I love the response, "No, because they are misogynists". Kudos if that was one of you ladies. It's so true though, even if you could be attracted to them, their sexist views would kill the vibe. Not just with TIMs, I've met a couple non-medical NB women that I've been attracted to, but I couldn't stand the idea of dating someone who thinks they're special and unique and as a "cis woman" I must love all the abuse and discrimination. Even though my wife and I are nearly on opposite ends of the lesbian presentation spectrum, we're still united as women.

Ugh it kills me to see tifs being misogynists, I'm like what the fuck is wrong with you, girl. You can't self ID your way out of being a woman.

You can see it right out in the open - the trans activists basically only ever talk about tims. Tims are the loud ones, they get all the attention.

I don't understand how Tifs and NBs don't see the blatant misogyny

[–] femlez34 10 points Edited

Omg, the sexism within the trans community is staggering. TIMs accuse the TIFs of having "male privilege" and just steamroll them. You see this on the trans reddit subs all the time, a TIF will politely bring up that TIFs still have the problems with reproductive issues, or being socialized as girls, and the TIMs explode.

No part of the trans agenda benefits TIFs. They can't compete against men in sports, they need their own teams. They're not safe in male prisons, they need their own wing in the women's. Also many of them were sexually abused as children, and the TIMs are trying to weaken child protections and make things easier for pedophiles.

a TIF will politely bring up that TIFs still have the problems with reproductive issues, or being socialized as girls, and the TIMs explode.

Lol they really tell on themselves, don't they? Men getting mad at women who dare speak up. Same misogyny, different rainbow packaging.

Oh, so lesbian presentation is a spectrum now, is it? I thought it was binary. 😉

I like the one that says "I don't date religious people. No matter what their religion is."

BINGO. This insanity is a religion.

I was raised Jehovah's Witness and the religion/cult-like similarities of the trans movement were a big part of what peaked me. Trans religion might be even worse than the JWs, at least I can actually leave the JWs and not have to deal with them, but I'm forced into playing along with the trans cult or risk my entire livelihood,

Exactly. Same vibes as the other reply:

Same reason I wouldn’t be with a flat earther or a Scientologist.

I gotta be honest and it might be petty but, people who have fucked with their body chemistry like this tend to have weird smells and weird secretions. Bad skin, pallor, swelling, and other things that are chemically “off”. It’s revolting to me.

As a middle-aged to older woman now, I feel this way too about regular young men AND women even well into their 20s. They are so “hormonal” and it’s kinda gross. I dunno, there a ton of reasons why I’d not be with a trans person but I’d probably never get to them for the fact stated above.

I’m in my 20s and this made me nauseous. How do I get out of here

Sorry to be clear, it is just a personal thing I notice about my perception of young people...I am sure not everyone in their 20s is gross or smelly, I just have that experience.

I am a straight woman, I want a man a real one who knows his place and I don't care if he's effeminate as long as he knows his place and what he is, I think its deeply insulting to both sexes to have the opposite pretending to be what they think the other sex is. and at this point I don't want to be anywhere near TIFs or TIMs I don't want to be a friend or acquaintance to one, I don't want one touching the goods in the shops I buy from, because I have heard so much about the cocktails of drugs they use, its probably coming out of their pores and getting into our rivers and oceans from their piss, its harmful I don't want to be contaminated.

its kind of laughable really, we have strict rules on hormones in animals that humans eat because of the damage they do, and I avoid meat partly because of all the damaging things they pump into those poor things, but we have a whole generation now of mostly young people deliberately filling themselves with harmful chemicals many of which obtained from the blackmarket without any doctors consent.

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 51 points

I'm bi and I would not want to be bumpin' uglies with a TIM or a TIF. Super bi, super fly 😎

[–] Tiramisuomi 30 points Edited

AGPs came at me likes flies when I was online dating because I listed myself as bi. "You'll have the best of both worlds uwu"

🤮You mean the worst of both worlds. Worst.

Yeah I hate when people think you're bi you should be attracted to everybody. a) standards are still allowed and b) being bi is still being attracted to normal sex characteristics.

[–] Tiramisuomi 25 points Edited

18,000 votes. Either there's a lot more of us than we thought, or even the TRAs who have access to that link couldn't lie to themselves.

As for myself, no. I'm bisexual but any signs of deliberate "gender-bending" is a turn off. I'm attracted to women who present as women (even if butch) and men who present as men (even if femme). There's an uncanny quality to people who are lying about who they are through their appearance, it's quite similar to the feeling I get from clowns or people in mascot outfits or similar.

