That's all.

EDIT : On the US site, that is.

That's all. EDIT : On the US site, that is.


Oh my god are there any survivors?

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Hello, This is Murdered by Words Live Action News.

The book Irreversible Damage is currently trans killing anyone who identifies as being trans-murdered. Their life filled lifeless bodies are walking around casually moping and sulking on the streets. These trans oppressed victims are lively and dead right now. They are just casually living their demise sipping on their mocha and putting eye drops in their eyes when they want sympathy and hugs. The huggers report it is difficult to hug a trans murdered person because they have to pretend to be hugging the air to make the murdered by words identified victim feel like a ghost. In the before after-life, new pronouns will be handed out with plenty of penalties for anyone that doesn't play along with trans ghost larpers.

Their life filled lifeless bodies are walking around casually moping and sulking on the streets.

More like being triggered in their parents’ basement

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In addition to being at #7 on the list of all books, it's #1 in these three categories: Medical Adolescent Psychology; Popular Adolescent Psychology; LGBTQ+ Demographic Studies

And Helen Joyce's "Trans" - published just yesterday - is already #12 on Amazon UK!

ETA: the paperback of 'Irreversible Damag is #1 in "LGBTQ+ Books" and the hardcover version is #9 in the same category!

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Number 1 in LGBTQ+ Demographic Studies

The meltdowns over that in particular will be GLORIOUS!

Hahahahaha nothing like a good old book burning, amiright? Totally backfired 😎

“What exactly are you so happy about?' Harry asked her.

'Oh Harry, don't you see?' Hermione breathed. 'If she could have done one thing to make absolutely sure that every single person in this school will read your interview, it was banning it!”

JK really did see it coming!

WOW! we all know a hate watch is still a watch, and a hate read is still a read!!!

I mean, how many women peaked by hate reading r/gendercritical?

Its one of the things that started me down this path.

Yup. "No debate" and "block and stay safe" exist because this ideology is a house of cards that tumbles once critical thinking sets in.

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Huzzah! That book got me so fired up and gave me so much concise ammo, especially about the supposedly retracted Mumsnet research from conservative parents— they were NOT conservative and it was not retracted— and about school curriculums captured by trans/pharm dollars, and social contagion/ ROGD. The US needs this book BADLY because the Democratic Party is in the toilet regarding women and LG rights. Shrier’s appearance on Joe Rogan was solid, too.

I was quite surprised to find this book in my local librabry catalogue, it seems to be very popular! but the review/comment/notice sections are already swarmed with TRAs saying it's"extremely dangerous" 😂 These benign reviews tagged as "Offensive" gave me a good laugh lmao.

Yeah, the TRA reviews on my library site are all 'this book kills people the library must remove it immediately'. I got it from the library shortly after it was published and I was #10 on a waitlist for 3 copies. When I was ordering books yesterday I was curious and looked it up and now at my library system there's a waitlist of 127 on 32 copies.

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