Both made controversial tweets about gender ideology. JK Rowling literally stated that bio sex is real. Elon Musk on the other hand wrote "pronouns suck!" like a 12-year old.

JK Rowling gets completely cancelled, while Musk gets invited to host SNL. The same SNL that made sure to mention how evil JK Rowling was on multiple occasions.

If the misogyny is not crystal clear here for people to see, I don't know when it will be.

Both made controversial tweets about gender ideology. JK Rowling literally stated that bio sex is real. Elon Musk on the other hand wrote "pronouns suck!" like a 12-year old. JK Rowling gets completely cancelled, while Musk gets *invited to host SNL*. The same SNL that made sure to mention how evil JK Rowling was on multiple occasions. If the misogyny is not crystal clear here for people to see, I don't know when it will be.


I think the key difference is that Elon Musk has loud fanboys who deeply admire him. Men don't admire and respect women they way they do other men. Harry Potter has male fans, JK Rowling doesn't, really. Elon Musk can say stupid shit on Twitter all day long and just get lightly mocked. JK Rowling can write a sensitive, thoughtful, carefully-worded article why girls transition, and face a deluge of death and rape threats.

Harry Potter has male fans, Rowling doesn’t

Well put!

Musk has had a lot of controversial hot takes that run opposite to woke ideology. He’s also richer than Midas and frivolous with his riches. Unlike Rowling who is famously philanthropic.

People who rabidly hate Rowling claim her crime of not unquestioningly supporting the replacement of sex categories with gender, is compounded because she is an influential billionaire who can afford to be canceled.

Yet despite also being an influential billionaire, Musk escaped this charge of murdering people with his opinion.

Elon Musk is a megalomaniac who wastes money on vanity projects and manipulates cryptocurrencies through Twitter. JK Rowling is a prolific philanthropist who stands up for harassed, abused, and oppressed women. Obviously, we know who's getting canceled.

Not only does Musk have male fans, he has fanantical male fans who will defend literally everything he does and says. The only woman I can think of that has a fanatical fan base is Ayn Rand, who is also only popular with men pretty much.

I've noticed though that (male) libertarians tend to not defend Rand's more controversial positions, like her uncompromising atheism or defense of colonial genocide. But they will defend Murray Rothbard to the death, who argued that (quote) "the purely free society will have a flourishing free market in children".

Elon Musk is basically a cult. I saw some mildly critical tweets of him once and there were a bunch of people outraged and essentially insisting we treat Musk as an infallible god. It’s so weird.

Sometimes, I feel like the only person in the world who thinks colonizing Mars is a bad idea, and a colossal waste of time and money.

Considering the amount of space junk will increase and not using this money to you know...not kill our earth and try to heal it instead is extremely infuriating.

Nope you are not. In fact I am pretty sure it is only his really weird fanboys that think it is a good idea. Living on Mars sounds horrible!

A tweet said “Elon Musk is a megachurch pastor for atheists” and damn it might be correct 💀

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I recently saw a tweet that I thought hit the nail pretty much on the head when it comes to musk:

elon musk is a dumb guy’s idea of a smart guy

there is a reason why weird crypto guys love him and most actual scientists are exasperated by him lol

people are responding to this like “how can you say elon musk is dumb?” i’m not, i’m saying you’re dumb

At least we know the TRAs aren't the only group who can shut down dissent despite their position being totally illogical and genuinely harmful.

I still can't believe Musk got away with calling that cave rescue diver a pedo. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

I didn't even know Elon said anything about it, that's how much he hasn't been cancelled. Why tf was he hosting SNL? Seems random.

Why tf was he hosting SNL? Seems random.

The guy isn't even an actor or singer or any kind of performer. He has no business hosting anything like this regardless of who he is as a person.

That said, SNL has sucked for decades. So it doesn't shock me that someone like Musk is hosting.

A few years back, I had the opportunity to go back and watch the original cast/writer seasons from when I saw it as a kid knowing now I'd have more insight. HOLY SHIT! There is stuff in there so damn prescient that you could cancel every other cast/writer combo since 1981, keep the old stuff in syndication, and it would STILL be fresh today because they called that shit years ago.

The rest has been meh. I've tried to watch it, but I don't know, maybe it's because I'm not sneaking any longer to watch it late at night because my parents do not approve, but I stopped watching in the 80's,and from what I've seen it has seriously been lacking for many years.

In the old SNL, the comedy focused on being funny rather than pushing a political agenda. Modern SNL is just like: "LOL Aren't Republicans shitty!? LOL" and "Isn't Hillary Clinton a goddess? LOL". It isn't comedy. Its pandering

There are exceptions though like the "Meet Your Second Wife" sketch was great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJEAGd1bQuc

Yeah, there are plenty of hilarious non-political sketches. People just love being snobs when it comes to SNL.


Some people who re-tweeted and responded to him even got cancelled last year. Sasha white lost her job over it.

This is his comment?

In that case, I can easily see why musk didn't get canceled. This can be interpreted both ways. Both as "transgender pronouns suck" and "having to come up with new pronouns suck." Unlike what Rowling said, it's not explicitly anti-trans at all.

You could say the same about Rowling's tweets, because she just stated that bio sex is real, and nothing actually disparaging trans people.

He also posted this: https://archive.is/g1i7G

Rowling is trying to protect women and girls, and Musk is ruining the night sky and making observing the universe impossible with his thousands of satellites.

It’s so obvious this is yet another example of men being able to get away with bad behavior, and woman being ruined because of perceived bad behavior.

I’m pissed about him trying to make it into some sort of victory for autistic people. What a jackass.

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Me too, especially after I read some counter posts mentioning the fact he's basically ignoring Dan Aykroyd who has said he is on the spectrum - and Dan is a far bigger deal in this context. Leave it to "my parents' money" Musk to claim things that aren't his, as usual.

Looking forward to the day autistic representation isn’t always nerdy white males...

I love Dan Ackroyd! He actually seems nice. Elon Musk honestly seems like the kind of guy that would say he is on the spectrum to try to excuse his own behavior. Not that I am saying he isn't per say, but I am tired of people acting like a symptom of autism is being a jerk.

There was some pushback, but unlike the absolute witch hunt leveled at JKR it was barely a whimper and resulted in nothing. And Musk’s squabbles with the gender havers on Twitter was over petty trolling, whereas she was addressing serious issues like a compassionate, reasonable person.

As usual, the bar is on the floor for men while women have to pole vault 100 feet over it and nail the landing like an Olympic gymnast or get dragged.

Elon Musk also accused an innocent man of being a pedofile all because he didn't need his submarine, and was abusive to hs first wife. JK Rowling however hasn't really done anything wrong and look how she is treated. It is insane that libfems can't even spot this hypocracy..

JK was abused by her first husband. So everyone rushes to the side of the abusive man.

They really, really do. Look how many people defended Polanski. It completely disgusted me that so many actors and even actresses jumped to his defense. Weirdly though, Howard Stern and Chris Rock denounced him. When actual misogynsts are are sounding better then actors that have tried saying they are feminists but obviously aren't.......

JK Rowling brought everyone up like a favorite aunt or guardian through her books; she's the mom of an entire generation obsessed with self analysis. Elon Musk is the post adolescent's dream of success.

Seriously though, noticed this with Ricky Gervais the other day as he was hitting like on some seriously gender critical stuff on twitter. I guess people stopped bothering with him because he isn't ever bothered.

You're right, being unbothered is the only way to deal with them. They reserve the worst attacks for people who actually care/d about them.

Elon Musk also tweeted "We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it!" with regard to Bolivia last year. I don't think JKR has said anything quite like that.

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