The long, long pause and then..."no thank you".

I'm dead. She may have gotten the silver medal, and Sara Robles who answered "no thank you" the bronze, but they're both #1 in my eyes for this epic lack of response.

[The long, long pause and then..."no thank you".](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cyxiUdA_QYI&feature=youtu.be) I'm dead. She may have gotten the silver medal, and Sara Robles who answered "no thank you" the bronze, but they're both #1 in my eyes for this epic lack of response.


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I'm kind of shocked by how openly many of the female weightlifters are blatantly showing that they're not happy Hubbard was allowed to compete despite his advantage. I fully agree with them obviously, but I guess I just expected them to be coached to give him nothing but praise or run the risk of Western media's gender idiots coming for them. Good for them, but wow that's brave in this political climate.

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it so interesting that the media are generating this narrative that Hubbard's participation is "historic" and amazing and whatnot, when really it's just appalling.

I went to see what was happening on Twitter last night and all I saw were media praising this "historical event" and TRAs sending love to that man. Plus the press gushing over him making that "heart" uwu and I just felt like I was in an alternate universe. I started questioning if I'm in a GC bubble and this denial of reality is continuing its takeover of the world. Really, the press is just still rolling ahead with its own narrative and media black out.

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I started questioning if I'm in a GC bubble and this denial of reality is continuing its takeover of the world.

You’re not. Twitter and corporate owned media are TRA bubbles. Most people see this for the insanity it is.

No you're not. Whenever this topic comes up in real life, people are shocked at Twitter's demands.

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Same I often question if I'm the one in a bubble or if they are. I can't check with any peers irl (ie. fellow university students) for fear of a social ousting 🙄🙄

Every single person I know thinks it is complete insanity that this man was allowed to compete with women. People are afraid to speak up though because they don't want to be labeled a bigot who hates trans people.

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Yup. The narrative is that it's stunning and brave, brave and stunning. Of course, it's anything but.

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These women have worked their asses off their whole lives to lift as heavy as they do. Laurel Hubbard quit lifting for a decade before transitioning, finding success in the female category, and breaking into the Olympics for the first time at 43.

It's personally, spiritually offensive to them. Hubbard has no idea what it's like to dedicate himself to the sport. Media training only goes so far when they're asking you to lie about someone who spits at the thing you've made the center of your life.

I’m in better shape than hubbard appears to be; and that’s not saying much. He’s an embarrassment in every way, he could have at least worked out or lost some weight, he’s like 300lbs and his weight category only requires ~200.

he could have at least worked out or lost some weight, he’s like 300lbs and his weight category only requires ~200.

This not how it works, it can very well be beneficial to pack on additional weight in powerlifting.(when allowed) Look at Eddie Hall for example.

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breaking into the Olympics for the first time at 43 when he had a broken elbow like 3 years ago or something like that.

Pretty telling, considering the oldest woman competing was still something like a decade younger than him and in far better shape.

Maybe they were coached, but they refused to pretend. Or maybe they are just tired and don' t care anymore.

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"This fucking guy threw the event and they're still making this all about him?"

I'd be so pissed about that. "I just won a medal and you want to talk about him?............................no thanks."

LOL, pretty much.

Why waste time celebrating the three women who won when you can shove an asshole cheater into the conversation? And not to call him out, but in an attempt to either smear the women who don' t like him or to raise sympathy for him.

Yes. This reminded me a bit of Soviet era Olympics when the Eastern bloc athletes were not free to say much of anything that had not been carefully measured first.

Happened this year to a Belarusian female olympian Krystsina Tsimanouskaya who was afraid to come back to Belarus because she made some comments about the regime (luckily she was granted polish visa and probably asylum)

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The only way to deal with cry bullies is to face them head on and show you don't care about their attempts to bully you. He's the one who should be ashamed and we all know it. Look at the ratios on any MSM report about Hubbard. Even on notoriously TRA-sympathetic Reddit, an r/worldnews or r/news etc post about men in women's sports will be filled with "I'm very pro LGBT and supportive and trans women are valid of course, BUT..." type posts. We all know TRAs are full of shit and it's long past time we openly reject their nonsense.

What's the worst TRAs can do? Whine? Call us "bigoted" for not supporting (checks notes) spoiled ultra-rich white men taking opportunities away from underprivileged women of color from developing countries?

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Now picture the disgusted scowls under their masks...

