And none of the gender ideology mantras have been applied. None of it. It is a joke around the office though. If it’s a baby boy they write M and if it’s a baby girl they write F. Anything else would be useless and laughable. Nobody cares about the feelings of internet dwellers in the real world.

Thought I’d start your morning off on a high note!

And none of the gender ideology mantras have been applied. None of it. It is a joke around the office though. If it’s a baby boy they write M and if it’s a baby girl they write F. Anything else would be useless and laughable. Nobody cares about the feelings of internet dwellers in the real world. Thought I’d start your morning off on a high note!


I love this!

When I am feeling salty, and someone uses AMAB or AFAB, I say:

I really don't understand why people started saying that! I knew my baby was a boy 20 full weeks before his birth because they can tell from the ultrasound. Picked out a name and everything!"

It's always crickets in response.

Seriously. Hey, you know what -- my husband and I also knew WHO WAS GOING TO GET PREGNANT AND GIVE BIRTH BETWEEN THE TWO OF US.

After a lengthy discussion, lots of back and forth, weighing pros and cons, my husband and I decided that I would be the pregnant person because...you know, I am the one with the fucking uterus. Similarly, when baby was born, we decided that it made sense for me to be the one to breastfeed, mostly because my giant mammary glands would literally start spraying milk whenever baby cried. 🤡🌎

I swear to God, the way the gender cult has totally disassociates their language and feelings from biological reality is so bizarre to me. I am so glad that OP's maternity ward doesn't pander to this because I would have lost my shit if someone asked me for my pronouns while I was going through such a stressful experience.

'After a lengthy discussion, lots of back and forth, weighing pros and cons, my husband and I decided that I would be the pregnant person because...you know, I am the one with the fucking uterus.'

Literal LOL.

I swear to God, the way the gender cult has totally disassociates their language and feelings from biological reality is so bizarre to me.

I honestly think it's a lot of (a) men who don't have to worry about this stuff and (b) young women that are grossed out by the idea of pregnancy/think they will never want to have a baby. I had no idea about half the stuff a female body does until I started trying to conceive.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good thing that young women have more educational and career opportunities so we have children later in life (or not at all if we so choose) now. But it's harder to get worked up about stuff like for instance a TIM pretending to breastfeed when you're so detached from the concept imo

lol. Yeah but that is because you are a cis woman. A trans man who is 100 percent a man and has nothing female about him also has a uterus! Checkmate TERF. /S

I know, it's hard to believe. When we'd both walk into an OB appointment, the doctor NEVER asked about anything pregnancy-related of my husband, even though he's got a belly and LOOKED like he might be a LITTLE pregnant. ;)

But you can't really know that, because sex is a spectrum and besides, you can't really tell gender from how someone looks, or even what genitals they have!


I have a friend who was told she was having a girl and then when she gave birth, they were like "Oops, it's a boy!" It was really difficult for her and the whole "assigned at birth" terminology didn't help because for her, it did feel like someone randomly assigned a boy to her and that her baby got switched or something.

Oh God, that would be really hard. Sometimes they can't get a good angle during the ultrasound. But they shouldn't tell people the baby's sex if they aren't 100% sure! I remember the ultrasound tech was like, just FYI, sometimes we can't see that part so I may not be able to tell you. Then she was like "oh, nvm, that's definitely a penis!"

Then the doctor came in and was like, "good news: baby is super healthy! Real healthy! So, that's great...um...how important is a vaginal birth to you? Cause this is a big baby." And I was like, I need a percentile.

99.5%. 😱

Yikes! I remember reading that women used to try to eat less during pregnancy to make their baby smaller and delivery easier. Currently pregnant and hoping not to hear news like that in a few weeks lol.

Although as long as she's healthy that's all that matters of course.

[–] [Deleted] 18 points Edited

Yeah, I have heard it's less reliable of they say "girl" during anatomy scan, because it's possible they just didn't see the penis and testicles. Whereas if they see them, it's not like they disappear or something. That would be a shock though, hope she had a backup name ready!

They didn't notice my son was missing a limb, so I definitely commiserate. Makes you wonder how useful those scans are in the first place.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 5 points

True. A friend of mine had an early test (because reasons ? I don't remember why) and they told her "girl". Regular ultrasound... Nope. A penis had grown hahaha.

They told us at 20week ultrasound we were having a boy.

A month or two later they’re like, you know you’re having a girl, right?

We joke the stem fell off but it was slightly upsetting as we already had a name and what not picked out, not because we cared if we had a boy or girl.

Most girl names are derivatives of boy names anyway. Just slap an -a, -ette, or -(i)ana on there and you’re good to go.

I think this is one reason people choose not to be told and wait till it pops out like in days of old.

I knew my first was a girl from a DNA test at 10 weeks. The second one we found out at birth and my husband was the one to ‘assign’ her to the female sex, not my doctor because my doctor likes to let the fathers be involved. Even men with no medical training can tell a vulva from a penis.

Sounds like a cool doctor!

I really hope more people start pushing back on this bullshit. Most people realize it doesn't make sense. The whole assigned gender at birth notion is completely made up. Even in very rare cases where the genitalia is ambiguous, they do a chromosome test to determine sex and check for genetic or other congenital problems. It's only an issue in poorer or rural areas where there isn't access to that kind of medical care. And even then, 99.9% of the time, nobody has any trouble figuring out who's a boy and who's a girl.

She’s the best.

