I (re)joined the Greens today to be able to vote for this guy! I've been able to access the members website, here, using the login details I gave on signing up. Voting opens on the 2nd Sept.

Anthropogenic climate change is an objective, scientific fact; a huge number of vocal and influential people do not believe in it, but it will continue to be real and significant. The existence of biological sex is an objective, scientific fact; a huge number of vocal and influential people do not believe in it, but it will continue to be real and significant.

Two great opinions that go great together!

Here’s the link to the page on the Green Party England and Wales website for joining - don’t forget: if you join before Aug 27th you can vote for Sharar Ali in the leadership election!


There’s something very odd going on — I’ve joined but the system won’t let me in. I hate to be paranoid but at this point I even suspect foul play by techbros against so-called entryists.

I hope that’s not the case!

I’ve not tried to log in yet but just saw this link in an email to a help page about logging in plus a ticket support system if the troubleshooting advice doesn’t work: https://support.greenparty.org.uk/portal/en-gb/kb/articles/how-to-login-to-the-members-website-and-green-spaces-using-the-new-login

Edited to add: I’ve just logged in ok - though finding the members page took me a while lol! I’m presuming emails will be sent out in due course with the link to the voting page, and hopefully in good time so any tech glitches can be sorted.

He mentions Extinction Rebellion. I watched a documentary about them and rather liked the concept. However, I think I remember something about them (or more like a group in Extinction Rebellion) going TRA? I'm not too sure.

They are fully TRA

That's too bad :( I mean, I can understand they don't want to keep transpeople out, that's very fair. But there's a difference.

The monopolising of non-gender related causes by TRA ideology is one of its lesser talked about effects. Why should it be that if you want to be an ER climate activist, you are required to have a certain view on gender politics? It would feel like an almost deliberate effort to frustrate the efforts of groups like ER if it weren't for the incredible narcissism present in TRAs.

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Someone in Extinction Rebellion posted something in support of gender ideology on an Extinction rebellion fb page a while ago, and the backlash was HUGE! It was so heartening to see so many people (men and women) disagreeing, and saying how can you tackle a complex scientific thing like climate change if you don’t understand basic biology!

So yeah, Extinction Rebellion are by no means perfect but the fact that Sharar Ali is apparently a founder of it will I’m sure increase his appeal, but also hopefully it means that if he wins, Extinction Rebellion will also move away from the gender woo...

That's good to hear! I really don't like the mixing... It only pushes people away from important causes if joining means you also have to adopt an ideology you don't agree with.