[–] drdee 198 points

I appreciate how clear she is. 'He has a penis.' That's it. No theory arguments, no distractions, no exceptions, not even engaging with mansplain dude. She is very clear and precise on what the problem is.

Maybe that's how we can get the message through since ''he's a man'' doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe all we really need to say is ''he has a penis''

[–] sconsolato 125 points Edited

I really have absolutely no desire to be naked in front of the post-op weirdos either though.

[–] drdee 100 points

Maybe. It seems to a lot of people that 'transgender' means 'does not have a penis', so this might actually shock people and cause them to pay attention.

I ordered these stickers from adulthumanfemale.store that say "trans women are men and mostof them have a penis"

I've read that at least 80%, and maybe as many as 95% (stats vary) of trans "women" have no intention of getting what they oh-so-cutely call "bottom surgery". While this does not necessarily prove that 80-95% of trans "women" are pornsick autogynephiliac heterosexual incels intent on forcing themselves on lesbians and bi women especially, it does give one pause (the results of gender reassignment surgery are so heinous that one cannot blame even a true gender dysphoric sufferer from avoiding that procedure like the plague. The horrors I saw on neovaginadisasters-!)

Research that relies on actually examining TIMs or their medical records - rather than going by what these guys say & taking them at their word - shows that 95% have not had genital surgery. Even trans propaganda outfits like the Williams Institute admit that 88-91% still have their dicks & balls.

As for how many say they intend to have genital surgery eventually, that's immaterial. Like Dr House always used to say, "Everybody lies." And people whose entire "identity" is based on a lie tend to lie all the time about all sorts of things. Men who lie about their sex will have no qualms about telling lies concerning surgery on their dicks & balls.

Many TIMS say they haven't gotten genital surgery coz of the cost. But that doesn't explain why so many rich or well-heeled TIMs like Jenner, Gigi Gorgeous & Blaire White have avoided the surgery. Also, in the US the "can't afford it" excuse doesn't hold water any more because for a number of years now the costs for such surgeries have been covered by private insurance as well as by Medicare & many states' Medicaid programs.

[–] Ruby 30 points Edited

From the research I've found it's closer to 95-99% who keep their penises. Even if they have the intention of getting surgery, most never will take steps to get it.

Bottom surgery often causes TIMs to lose the ability to orgasm. Since getting off sexually is a huge part of their female fantasy, they retain their dicks.

I think they enjoy shocking women and little girls in women only spaces. They probably go home and beat off afterwards.

JY recently had the surgery, and apparently the tip of the penis fell off. We need these cautionary tales to say hey, maybe mutilating yourself isn't great.

Exactly! So many people think TIMs all have had surgery. These kinds of videos and reactions will force people to understand the reality of what is happening.

[–] sarahsmile 112 points Edited

My new one is “I believe that he wants to be a woman, and that he is sincere. But that doesn’t make him a woman. He is a man who wants to be a woman. That’s it.”

Yes! My favourite part is when she said "transgender isnt real". She must've watched Kara Dansky or something :) This is what we need, there is NO such thing as transgender.

I love that other women are backing her up. And who is the one telling her how she should feel? A dude.

B-b-but it's a feminine penis

[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 43 points
[–] NoOneSpecial 20 points Edited

One should download the meme, and circulate it online. These men love to get us fired from our jobs for speaking the truth, and make creepy lists rounding up those of us who dissent, and then threatening to dox and rape us, cancel our university speeches and get us kicked out of schools so we can't ever make a good living.

So if they want one's opinion on this matter to become a public spectacle, for which there is an unforgiving judge and jury, a media circus, I say we give them front row seats. Hell, make them part of it. They can see what we have been dealing with for a change.

The opponent isn't fighting fair. If he feels that comfortable defending predators against female victims, in public, he should be given the same honor.

[–] Peachy 130 points

Men have found a way to expose his genitals to women and little girls without consequences. Pure evil.

I just don't understand how libfems can't see this for the sexual harrassment it is. Just ugh.

[–] [Deleted] 126 points Edited

I just posted that but then i saw that you uploaded it too! I love the determination in her voice, and even some of other women were sticking up for her/agreeing with her!

Also that guy saying he wouldn't care if a woman was in the men's changing room, of course he wouldn't care the gross pervert.

Also that guy saying he wouldn't care if a woman was in the men's changing room, of course he wouldn't care the gross pervert.

Except he lies and he would. Men objected to Terf Island's Man Fridays. The coomer imagines a single attractive woman he can leer at, what he should imagine is a group of all kinds of women who'd laugh at him. He'd never leave home.

One day I'll go into a men's changeroom, look at their dicks, and sort with a look of pity. THEN they'll care.

How WOKE the man who likes to look at vagina (probably) is! What open minded SAINTS the bepenised are, totally not on Team Bro or anything!! /s

[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 37 points

I like how she switched it on him and said if you do not like women you would not appreciate it making it really hard for him to press that point since he's not gay.

It's amazing to me that this dude thinks the feelings of another man he can't even see are more important than an entire room full of women in bathrobes who have been made uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be.

