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Women and lesbian are bad words now unless it’s being used to label men who think they’re women. It all has to be redefined to encompass men first.

It's frustrating that most people think LGBT is some cohesive "community" that looks out after one another. I know a lot of gay men who are misogynists. A lot of people are under the impression that TIMs are gay men. Ironically, they never bother to "educate themselves" about the situation and see that many in the movement is just as misogynist as men have been since time began.

Of course they didn't. The number one goal of these people is to hijack the community we built and erase us from it. No woman who is not willing to open her legs to a man will be welcome in society anymore, not even among the "weird" kids, who are really just the same old oppressors but with ugly haircuts and poorly applied lipstick.

Why does this leave a bad taste in my mouth?

Because lesbian is the only group of the LGBT that excludes males, so naturally, they don't want it to exist.

I wouldn' t be surprised if the next year the only mention of lesbians they will have will be about transbians.

Lesbian is only allowed to be used for men now. Lesbians™, actual female homosexuals, are supposed to fuck off and be called non-men now or simply disappear into the ether.

TIMS don’t want any pesky reminders of same-sex sexual orientation. Society says: ok men, whatever you say, whatever you want.

Lesbians are expected to compromise their unique identity/culture and assimilate into the Akira-esque Queer Blob. THIS is why lesbians need spaces away from males and "qweers".

This is so sad. Good on Dr Taylor for highlighting it though, it’s things like this that leads to more peaking.

I wish I knew how to code, because it'd be so cool to write a program that tracks LGBT news sites/blogs/social media/etc. for a given time frame and returns the frequency with which certain terms are used (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, etc.). Not strictly related to this post but it'd be interesting to see how the usage of certain terms changes over time. All things considered, this is depressing as hell.