counter narrative before US lawyers can do much.

I have been wondering of the AAP can be sued for creating a standard of care with no evidentiary support. All these doctors and therapists will hide behind these organizations. Perhaps a lawsuit will expose how the AAP and the APA came to promote gender affirmation.

I thought we'd see this in the US first since we're so litigious. If these cases succeed lawyers in the US will be all over this.

Yeah me too! But also UK has universal Healthcare and therefore there might be higher rates if teens transitioning.

might be higher rates, but not higher numbers.

Numbers will translate into huge lawyer interest.

[–] Eava 5 points Edited

There are huge barriers to these lawsuits in the US. You have to prove a doctor deviated from the standard of care. With organizations like the AAP and APA saying "gender affirmative" care is the standard, it is going to be really hard to make a case. There may be some cases where cases could be brought for lack of informed consent, but depending on what paperwork the parents, or teen if it was a state where parental consent isn't necessary, signed, there may have been enough disclosure to cut off those claims. I have no doubt there are many parents and teens who signed informed consent papers who were told of the risks, but ignored them. We've seen so many TIPs post about complications that were obvious risks they claim they didn't know about, when we all know they just decided "that won't happen to me" and went forward with the treatment/surgery.

If a parent signed off on blockers/cross sex hormones knowing it would make their child sterile, I don't think the doctor can be sued. Perhaps there is an argument that the parents were misinformed about the risk of suicide, so they made the decision to sacrifice their child's fertility to keep them from killing themselves, but of the risk of suicide was overstated, therefore their decision wasn't truly "informed".

I think you're correct.

I have been spending some time reading r/detrans and a big topic of discussion over there is that they feel they were lied to. Clearly therapists and doctors failed them, but as you mentioned the doctors were following the standards of care set out by the regulatory boards.

On the other hand people have known about the dangers of Lupron and similar drugs for a very long time due to their use in treating precocious puberty. We also know that HRT has been associated with certain cancers and other health problems for decades. We know this, the information is easy to find with a simple google search, and GC feminists have been trying to tell them this for at least ten years.

This is a huge mess.

[–] SecondSkin 3 points Edited

According to the daily mail today there are law suits in the US already. I don’t follow much of this outside the UK, busy enough with everything here….


Honestly it probably is because care is more centralized in the UK. It costs a lot of money to do cases like this, so it's best if you can pool plaintiffs into one big suit against a single defendant. That allows you to minimize the cost per case. That is hard to do in the US with the way we run our healthcare system. Litigation for this kind of thing is mainly against drug and medical device manufacturers for this reason.

It would be great if orgs like WPATH and the AAP could be sued over their push for gender affirmation only and supposed “standard of care”. It’s so wildly reckless and lacking evidence. I’m amazed how they ever suggested using such treatments on children to begin with.

The whole medical system here was captured by gender ideology incredibly fast from the top down, ignoring evidence and common sense. It’s scandalous, on par with lobotomies from the 1900s.

I'm guessing that a whistleblower has given the names of former patients going back years, and that the firm has been quietly contacting these patients. They would never come up with such a huge number if they didn't already have at least a couple of hundred former patients willing to sue.

I don't think there's a paywall, but it's The Times so you never know:

Tavistock gender clinic ‘to be sued by 1,000 families’

The Tavistock gender clinic is facing mass legal action from youngsters who claim they were rushed into taking life-altering puberty blockers.

Lawyers expect about 1,000 families to join a medical negligence lawsuit alleging vulnerable children have been misdiagnosed and placed on a damaging medical pathway.

They are accusing the gender identity development service [GIDS] at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust of multiple failures in its duty of care.

This includes allegations it recklessly prescribed puberty blockers with harmful side effects and adopted an “unquestioning, affirmative approach” to children identifying as transgender.

Last month NHS England announced it was shutting the Tavistock clinic over safety concerns following a damning external review. Care will be handed to regional children’s hospitals.

The law firm Pogust Goodhead has since announced it is pursuing a group litigation order against the trust, which has treated 19,000 children with gender dysphoria (the feeling that one’s emotional and psychological identity differs from one’s birth sex) since 1989.

Former patients given puberty blockers are joining the “class action” lawsuit and papers are due to be lodged at the High Court within six months.

Tom Goodhead, chief executive of Pogust Goodhead, told The Times: “Children and young adolescents were rushed into treatment without the appropriate therapy and involvement of the right clinicians, meaning that they were misdiagnosed and started on a treatment pathway that was not right for them.

“These children have suffered life-changing and, in some cases, irreversible effects of the treatment they received . . . We anticipate that at least 1,000 clients will join this action.”

The allegations of medical negligence are based on the findings of an interim report by Dr Hilary Cass, a former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, who is leading a review of the service.

Cass found the clinic overlooked other mental health issues in children distressed about their gender, and failed to collect data on the use or side effects of puberty blockers, which she said may “temporarily or permanently” disrupt the development of children’s brains.

A GIDS spokesperson said: “GIDS has not heard from Pogust Goodhead about this matter, but it would be inappropriate to comment on any current or potential legal proceeding.

“The service is committed to patient safety. It works with every young person on a case-by-case basis, with no expectation of what might be the right pathway for them, and only the minority of young people who are seen in our service access any physical treatments while with us.”

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 35 points

And so it begins... 🍿🍿🍿

Bring joy to my Falloween this year - get Trump & Co. (special shout out to Marjorie Green and Boebert) (Hell, Mark Meadows, everyone) AND lawsuits regarding transing of kids! Cozy weather, hot tea, podcasts, wonderful!

[–] m0RT_1 27 points Edited

This is excellent news and I hope it sends shockwaves throughout the whole medical/psych community. THEN they might take the First do no harm approach again. Courts and $$ seem to be the only way to get them to be responsible professionals.

Sadly this all had to reach the critical mass of enough damaged children and families to make it into a class action

the fuckers

OMG. This is great! Terrible for all those kids.

But wow. I do hope they mean they've connected with hundreds and so are assured to get 1000 on board with the lawsuit..........

If they get 1000 - that will be felt even in the gender-abyss of the 'good-old USA'.

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