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For Gender Critical gays and lesbians, the insistence of homosexuality as same-gender attraction can be seen as unvarnished, base homophobia of the type that even five years ago was thought defeated, except within the most reactionary and bigoted corners of society.

It is compounded when done in the name of LGBTQ rights: interpreted as being sold a version of your own sexuality which simultaneously erases your sexuality. A rejection of such an interpretation of Gender Theory is an aspect of Gender Critical belief, and it is established as a protected belief by this judgment.

The legal right (indeed necessity) of same-sex attracted people to organise together is underlined by this judgment.


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That is such a thorough analysis of the judgment! Thank you so much for sharing.

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Wow he really pulled my heart strings by saying multiple times definitively that it’s a women’s movement and that women are being disproportionately punished by gender theory activism.