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Well one of them is British — the British have been in the throes of a “come to Jesus” moment about trans issues since Keira Bell blew the whistle on Tavistock.

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That was amazing. I love it when you compare it to the answer to the first question: "How did you feel about competing against/sharing a podium with this other woman that you trained with?" And the British woman said she loved it, the other competitor is a sweetheart and they are like-minded people. Then this question, How do you feel about that OTHER person? LOL. No thank you. Hmm....I wonder why they would feel solidarity with some of their competition but not others...hmm....LOL.

Seeing their friendship really made my day. That was very sweet, a nice look into the camaraderie and weightlifting community. Women deserve that without male intrusion. Way to go. 🥇🥈🥉

We should make "No thank you" a thing. Every time someone tries to bait gender crits with a bad-faith question, just shut 'em down with "No thank you" and move the fuck on. #NoThankYou

“What are your pronouns?”


Someone on Ovarit once posted that you should say "no thank you" instead of "no, not doing that" if asked for pronouns. Apparently the thank-you tricks people into viewing you as polite and reasonable and it makes them look more unreasonable to push back on you. I think it's a great idea.

One of the nicer-sounding, but still disingenuous, justifications I've heard to force pronoun declarations is "we want to make sure we're talking about you the way you want to be talked about," as if they were doing you a favour by putting you on the spot to participate in something you don't necessarily believe in or agree with the implications of. "No thank you" manages to address that handily.

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It’s extra funny and effective because it wasn’t even a yes or no question 😂

TRA goes on tirade about how you’re an awful person if you don’t think that there’s no difference between men and women and then puts the ball in your court to speak

“…………………no thank you” 😂

Ive noticed a lot of people kind of train their kids to say that in lieu of NO and it’s kind of funny hearing them say no thank you to everything like when they’re being shoved or whatever. (I’m of the opinion women and girls should be able to say no in any way they want without policing politeness or tone). In this context though.. wow. So effective.. this was so, so epic and perfect, these ladies are the best, and I’m going to keep that phrase in mind for the future! #nothankyou

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 37 points

Yes! To quote another twitter response on that:

Perhaps we all stop trying to debate the 'no debate' lot, and just stick with #nothankyou to everything from now on!

Uh, did you forget to wipe the word “no” from your vocabulary upon being born a female? The men say we’re not allowed to use the n word.

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*The British weightlifter Emily Campbell is the woman in the red and blue buns. Sarah Robles, who said "no thank you", is a US athlete and she took home bronze.

I love their responses, but I feel angry and sad for them that their success is being tarnished by that fool. Everything I've seen about them also has to mention Hubbard, despite the fact that he's a huge loser and doesn't deserve to be named alongside them in any capacity.

If we are sick of it, they must be utterly exhausted of it. They as elite athletes have obviously noticed over the years that their hard-earned accomplishments attract little media attention—but then a man comes along and achieves nothing, and the world is captivated by his stunning bravery.

You said that so well!! These poor women who have worked so hard. We should start a campaign to flood them with love and adoration beyond the amount hubbards media circus has generated

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Asking about the relationship between the silver and bronze medalists makes sense. It is time to field questions about the success of the medalists. Bringing up Hubbard is so irrelevant. But I am glad they did so they know exactly what Sarah thinks. Right after being told that Emily finds Sarah to be like minded! Perfection.

[–] immersang ★♫☆❉★♬☆ 42 points

Wow, that immediate change in body language alone.

Kudos to them for how they handled this. Saying all while almost saying nothing.

The body language and the concision spoke volumes - THIS is how it's done.

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Just came to post this video. Oh my gosh. chef's kiss Skip to 1:55 for the relevant clip.

I love even the break with what's expected between the phrasing of the question and the phrasing of the answer (i.e. declining an "offer" not made):

"I was wondering what you felt about that..." "No thank you."

Read: I'm not doing this your way. I'm not even answering your question the way you asked it.

Interpretations: 1) "I reject being forced to choose between being indoctrinated and being vilified" 2) "I reject the decision to let a man compete in the women's division" 3) "I reject your attempt to make this conversation about anyone but the three women in front of you" 4) all of the above

I know, it's fantastic that she just executed a perfect rejection of the entire construction.

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Smart answer. The cops would've been waiting at her door as soon as she got home.

ETA: just saw that it was the American athlete that said it. We're not at jail levels yet here in the US, but still best not to comment.

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