I have never experienced such a nihilistic, schadenfraude-drenched spurt of laughter until I saw this just now. How are Esqueer and Ben Collins and all the other hacks and ideologues wailing about MAGA and TERFs going to square this circle? Y’all got played.

yep, they got played, but this was ineveitable. "This never happens" comes home to their own backyard.

I snorted.

How are Esqueer and Ben Collins and all the other hacks and ideologues wailing about MAGA and TERFs going to square this circle?

"It was the TERFS FAULT!! They oppressed Mx Aldrich by misgendering trans folx all over Twitter after Elon took over!! It filled them with internalized non-binaryphobia and Mx Aldrich had no choice but to execute queers and trans people just as JK Rowling commanded!!!"

Color me surprised. If anyone can be trans/nonbinary on a whim, then no one is at this point

[–] Iceni 98 points Edited

Aha. I was just about to post this. Saw it on a left wing forum I post to. They are all saying he's doing it to get out of hate crime charges. I simply posted, "that's great, now they can decide if they want to go to a male or female prison." Haven't gotten any down votes yet, but give it time. Because no man would pretend to be not a man to get into a female space.

But I thought we were not supposed to question self-ID and “lived experience”? Get woke, go broke. Hoisted by their own petard yet again.

Yeah, it's me and an old gay guy going against the woke on that forum. He's already been told he's not really gay and really a Republican or a self loathing gay.

told he's not really gay and really a Republican or a self loathing gay.

so...he can't self-ID, only they can self-ID? And they know better than he does who he is? So is there like, a tribunal that gets to decide? I am running out of snorts.

Thank you and thank the old gay guy.

They do know that there are plenty of gay men who'd consider themselves to be republicans, or at least vote republican, right?

This whole stupid movement will eventually collapse on itself. There's no way to get around it. It completely fails logic. The further it progresses, the closer it comes to its inevitable stupid end. We just have to wait it out. Regrettable though women's rights will be collateral damage.

The tragedy of another shooting in America. The victims, the holidays, the families, the rest of their lives.

But nobody would claim a false identity to make their lives easier, would they?

If they insist on this argument, they can’t also argue “trans” women in women’s prison isn’t also gaming the system.

[–] BeachLover 13 points Edited

I went over to Daily Kos and they are claiming his lawyers didn't claim this: it was in a footnote. They say he is trolling. I guess the Left doesn't believe trans and nonbinary people anymore?

Right?! The amount of hypocrisy in these circles is mind-boggling. Aren't we supposed to believe folks' gender self-ID without question? Who gives them the right to question this person's gender? What's the line between someone genuinely identifying that way and someone trolling? Also, doesn't this "never happen"? Sheesh.

The only people who are actually queer are the ones who perform it online in the proper way.

[–] sealwomyn 26 points Edited

That would be my guess too but I guess we'll see. Hopefully a ridiculous farce like that will make a lot of people realize exactly how ridiculous it is.

My kneejerk assumption is that he's trolling, not that he's trying to get out of consequences.

Although a less likely possibility is that he does identify as some flavor of trans and had something against this club for reasons other than right-wing homophobia. A lot of TIPs are profoundly homophobic, but another possibility is that he was a customer at this club at some point and became fixated on it for some reason. There have been two mass shootings in the past 15 years in my city which involved an anti-social loser being welcomed by very nice, friendly people, and they paid for it with their lives.

Yeah, that second is so true I got multiple stalkers during my early 20s for foolishly being merely friendly toward socially challenged creepy males in my college classes, thinking the other girls were being mean or shallow for harshly shunning the ugly losers from all conversations.. Nope there's a reason you stay far, far away when your creep radar goes off and don't feel sorry for them.

Or he has beef with someone in the community who is a regular at that club

[–] iCONIC 14 points Edited

They are all saying he's doing it to get out of hate crime charges

Isn't he? He's identifying as "non-binary" to reduce his hate crime charges

"I wasn't homophobic or affected by bias! I was just an adherent of a homophobic, biased "gender" ideology who was in the wrong place at the wrong time!"

What's with all the TRAs claiming Mx. Aldrich is trolling? When we said big bust shop teacher is trolling women it fell on deaf ears. Why is the claim of trolling accepted in this case but not that?

My observation was TRAs did claim the big bust shop teacher was a troll, especially when it became apparent that the general public was disapproving of him. Dude still gets to wear his fetish gear around school children though

Because big bust shop teacher didn't shoot up a gay bar. They need to prove he's trolling so it doesn't make them look bad.

And when we say men are trolling to get into women’s prisons we are bigots but just because it affects them now he must be trolling?

[–] Ruby 57 points

Dammit, JK! I don't know how you did it again but ... somehow you did!

I just spilled my soup. Damn Rowling is using her evil magic again. 🤣

Yea, the last well known TRA killed in Canada was big news. Everyone was up in arms about Transphobia and hate crimes. Turns out they were killed by an enby friend. That fact is still ignored on trans day of remembrance tho and they still pretend it was a Transphobia motivated hate crime.

