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comment section is a wealth of sexist bs. (lots of applause because they appear 'beautiful'). 'they look better than some women'

If you scratch beneath the surface of those replies, you can see just how misogynistic society really is.

Um, it's scientifically proven that wearing a skimpy bikini and more makeup than a Kardashian is what makes a person truly beautiful.

But seriously, something that always occurs to me when I see these "beautiful" TIMs is that the relative lack of body fat in males lends itself to that sort of supermodel look when fat is strategically added via gender-affirming Brazilian Butt Lifts and breast augmentations.

Wonder how many of them have died from those incredibly dangerous lifts yet?

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Many men only care about women or TIMs, if they can jerk off to them.

This is the world these people want. That womanhood is defined by beauty, and beauty determines a woman's value.

Isn't it kind of statistically significant that this is the only known set of identical twins to end up both transitioning? I know a set of twins and only one of them transitioned (TIF), and the other one doesn't seem to have any gender issues. That would suggest this is a socialized condition rather than something that truly exists in the brain at birth. I'm not a scientist, but it seems like we'd see both twins transitioning more often if this was something that wasn't caused by social factors. (Like that both of these boys are probably homosexuals in a country where being gay isn't exactly easy.)

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Definitely! Random fact: Laverne Cox has an identical twin who did not transition. I was recently reading a blurb about it, and it clearly stated that "she" has an "identical twin brother." How do they think that works?

The brother played his character on Orange is the New Black for "pre transition" flashback scenes. To not trigger the dysphoria of course. We couldn't have that. In acting.

Lol, well it's not as if Laverne could have played the role convincingly anyway, given his extensive surgical alterations.

That identical twin brother is just denying that he was somehow born "female", just with a beautiful ladydique, clearly.

I anecdotally seem to know quite a few sets of twins IRL, so this isn't scientific research or anything, but it seems to me that it's not uncommon to try to find an individual identity that differentiates you from your twin. Maybe that doesn't always happen, but it seems the twins I know either do absolutely everything together (like get sexual reassignment surgery, in the example of these boys) or try to become as different from their twin as possible. Maybe transitioning is another way for one twin to seek an identity away from their sibling.

that twin is based and a very interesting artist- M Lamar

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Sounds like the mother was relieved to be able to call her gay sons her daughters, sometimes religious people will view trans as a get out of hell card for gay people.

The only genetic component present in this story is the fact that they are gay twins and that's why they transitioned. Ray Blanchard's older brother theory discovered that 15% to 25% of homosexuality in men has a biological origin (the environment of the womb)

I think its the case that gay men with the biological component are the most effeminate. And I think that word still applies better then feminine.

There's a set of identical twins in the US who are TIFs.

I wonder if they're also both homosexual. That seems to be the dividing line for both twins potentially transitioning, because the TIF who I know that transitioned I think identifies as asexual and maybe pansexual or something. But I think she's really mostly attracted to men and wants to be a cute anime man.

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They are homosexual its why they had observable gender conformity in childhood. If they can tone down the flamboyancy, the lack of masculinity is the only hope of tentatively passing. Cases like this are what give the AGPs false hope.

Their mother, Mara Lucia da Silva, said it was 'a relief' when her twins came out as trans. 'I don't even remember thinking of them as boys. To me, they were always girls,' she said.

Sounds like abuse to me.

Total gay conversion therapy. Their mother is 'relieved' that they came out as girls - it doesn't say she accepts them or supports them on whatever path they want or something like that. The family is paying for this and is thankful they're doing it. These poor gay kids have been brought up to believe that being effeminate or GNC was terrible for boys, until a solution was discovered through these medical procedures that allow everyone to pretend things fit into the boxes they're supposed to. Now they don't have to deal with homosexual offspring.

Meh, all these Instagram star wannabes use tons of filters and photoshop. I wouldn’t trust a single pic or video online. In real life it would be much different. Unless they’ve been taking blockers and hormones from age 11 or 12, they definitely have tells of maleness.

This hyperbolic DM headline is wrong. These two 19-year-olds are not the first identical twins to "transition" or to undergo so-called "sex change surgery." Identical twins Angel and Fabian Griffin of the US, now in their early 30s, "transitioned" together years ago. But they don't get the same attention as these two brothers because they are two sisters. https://youtu.be/QRnD5FCOj90


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Ah, these two again. I like how they prop up the number of TIMs killed in Brazil. These two rich boys are well out of the favelas and have little chance of experiencing what TIMs resorting to prostitution for survival might experience.

I wonder how these two will age. Ha.