Switzerland took forever to let women vote, but they didn't think at all about transgenderism ... was this shit even put up for public vote?

I fear that now that Switzerland has fallen, Germany will too, soon. Or perhaps it has already - citizens are never informed of the sick shit legislators have decided to allow.

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It was not. We voted on gay marriage a few months before self Id was slipped in without a vote

This is very sinister because usually we vote on EVERYTHING

Switzerland usually follows Germany though, not the other way around

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Do you know what the rules are for minor surgery in Germant? I mean the mutilating (trans) kind. Is there a law or something?

Well, I haven't heard about it being changed, so I hope they apply the same rules as to cosmetic surgery in general, which I ... just googled and found out to my horror that there is no minimum age. As long as the parents consent, anything goes.

There's a "recommendation" that no cosmetic surgery be done below the age of 18, so the clinic whose website I found when googling claims that most surgeons won't do it ...

But .. yeah. It is totally possible, we know there are those who would do it, and enough parents who want to trans their children.

I'm horrified.

It seems I was not aware of this because, well, without a gender craze, most parents insane enough to want breast implants or nose jobs for their underage daughters probably won't find a surgeon who is willing to do it.

But ... ew. Breast amputation is totally possible for underage girls. And I am sure it is being done. And I have no idea whether there's stricter laws on castration.

This absolutely blows my mind. Children have developing brains and they are expected to make life-long decisions? This hack job (literal) doctor will be remembered as a monster.