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I’m baked and when I heard the news anchor say “Natalie when” I thought she said “Natalie Wynn” 🫠 The person in the video looks very similar to Contra in the unedited log ride photo, but I’m 99% sure that it’s not Contrapoints in the video. I’m not able to change the title, but if a mod sees this could you please pin this comment or edit the title?

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"If he were non-binary, why would he attack his own community?"

That's a good question. Why don't we ask that question to all the totally valid trans-women who are currently in women's prisons for raping and/or killing members of the female community!

For real, fuck this guy. I can tell from looking at HIM that he's also a man no matter how much makeup he puts on or whatever silly girl voice he attempts. They've forced us women to go along and use female pronouns for horrible TIMs like Ezra Miller, Jonathan Yaniv, Dana Rivers, Karen White, Synthia Blast, etc. Now these fuckers need to practice what they preach and go along with whatever bullshit identity Mx Shooter claims to have. And if they don't, they should be swiftly banned from Twitter and other mainstream outlets for misgendering

Eat karma, you hypocritical clowns!

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"If he were non-binary, why would he attack his own community?"

Uhhh is this person somehow unaware that most murderers kill people of the same demographic group? And almost all school shootings are committed by students at the school -- members of the community, in other words?

And is he also unaware that just because you fall into the same demographic as XYZ group of people, that doesn't mean they're friendly to you, that doesn't mean you for sure won't be bullied by them, that doesn't mean you'll like them...

I find myself wondering if this dude has ever met any... PEOPLE.

He honestly doesn’t seem very smart. It appears English is his first language and he speaks in broken sentences with poor grammar. This isn’t Contrapoints; he is capable of getting a proper thought out.

I'll give the dude a little grace because he just lost some friends in a mass shooting. And most people wouldn't be super poised and articulate on TV after something like that.

He's just scrambling to stick to the narrative that this was a hate crime committed by a "cis-het" White male TERF/MAGA

I remember being repeatedly assured immediately after the shooting that this was most assuredly a hate crime from some white “cishet” dude.

Now that it’s definitely not some “cishet” person, they’re all pondering how this could have possibly happened, since it’s supposed to be impossible.

If he were non-binary, why would he attack his own community?

For all kinds of reasons, like, he's an incel, he's fucked up by his porn star dad and cyer bullying when he was a teen, Being trans or NB or any other kind of fancy identity does not automatically make you nice.

Why would a school shooter attack his own community? Why are some transwomen rapists? Why do some women commit infanticide? Why are some people assholes? FOR REASONS.

my FB was full of people going on about love not hate, people should be free to love who they like its horrible in this day and age we have such hate, now its gone very quiet since it was announced the shooter was an NB shows the forced teaming works.

I can tell from looking at HIM that he's also a man

I don't watch Contrapoints videos and never have, so I am not overly familiar with what this guy looks like. So reading the tweet title of this post and clicking through and getting the video, I thought HE was the shooter because "it was obvious...that's a man". Didn't realize there was another obvious man being discussed.

“It was obvious from the mugshot that he’s a man”


Ok if we are doing this then….”it is obvious from your face that you are also a man”

Please, please retweet if you're on Twitter. Let's get this out there:

Man tells woman he knows what a man looks like. Even when the first man is a transwoman and the second man says he's non-binary.

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So TIPs can remove the trans identities of other TIPs now? I don't think they want to open this Pandora's box.

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The circular firing squad is a way of life with these people. Be even the slightest bit non conforming, show the cracks in the Narrative, and they all turn on you.

I think this dude is skinwalking Contra! Even gave himself the same name. I love it when they turn the AGP creepiness on each other.

Its possible Contra was the one to "crack his egg". Too bad he doesn't have access to the same endless surgery fund. LOL

He looks like one of those glam rock hair band guys from the 80s, but with low effort makeup.

When the victim is a woman, they demand we still respect your pronouns. When the victims are mostly men, they revoke your gender card.

That, and this case had so much media attention on it already, boosted by them further as a real life hate crime, that I think they're in damage control mode now because just calling anyone who knows about it a transphobe and tantruming over people not respecting his pronouns isn't something they can get away with as easily with the mainstream watching. So instead, they're trying to deny it.

If the shooter had identified as a gender-special from the beginning, the media would have buried this story

Wait. What is a man?

No really, they need to ask this.

Remember, a man is anyone who says they're a man.

So an NB is anyone who says they're non-binary. That's all it takes.

True. We need to put Ketanji Brown-Jackson on stage and force her to define "man" the same way she was grilled to define "woman"

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That is not contrapoints 😂

LOL. I was just about to comment, "Damn. Contra looks rough when he can't hide behind his neon lights and his Marie Antoinette costumes" 🤣

No it's not. But this case of mistaken identity is still a hoot because it will drive Contrapoints up the wall.

Omg I know😂

I’m baked and when I heard the news anchor say “Natalie when” I thought she said “Natalie Wynn” lololol. The guy looks so much like Contra in the unedited log ride photo.

Oh PHEW! I was thinking "man where did he get that chin and he must be so disappointed by the FFS outcome""

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I was about to say that he's looking a little manly these days. 🤣

I was about to say that he's looking a little manly these days

Its just because he can't hide behind his garish neon lighting and ridiculous costumes when he's outside his home studio

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So he's assuming someone's gender and not respecting their pronouns. Talk about a hypocrisy. 🙄 I cannot believe this whole interview is not satire.

How can either of them say the shooter is a man? Are either of them biologists?? 🤣

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So straight people don't shoot up places straight people gather?

Rolling your eyes on TV in an interview is a really unprofessional look

Don't think this interview's gone as well for the cause as he's hoped...

If they do make laws to stop criminals using Trans as an excuse when committing hate crimes, then we will have more chance of arguing for this to be the case for all crimes.

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