And yeah.... not interested in not knowing what genitals I'm dealing with. They say it makes me a "fetishist", I think they're lying to themselves if they say they're not imagining a certain set they'll be working with when they go home with someone, and be disappointed or put off if they're wrong. Lucky thing that you can pretty much always tell.

It's genitals, but not only genitals, is the point. The whole body. If they can't see that men's and women's bodies are different, then... hang on, they in fact can't see this.

as another bisexual, yes to all of that. I also wouldn't bother dating a TRA or especially a trans person, because our values clearly would clash, and I don't want to support a delusion I don't believe in. same goes for religious people - our basic value systems clash, so it'll never work in the long term.

plus, I don't want to have sex with an inverted penis or... whatever it is that TIFs have. it's uncanny at best, gross and shocking at worst. the people yelling that "neovaginas are just like cis vaginas!" have never actually seen a neo"vagina". vaginas are not just fuckholes, thank you.

I also don't mind gender bending, it's usually very sexy if done tastefully. It's when they start to compel you to think and say certain things. When the delusions lead to extreme body modifications, I'm out. It's no different than those who get full body tattoos and tons of piercings, or gym obsessed body builders. I don't want none of that baggage.

Exactly. Someone who's utterly unconfused about which sex they are, but enjoys artful playing with androgynous clothing and presentation... that's great (IMHO).

But someone who tries to compel other people's thoughts and speech, or someone obsessed enough with their body to engage in surgical or hormonal body mod is just not attractive, full stop.

[–] DonnaFemina 1 points Edited

"any signs of deliberate "gender-bending" is a turn off"

FWIW I like gender-bending, but not cross-dressing.

And it's not that fine of a line. A feminine-looking man is not at all the same thing as a man trying to look like a woman.

Even Boy George back in the 80s wasn't a true cross-dresser; he wore custom-made tunics with trousers, not women's dresses, and apart from an unfortunate Tina Turner wig in the mid-80s, his hair and makeup were unlike anything you'd ever see on actual women.

Heck, even Dr. Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror does not activate the "ack, cross-dresser" neurons in my brain. His body language is male, his body hair is male, his hair is Jim Morrison-inspired... he doesn't come across like he's trying to seem female.

But who knows, YMMV.

[–] DonnaFemina 6 points Edited

That poll almost makes me want to get on Twitter again. But I shall resist!

If I WERE on Twitter, I'd say:

  • I'm not bisexual, so although I can absolutely see and enjoy physical beauty, which is so much more common among women than among men, I'm not interested in having sex with someone who has a female body. I tried it once, or half-tried, and it wasn't for me, despite her beauty and cool personality. And no, it would not have helped one iota if she had told me she "felt like a man."

  • People who are fixated on their bodies are not interesting to me as partners. I wouldn't date an anorexic, a plastic surgery addict, a person with any other bodily dysmorphic disorder besides being trans, or for that matter a yo-yo dieter or a body builder. I just am not interested in someone who spends that much time and energy obsessing over their perfectly healthy body.

  • People who are not grounded in reality are not interesting to me as partners. If you literally think you're the opposite sex, that's a turn-off just like it would be a turn-off if you literally thought you were an alien or the Second Coming of Christ.

Nope. Both the TIMs and the TIFs are batshit crazy. And even the few nice, reasonable ones are living a 24/7 delusion that i don't wanna deal with. Also, if they get the hormones & surgeries, they'll likely become disabled. And I'm not volunteering to be a nurse/maid for someone who made a CHOICE to cripple themselves

It's been known for a while that most people won't date a trans person. I cracked up reading this article a couple years back because it claims this can't be true, because the most popular category of porn is trans porn. As if people couldn't possible be watching it for the spactacle aspect of it.


We underestimate men's ability to get off on stuff they don't actually find attractive. Degredation and filth is a big thing in male sexuality.

No way: the inherent narcissism and pathetic fragility of TIPs is extremely unattractive, even if they’ve not mutilated themselves.

On top of that, all AGP TIMs are perverts. I couldn’t cope with a man sexually attracted to himself and into disgusting things like “pegging” (strap-on used on men)

I’m a lesbian so no skin in the pegging game, but have used straps with women before.

I’ve always wondered how straight men cope with the fact their pleasure centre is in their backside. A straight female friend of mine the other day said pegging was disgusting too, but when I queried why (everything to men is disgusting to me, but nothing about women is even remotely disgusting, so it doesn’t make sense to me how you can be sexually attracted to a sex but put off by part of them/ something that would give them pleasure).

