Rowling is our Queen

Rowling is our Queen

Women can do anything

Rowling is our Queen 👑

omg brilliant! I used to have a "Weasley is our King" shirt I made myself but I think I need a "Rowling is our Queen" one now.

I'm kinda getting emotional reading this damn. Thank you JKR, who basically has become a lightning rod for all their (misplaced) hatred.

Me too. I remember when the first tweet came out. I had the worst cold or flu of my life (coronavirus? 🤔), I was depressed and had looming anxiety about the world (not a psychic but something was wrong lol), I had recently ended a streak of five great dates because the guy — a Professor in STEM!— had brought up how sad and awful the treatment of trans people is and I shut him down, and browsing gender critical everyday around then made it seem like we were sinking down into an inevitable hell of having no chance to do anything about any of this.

So the day that I saw JK ROWLING post a tweet saying she supports a regular woman who got fired for saying sex is real? It sounds cheesy but I honestly thought to myself, “So there IS hope! and there are amazing women out there who are willing to be crucified for this if need be” and ever since I’ve been more like “come and get us”.

Know! Literally made me tear up. 10.3k likes so far. Women know what's going on.

It would not surprise me if the real number was much higher. Twitter was erasing people's likes and retweets of her controversial dec 2019 tweet, and we know how they treat feminists, I would not put anything past them.

They still erase my likes every single day. It's my morning routine now to have a coffee and re-like those tweets.

I'm so happy she hasn't backed down, because other 'celebrities' who dared to say anything about this whole topic usually did.

When JKR made her first GC tweet and got all of that horrible abuse, I thought she would apologise within a couple of days. After all, that's what all blue checkmarks did and do after a TRA pile on. But she didn't, and now she's my hero.

she's some goddamn WOMAN. all guts, strongest backbone in that social media. she was compassionate, strightforward and truthful. that's the best influencer i've ever seen. I love her more and more everyday.

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She is one of the few, if not the only, celebrity who stood up for herself instead of bowing down to grovel for the bullies.


She sees the way the wind is blowing and she's right beside us. Love the integrity and the solidarity. It's refreshing to see someone be so real in an era of woke politics and thought policing.

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Wow the hypocrisy:

All you had to do was for 10 minutes actually stop and listen to trans people, but no. Now you've done this and endlessly doubled down and because of it I have to fear for my legal rights and my safety. I hope someday you feel the full shame of what you have done.

Whose sex-based rights and with that safe spaces are being rolled back again globally, so some very vocal minority can force themselves into spaces where they don't belong?

These people. Mind-boggling.

Good to see mostly support in the replies otherwise though!

All you had to do was for 10 minutes actually stop and listen to trans people, but no. Now you've done this and endlessly doubled down and because of it I have to fear for my legal rights and my safety. I hope someday you feel the full shame of what you have done

LOL. So dramatic.


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As if they'd ever listen to women for even two minutes.

What "listen to trans people" means is "let TIMs explain womanhood to you and change your self perception".

I genuinely saw a screencap where a man was telling a woman she should sit down and listen to Katy Montgomerie explain womanhood to her.

Most of us who "listened to trans people" terfed out. So there's that.

You’d think the individual who was born to become a woman by any standards would understand womanhood better, but apparently the experiences of some “women” afford more understanding of womanhood… hm. I’m trying to imagine a person who dyed their hair black explaining to a natural black-haired person the intricacies of being a ravenette; it’s an interesting image, to be sure…

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Actually I think what was happening is that Montgomerie was describing womanhood in a way that resonated with him and he felt it was understandable, so he thought the woman would also find it insightful.

He didn't realize that the reason Montgomerie's explanation of womanhood resonated with him was because he was describing it from a man's point of view, in a way that fit with men's wants and needs.

I was like of course you'd relate to a man defining women in women's place 🤦🏼‍♀️

This one almost made my head explode, but hey, protection and DARVO is their MO, so what else should we expect?

And who didn't take ten minutes to read Rowlings original essay, and instead declared transphobic because, uh, reasons!…? Oh yeah, these dudes.

Someone should reply with a screenshot of the stuff in “TERFisaSlur” whenever “listening to trans people” is brought up, and if people say it’s not representative, ask why rape threats are brushed off instead of called out for the breach in intersectionality with female people that they are (or, you know, just the extreme levels of sexism unaddressed, without bringing intersectionality into it at all). If a community doesn’t call out its seedier parts, what does that make it? The Asian community calls out AznIdentity, the Black community calls out hoteps, the feminist community calls out white feminism (plus all sorts of other pejorative abuses)—where’s that consideration-without-a-caveat for female people? Not even those occasional mild efforts at “rape threats aren’t okay” suffice, because generally speaking, they’re accompanied by “but trans people get misgendered…!” or other attempts at putting trans people first again—yes, even when we’re discussing in-your-face, extremely violent rape threats against women. It’s as if people kept repeating “white people also get murdered by the police” every time disproportionate policing was brought up—it really shows a prioritization of privilege in protection efforts, in the face of all irony.

I stopped and listened to trans people for years, thought transition was the best (and only!) way to handle my issues and then the contradictions and the cognitive dissonance I had forced onto myself, became too much too handle and I „peaked“. Nothing about this made sense anymore.

So yeah, listen to trans people lol

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I love JK. Her trending last year was actually the reason I peaked and became GC. Soooo many people are not aware of the stuff that's going on and the hate she got opened my eyes.

Her contributions are truly immeasurable. She has made such an impact. Dramatic as it is to say, we'll never know the number of parents out there who saw this, woke up, and decided NOT to put their kid on this destructive medical path, or the number of adults who realized this isn't a community they want to endorse. I believe she really has saved lives.

I'm enjoying the early responses of praise before it gets flooded later on with TRA bs

When I was younger, reading Harry Potter, I admired her for standing strong in the face of religious fanaticism. Now she's back, better and bolder and I love her even more. Elizabeth needs to just hand over the crown at this point.

I feel like her standing up like this was predictable because of the way she’s handled religious extremists in the past. I never thought she would back down.

When I was younger, reading Harry Potter, I admired her for standing strong in the face of religious fanaticism.

Its so bizarre. The radical right wing Christians finally calm down (or at least stop caring about Harry Potter). And this insane, woke Gender Religion steps in to take its place

Good point! The right-wing opponents objected based on their rather far-fetched interpretations of the books.

These guys I think just object to reading in general because their attacks reveal zero familiarity with what she actually wrote.

I'm so, so glad she stood her ground. So many creators of things I've loved over the years have turned woke and now I can't enjoy them without this sick, sinking feeling in my stomach. But Jo didn't. She continues to fight for women and stay strong despite all the abuse she gets. Makes me love her even more and I didn't think that was possible.


It would have been so easy for her to be a Good Liberal and capitulate to the TRAs. But I think she was smart enough to see that they would never fully forgive her anyway. So she might as well stick to her feminist principles

Margaret Atwood was def a dissapointing one. Like what a slap in the face that was.

I was a huge fan of Neil Gaiman's work for years, but I can barely stand him now after he signed that stupid letter last year. It's all just so disappointing.

None of them have even a fraction of JKR's bravery.

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