What pisses me off even more is how Tranada has been centering TIMs at Polytechnique memorial events. It was an incel who killed women because they were women, so how dare anyone make that day about men! 😡

Holy fuck. Well, this is bad for the TRA narrative.

I had wondered if the shooter was a self-hating closet case. Not quite, but not far off.

I'm just pissed we have to watch the mainstream media fall over themselves to deny that this person is male. Then again, that's definitely going to peak the masses, so maybe it's a silver lining.

[–] 324B21 27 points Edited

Then again, that's definitely going to peak the masses, so maybe it's a silver lining.

Exactly. There is no way that they can spin this in their favour, not this time. No. This time their literal violence is left, right, and center and there is no way they can hide this truth.

Not everyone is aware of men being allowed in women's prisons, not everyone is aware that women and girls are forced to compete with men and boys in sports, but everyone will hear about this blatant act of violence.

They'll probably just stop talking about it completely as soon as they possibly can.

[–] sohh 21 points

Yep. And sadly, because mass shootings are so common here in the US, they fade out of the news circuit faster than they should anyway. This one might have stayed relevant longer because it supported the narrative of LGBT people being especially vulnerable to violence by bigots. But now I expect the story will fade away altogether.

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 16 points

It's wiped off the front page of Preddit already lmao

You can hear the great woke borg’s screeching brakes as they speed off back to the churn factory to rewrite their ‘stochastic terrorism’ narrative.

We could take bets! 1: they pivot 2: they double down

[–] SakuraBlossoms 29 points Edited

They doubled down. I was reading about another horrific mass shooting in the US that just happened (it's a day ending with y) and of course there's this:

The Virginia shooting comes three days after a person opened fire at a gay nightclub in Colorado, killing five people and wounding 17. That shooter, who is nonbinary, was arrested after patrons at the club tackled and beat them.

Even if you murder five innocent people, you can know the Associated Press will still make sure to respect your feelings! Gaslighting mass murder victims and survivors is a new low. Every single person knows these are all acts of male violence.

Well, just look at how MSM went above and beyond to protect Ezra Miller and his speshul pwonouns. It literally is the get-out-of-jail-free card of the current year.

I would also like to jump in here and laugh at all the "scholastic terrorism" typos I see on memes about this. Because yes.

hahaha. I haven't seen that but that's hilarious. I think we should use that term for the schools teaching kids that girls are barbies and men are gi joes.

I bet people will be scouring his social media trying to find out if he was a genderspecial prior to now. I think the results of that will be a big factor in how this gets spun.

They can try, but by their own rules, he is what he says he is. So they’re in a big bind if they try to rewrite their rules at this point.

It was already stated that he has but a small online footprint, so that should keep them busy.

[–] GCRadFem 14 points

You can hear the great woke borg’s screeching brakes as they speed off back to the churn factory to rewrite their ‘stochastic terrorism’ narrative.

Such a great comment. I’m snort-laughing out loud! 😂

Ah, come on, that’s too easy for a bet! Narcissists NEVER admit when they’re wrong.

Super creepy threads on reddit in response to this shooting- "arm your local queer", desire to conceal carry, bragging about their new ammunition stockpiles, encouraging each other to take up guns as a hobby, basically all circlejerking each other about the need to arm trans people for the coming holocaust and showdown with right wingers. They were really working themselves up in that echo chamber.

It's actually crazy how fast they escalate their rhetoric, you can see parallels with neo-nazis. They just figured the trick- they are untouchable as long as they call everyone else nazis first.

Contrast that to literally any other shooting, the left and moderate response is to call for gun control, and the right calls for a gun craze.

This is all male-pattern violence. Doesn't matter if the man wears striped thigh-high socks and paints his AR with glitter, or wears a camo hat and maga shirt, or boogaloo patches on his ammo vest, or is a schlumpy 22-year-old who styles himself "Mx.". All men, all violent, all wrong.

It’s scary these mentally ill people would have guns at all. Being “trans” should be an automatic disqualification.

Not even being 72 hour-ed counts against you for gun ownership, has to be a court ordered mental facility confinement (because of HIPAA essentially). For gun background check reform I think that's the first thing I would advocate: any involuntary stay inpatient counts against you with a process for appeal that can be rarely granted. (Some holds are done at the request of others by unethical police or doctors). My only reservation on this is how to create a registery that won't get hacked or leaked or used in any situation other than gun ownership

Yet somehow I'm sure they'll still find a way to blame TERFs (read: women).

I bet they'll blame his mother. "She was twansphobic and that's why they developed self-hatred and contempt for their own kin!"

They already are in the news article I just read saying his parents split when he was a toddler and his mother was arrested for arson. So because his parents had a divorce. it’s totally fine and expected for him to shoot people.

He should have been taken from his mother and sent to CA, a trans sanctuary state!

Of course he is. Names changes, a "they", this is rich. Good luck making him out as a transphobe assholes. He's your boy.

or your...it?

So a pronoun person went into an LGBT club and murdered people…

….this ideology still remains the most homophobic thing I’ve ever seen.

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