She said it’s because it came from porn (I would have no idea), and no man who actually enjoys pegging is 100% straight and she only wants straight men.

I thought this was similar to the “if lesbians use strap ons then they deep down want the ‘real thing’” argument. Idk - what do other straight women think?

I don't see why it would make them less straight. I think it's all based in homophobia and misogyny. Women are the only ones who are supposed to enjoy penetration (because we're "inferior," naturally), so if a man likes it being done to him, that makes him "less of a man" and on a par with lesser, weaker, inferior women. Which is toxic bullshit.

it doesn’t make sense to me how you can be sexually attracted to a sex but put off by part of them/ something that would give them pleasure

For me, it's just that anal sex involves possible feces and I don't want anything sexual happening with my ass or anyone else's ass. I wouldn't care if a man did it to himself, though.

I agree - it reminded me of Cara Delevingne’s “peg the patriarchy” bullshit, implying that it’s debasing to be penetrated as if that’s not one of the primary sex acts between men and women.

Thank you for your considered reply! Makes sense :)

I was sure this was going to be something about straight men not knowing how to keep themselves clean back there, which is absolutely true. Add me to the crowd here who don't want anywhere near anal sex.

[–] Tiramisuomi 7 points Edited

I haven't met a man who presents as straight, vocally likes pegging, and isn't some variant of AGP or genderqueer. It's a heavy feature in sissy porn, because being penetrated is sooooo humiliating

Some of them could just be demented and not into gender nonsense. The guy who anally raped me was into being rimmed and anally fingered. Idk which porn he watched, if any (he was a right-wing Catholic), but that’s likely where he developed the anal fixation.

I can’t explain this, but...

I’m a bi woman and the idea of pegging is gross to me also. I would not want to be with a man that enjoys anything up his ass. That simple.

The rectum is a gross place and I think most people have an aversion to it naturally.

You don't understand how people could be disgusted by handling the anus and rectum, whose only biological purpose is to extrude shit?

I don't think most men into pegging are trans. But I wouldn't be interested in participating in anal sex, so it would be a dealbreaker for me regardless.

They should show this poll, with comments, to everyone who comes to the gender clinic.

[–] DonnaFemina 10 points Edited


I once read a -- I forget if it was an interview with a detrans male, or an essay by one. Anyway the detrans male said with apparent shock that he truly had not realized that transitioning would... get this... AFFECT HIS SEX LIFE.


And he (or the writer if it was an interview) said that was common among trans people, not realizing the effect that transitioning would have on their sex lives/love lives.

I just do not even know what to say. HOW on earth can you NOT realize that if you become a dude with breast implants, or a woman with a mastectomy and a beard, you have just drastically reduced the size of your dating pool? How do you NOT know that?!?!?

That's the kind of thing that makes me think it's probably true that a lot of "trans" people are actually autistic -- that absolute failure to mentally model the emotions and desires of other human beings.

Yes! The naivete about sex is so disturbing. I'm always thinking, have you ever HAD sex with an actual human being? Or have you ever really ENJOYED sex with another human, ever in your life? These people seem like either clueless virgins or traumatized/dissociated from their bodies. Or, yes, autistic.

Yeah, exactly. Clueless virgins, traumatized/dissociated, autistic, and/or maybe so immersed in online porn that they don't know what real people having real sex are even like.

Nope they just normal dumb, no need to bring the autistics into this. Of course some of they are but it's not emotions it's physical reality they don't get like you cut nerves, and skin, they don't realize that shit doesn't paste. You got a penis. let's cut it in 8 parts, at the end do you think you will get the same sensation than before? It's magical thinking the problem.

" they don't realize that shit doesn't paste"

Right! Life is not a video game! There is no copy-paste. I like that analogy, well said.

[–] Peppermint 5 points Edited

Its clearly part of the thousands of affirmation lies that are told them. They see threads of men in dresses with makeup and everyone saying they look like a beautiful woman. They want to believe this. They think they are women and will be seen the same. And that men or women will find them sexually attractive. This is whats wrong with Reddit and their echo chambers.

And to the poster above you, yes I think they should clearly show this poll data to people who decide to go for surgery and hormones.

I'm attracted to feminine males but not to TIMs because they usually have more issues than I can handle plus their attempt to hijack womanhood is not amusing to me in the least...

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