I love how all the woman are standing to one side of the room, all equally disturbed and this man feels like he has to educate them. Instead of, you know, listening to multiple people share their discomfort and coming to the logical conclusion that the locker room man is intentionally exposing himself, he decides that all the women are being hysterical and it’s no big deal.

He probably patted himself on the back for this magnanimous display of progressive values.

Yup! I felt like you could especially see the perversion in the desk receptionist. Pretty damn sure he was silently laughing under his mask.

My girl said, "T R Y I T".

Thank god for Black women.

This. Thank the fucking goddess for Black women.

There was another video where a black woman was the only person to tell a guy jerking off in a NYC subway car to put his dick away. She shamed him so badly he got off early at a stop that wasn't his with that tail between his legs.

And White Grease Ball approaching her and telling what's what was especially enraging to watch. She didn't flinch, though.

I was also really impressed at the Asian woman who wasn’t being quiet and said “we know that he shouldn’t have been in there” at the end. I am not Asian myself but I have had a LOT of Asian friends all my life and Asian women are not socialized to make noise and stand up for themselves. She is also a major queen and I Stan her.

[–] sconsolato 6 points Edited

You are so right. I'm sure they also aren't socialized to be nude in front of random strange men (no woman is, but apparently that doesn't matter). She absolutely did the right thing.

the comment section once again blaming women for voting.

[–] EmilyJ 82 points Edited

Literally every single one of them is in a form of “This woman votes democrats and then gets mad over policies the implement” Or “Bet this woman makes a ruckus here and then votes the politicians who bring this” . As if trans issues are the only reason why people vote

[–] YpsiRadFem Blerg 10 points

It’s not fair for the women. Totally fair to point out that Dems are 100% pushing for just this result.

It seems impossible to escape misogyny... Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Yeah... I saw that too. Kind of disheartening.

They also seem to imply that the woman must've voted democrat because she sounds black, which I dunno to me sounds kind of racist.

we should all boycott elections.

read reform or revolution by rosa luxemburg.

No. Too much else is at stake for us to stop participating. Men would love if we stopped voting. My voice may be muffled by patriarchy but I will not voluntarily silence myself.

I will never note vote but who the hell are we supposed to vote for at this point honest question. I will not vote for another Democrat as long as they keep this shit up. But I have never and would never vote for a Republican.

[–] Unruly_Rose 7 points Edited

I think we need to create our own party, or parties, comprised of and led by women. Try to make changes in society just for us. We can and should be a part of other parties as well. I think we need to abolish the two party system and replace it with smaller parties with differing goals, so you can decide which are your top priorities for societal change and be able to group with people who have the same interests as you. You would be involved in multiple smaller groups in this scenario. That way we could all make more progress on our top goals. I think that pushing everybody into two categories is frankly ridiculous and keeps us from ever achieving anything.

Example catergories:

Women Only

Ecological Conservation

Ethical Healthcare

Small Business

Employee Rights

Of course we would come up with our own categories and any of these groups could be women only if we chose to make it that way. I think some political groups could include men, but we should all have a strong backbone of support of other women politically while dealing with men. We could refuse to participate in political groups that aren't meeting our needs

Edit to fix spacing and add: I would want us to group together locally and also have big get togethers nationally (internationally?!) For each political group or multiple groups at a time.

This is a perspective from an American, I don't know a whole lot about the political systems of other countries, but we could use this model to help each other on a global scale as well.

I think preferable to a complete boycott would be participating with your own party as described by Lenin in the chapter "Should We Participate in Bourgeois Parliaments?" of "Infantile Disorder".

but what is the party that represents us in the united states? there is no such party. cutesy imperialist misogynists vs outspoken imperialist misogynists.

[–] GenderHeretic Assigned2LegsAB 99 points Edited

Look at that stupid white man trying to silence her, #BEKIND style. Glad he finally got the message to FUCK OFF because she would not back down, even in the face of his white male authoritah. "Woke means black women have to do what white men tell them to, right?"

White male authoritah is right. I highly doubt the woke bro would go up to a black man and tell him to his face that he's acting like a dick.

Of course it's a man, the only person not exposed to a female larper, who tells her to "shut the fuck up". I have so much respect for this woman for standing up, as well as to the other women who backed her up, despite being confronted by an angry man who demands they "shut the fuck up".

[–] lucretiamott forestgender 38 points

His male entitlement is on full display. Standing up for other men at the expense of women, of course. Like they always do.

Did you see the look of fear on his face when he realized she wasn't scared of him at all?

"He is not a female."

Amazing woman. We need more women speaking up. Look how relieved the other woman was to see her voice anger at this- we're all looking for someone to bring up the elephant in the room so we can speak too.

Also, a black woman and an asian woman are the upset ones- but biological sex is a white concept 😂

[–] arylcyclohexie 26 points Edited

the first time i read someone say "sex is a colonial/western concept" was certainly a trip. or maybe an aneurysm

No one understood how babies were made before white colonialists arrived, other type of colonialists did not know either tho, only the white ones knew



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