Even if the they/them is faking non-binary to escape hate crime laws, we can use it. “You mean men might fake self-ID?” “You mean men might might fake it to get out of male wards/prisons?” “You mean men might fake it to win at women’s sports?”

Destroys the “this never happens”.

[–] a-witch-a-broad 38 points Edited

"It never happens, but if it happened, it's the TERFs' fault."

Well, yes, there will be that. We will use it anyway, we will trumpet it.

I think we also need to capitalize on the TIMs already claiming womanhood who are in prisons; “Violence? Subterfuge? this never happens? Then are these men lying?” “which part of their story is a lie?”

Now that self ID is finally hurting the TQs, maybe this shit will be curbed.

Then again, I wouldn't put it past them to take the L on this Club Q thing in order to stay the course on getting men like Dana Rivers into women's prisons. The TQs have no shame nor any sense of self reflection. They'll either do their best to bury this story or find a way to blame us TERFs for this guy faking NB status

That feeling when the TRAs start to hard pivot from "TERFs did this!" to "Internalized transphobia!"

They're already pulling the "nah he got the idea to ID as NB from TERFs. He's really a man."

Wow, TRAs are just as "transphobic" as the rest of us then.

They are denying this person's real self and committing a hate crime by misgendering this person's non binary soul.

Someone should report the misgendering to the police post haste!!! 😮😮😮

Wait, aren't we supposed to honor their pronouns even when they commit crimes?

Wait, aren't we supposed to honor their pronouns even when they commit crimes?

Yep. We have to honor the Lady Identities of men who rape and/or kill multiple women and then come out as trans the day of their sentencing. So the TQs should have to accept this asshole even though he slaughtered people in a queer/trans club

Omg they are LITERALLY killing him! How do they know what his gender identity is!? All identities are valid! Why don’t they just ask they/them to pull down they/thems pants so they can verify! Someone better call the cops on this HATE CRIME

Sounds like they're brutally invalidating theythem's gender feels. Isn't that literal violence and/or murder?

Surely internalized transphobia is only a thing because of terfs.

Kraus also said that in times of anger, Aldrich would use gay slurs and regularly used the word 'f****t'.

Oh ok good so we are back to recognising homophobic slurs.

[–] LunarMoose 45 points Edited

according to San Francisco, USA - the word faggXt is a "sexual orientation"

at some point, this hydra really is eating itself......

They better put all the yaoi fan TIFs on a list then, cause they love using the word f****t

Well their whole lot call themselves "queer" so how are we to know anymore what's a slur or nit to them? 🤷

I’m just old enough to remember boys playing ‘smear the queer’ and using it as a slur, I’m straight, and its casual usage still makes me uncomfortable.

I've got a straight friend who has said the exact same thing, even using "smear the queer" as an example. I'm really grateful for people like you who acknowledge it's use as a slur.

On the flip side, my university's vice provost sent out an email using that slur and it messed with me all day yesterday. Being called a slur sucks, it's worse when you're told that slur is somehow now inclusive. The gaslighting is driving me insane.

I’m 25 and when I was in the 5th grade there was a boy in my class who looked like the stereotypical ‘school shooter’. He never smiled and always looked…off. He would always go around with his buddies saying “queer” and the f-slur. That was the only times I ever saw him laugh. I didn’t even know those words before I heard him saying them but the way he said them made me feel sick to my stomach.

Fast forward 10 years and he was arrested for burning down a mansion. I think he’s still in prison to this day.

I'm just old enough to remember boys playing ‘smear the queer’ and using it as a slur, I’m straight, and its casual usage still makes me uncomfortable.

I grew up with a lesbian aunt and I was specifically taught as a kid not to use that word because it hurts my aunt and her friends. It still weirds me out to see it used so casually by both gay and straight people now. I'm only in my 30s. The word was still a violent slur not so long ago

I’m straight and quite offended on the casual use of Q by everyone nowadays. I’m not even that old!!

[–] Hera 31 points Edited

I mean. This is literally what happens to our (LGB...and in this case, even the T) communities when we let delusional men run rampant without criticism. It's almost like incel hard right moid logic and delusional they/them I'm A Magic Gender D!e Terfs logic are the same thing painted in different colors hmmmmm...

[–] assignedpooratbirth trans-wealthy 8 points Edited

Tempted to go back into LGBTQIACOLESLAW+ spaces and really push this one. Oh you HAVE to respect their gender and pronouns otherwise you are making your other nonbinary friends feel unsafe and disrespected! You don’t know their gender! You know all the TERFs are calling them a he, you’re a TERF if you don’t respect their gender — since having anything in common with GC women is the ultimate sin in TRA spaces.

