Also, thank you for showing up when many of us could not!!!

Let’s start organizing in our own areas now that lockdowns look to be lifting in the semi near future.

It’s time to ride this wave!

I want to organize carpools, etc., next time. So many women wanted to go, but not alone, or could not for other reasons.

[–] MadSea 5 points Edited

I couldn’t due to underlining health conditions + covid risk. But I got the vaccine the other day and will get the second shot in a couple weeks, so I’ll be set to go from then on.

Awesome. There will be other events! I have not gotten a vaccine, bc I am not eligible yet.

(Next time I will wear my screen name bc I missed other Ovarit users!)

Thank you! I will be there!


Same same! Cashed in a flight credit last week to make it happen. Ya caught me laying in my hotel bed, browsing ovarit and getting excited for tomorrow!

I'll look for you! I love your signs! I was so on the fence about whether to go that I didn't make any. En route right now, probably get there around 10:30 am. See ya soon, Sis.

Sending all my support and love to those people!

While i can't participate in these as i live in asia i am trying my best to educate people about what's happening recently

Have you seen the documentary Dysphoric yet? It can be found on YouTube, for now. I have found it's a great tool for enlightening people who think they have no investment in this issue.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all you brave, amazing, extraordinary women!!! I follow some of you on Instagram, and you give me SO MUCH HOPE! Sending you all my love, support, and solidarity!🎉👏🏼💕

Please be sure to take precautions, alert law enforcement, carry your pepper spray (though nonviolence is best, right?).

I worry these women will be attacked by stupid men in dresses, wigs and heels.

Literally had a Google cal alert set this AM to locate my pepper spray.

I wish I could go myself. But I had least was able to send the organizers a donation.

I hope more of these pop up across the country so women in other states can make it

I so wanted to go! I wish I could’ve traveled down to DC to picket but I swore to myself years ago that I’d never attend a protest (of any kind) as they have the potential to go bad w/ over zealous cops and anti protesters....which could seriously flare my ptsd. But anyway, I wish you all the best!

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