Goodie. Two ammos radical feminists can use for later arguments. That identifying as "nonbinary" doesn't absolve one of their deeply embedded flaws, and actually misleads investigators from understanding. Also, that pornography DOES, in fact, have a horrible influence on the youth.

The TRAs are apoplectic over this revelation and claim that he can't possibly be NB. He can't just say he is and get away with it. But, remember take TIMs at their word that they're "wimmin".

Can't have it both ways!!

[–] Eava 32 points Edited

None of his friends interviewed by any media source said he was nonbinary or used they/them pronouns. I don't believe this isn't a stunt.

[–] OneStarWolf 80 points Edited

Even if it is, it doesn’t matter. This highlights how stupid it is to integrate any form of self id or gender ideology into our laws. No one can prove whether he is lying or not, that’s the dogma, the essence of gender religion. “Believe who they say they are!”

It’s an ideological loophole and easily abused by men to the detriment of women and girls in particular. Males should never be put into female prisons, spaces, or sports because of exactly this problem.

Exactly. One can self-baptize into the church of Gender at an instant and it's not permitted to question it.

Lmao at one can self-babtize into the church of Gender. That's hilarious.

This article is describing the disappointing son of a violent, hyper-'masculine' father, who reading between the lines sounds like he was an anime-obsessed NEET with anger problems and a history of VAW (and broader targeted rage towards women). It could very well be a ploy, but with that profile right now I'd be more surprised if he didn't identify as some version of gender-special, even if only restricting the LARPing to online (like many of them do) and not telling his real-life friends, family, and acquaintances.

[–] ProxyMusic 44 points Edited

The "non-binary" identity label gives troubled, awkward young people of both sexes the illusion that they are a special breed apart and above us mere mortals who can escape their sex and all the sexist sex stereotypes and expectations associated with it "just like that." Plus, it automatically puts them in an elevated, kewl, admired and protected social class that no one else is allowed to criticize. So I can certainly see why a messed up youth with a whole host of issues that make him a social "misfit" would "genuinely" adopt the label.

Being nonbinary allows entry into the "trans" category without any requirements whatsoever. Nonbinary people don't owe you androgyny, after all. Nonbinary people are allowed to demand access to all spaces and refuse to reveal their "assigned gender," not that it's an easy secret to keep. And though nonbinary identified women do experience sexism, leftist men aren't allowed to express it openly the way they do with women in general. Really, the only con is the cognitive dissonance of knowing it's meaningless.

Hey, if I was his lawyer I would absolutely tell him to claim the laziest possible trans status. It’s a no-brainer, more so than “weh rough family life”.

It doesn't matter. According to self ID, a person can identify as any gender at any time. And nobody is allowed to question it or even imply that they might be bullshitting (even if its 100% obvious that they're bullshitting). If men can identify their way into a lady identity (and women’s prison) even after raping and/or killing multiple women and living their whole life as a normal dude; than they cannot deny this man's NB/queer identity just because he targeted a bunch of trans/queer people for slaughter

Except now all the TRAs are saying we don't have to believe people just because they say they are trans, nb, queer, etc. Contrapoints was on some news show saying "That is a man" because he doesn't present as nb. I wonder if this was part of his plan.

No doubt that was because he was afraid to come out as his "authentic self"!

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"...revealed his father has a sordid past, including mixed martial arts, drugs, reality TV and porn."

I don't understand why the Daily Mail thinks the MMA part is "sordid," but I'll join them with an absolute barf to the drugs, reality TV, and porn.

I thought that was odd too. Perhaps they are considering MMA to be a violent hobby or violence in general.

There's higher than average rates of DV among MA fighters, so yes, violent hobby.

The titles in his IMDB profile are fire!


[–] Nediljka_Orwell PITA crone 6 points

And are going to be part of a middle school curriculum someday soon if the progressive "kink and porn is good!" thing doesn't get pushed back under the rock it came from.

[–] GCRadFem 3 points

Tweet from today.

There is also a video with a Tweet easy enough to find from the MMA/porn actor father which I’m not posting. This is the gist of it:

“The Colorado shooter's father was more concerned about whether or not his son was gay than the fact he murdered five people. “I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew… I’m a conservative Republican & we don’t do gay.”

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