And yeah, that’s absolutely true. All of these people are just playing pretend.

I like to make sure I use the word "observed" in those cases - "the baby's sex was observed at the ultrasound."

Hah good point, there was no "assigned at birth" about it. It literally predates birth.

They can tell with a blood test on the mother these days at 10 weeks. The first thing I did both times I was pregnant was request the blood test, and I knew my babies' sex in a few weeks.

I had fetal genetic testing, which included sex chromosome testing, via CVS at 8.5 weeks more than 30 years ago! I chose not to be told the sex, but the test results stating sex were in the medical records anyways - so my doctor knew. The test results are still there in the file today.

People who make these "assigned at birth" claims are completely clueless about standard pre-natal care for medically-monitored births, the widespread and longstanding use of sonograms to determine sex for purposes of female-sex-selective abortion in India and China, where most of the world's births occur, and the protocols surrounding birth and neonate assessment when births occur under medical supervision and/or in a medical setting.

Pre-natal scanning has been common in medically monitored pregnancies - and some pregnancies that aren't otherwise medically monitored - for half a century, and the norm for 40 years.

As for sex chromosome testing of human fetuses in utero: it became possible through amniocentesis in the late 1950s. But it only started to become widely used after 1972 when the practice of using sonograms to guide the needle was instituted, which greatly reduced the risk of amnio causing a miscarriage.

The other thing the AMAB/AFAB crowd don't realize is if they were born in the US, and in many other countries today too, they already underwent genetic testing shortly after birth. Because in the US, newborn genetic screening for a host of inherited genetic anomalies that can cause disease is mandatory in all 50 states, DC, and the territories. Most mandatory newborn screening programs don't include sex chromosome testing; nevertheless, they do test for genetic conditions that only occur in males, such as hemophilia and X-linked SCID (severe combined immune deficiency, aka "bubble boy disease"), or which almost exclusively affect males such as x-linked adrenoleukodystrophy.

I know! So cool! That wasn't an option for me (it was available but insurance wouldn't cover it unless there was a medical reason). But yes, the contrast between the ridiculous gender rhetoric and the way these tests actually work is hilarious. It's real simple XY--> boy or penis/testes--> boy. We don't need post modern philosophy to crack this code for us!

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Haha, I work in a hospital and everyone rolls their eyes at the gender identity nonsense exactly because it doesn’t matter in a medical setting, even the TIMs that come in seem to understand they need to be honest about reality if they actually want to get the correct medical treatment

[–] Riothamus scrote 20 points

I'm going to love seeing TIMs get denied on their insurance claims and busted for fraud for blatantly lying about their physical conditions.

[–] Ruby 12 points

This is already a huge mess. Patient gender identity is being transmitted as sex. Lab results are being misinterpreted on the wrong sex's scale. People are being sent for screenings for body parts they don't have.... or ignored when they really need care. TIMs are going to OB/GYNs for post-surgical care for their inverted penises. Men are claiming to be pregnant to qualify for benefits they wouldn't otherwise qualify for and states are granting it. Nobody is tracking the miscarriage rate in TIFs (why would you do a study on miscarriage in men?). In some places you can change the sex marker on your literal birth certificate and there's no medical data transmission system that can overcome that kind of lying.

The era of medical errors and malpractice is only just beginning and nobody has the foresight to walk it back ....

Some states are trying to get rid of sex on birth certificates.


Thats depressing, hopefully not mine. I’m going to clock in and file M for babyboy and F for babygirl like a sane person should.

As crazy as it is, I believe they're only proposing it for the public-facing birth certificates (that individuals take home with them). Sex will still be recorded for statistical purposes. If you know of a state that wants to remove it from both places, though, then I'm done with this world.

Do you know which states? This is scary. I feel like Cali is one of them...

I was wrong. It’s the AMA that wants it off. Which is BEYOND terrifying.

The trans lobby’s institutional capture (medical, academic, and otherwise) has been almost unbelievable, especially since it’s progressed so rapidly (in like 8 years).

Doctors denying biology and validating patients’ delusions is insane...

[–] Luckystar 1 points Edited

California is pretty much full self ID free for all for literally everything you can think of. Part of why I was so frustrated at people getting mad at the Wi Spa thing in LA -- it's not the spa's fault, it's the state law that effectively outlaws sex segregation in any situation whatsoever.
Changing your gender on your license or birth certificate is a matter of filing a form at the DMV (might be able to do it online now even).

No doctors, courts, surgeries, hormones, absolutely nothing but showing up and being like "yo, I'm a lady/dude/genderless blob"[yes, we have a non binary gender option] and California changes your documents based on your say-so.

And businesses, schools etc all have to accept people's stated gender, generally even if it doesn't match their documents.

It's easier to list the states you can't change the sex on your birth certificate ... Tennessee, Ohio, Kansas.

[–] Hyacinth 1 points Edited

Reminds me that there is a effort here in Canada to automatically register everyone for organ donation and you have to opt out. F*** that. People should not unknowingly donate which is what they bank on, consent matters.

Turns my stomach thinking about the gruesome toothsome experiments they have in mind for female reproductive capabilities, or say a thirteen year old girl dies, some family's angel, unbeknownst to them her eyes will be transplanted to a middle aged man or worse.

But the therapeutic progressive theocracy doesnt believe in the sarced or the truth, I don't trust them one iota, they're probably lying and grave robbing already

Just curious: I am not sure if you are a doctor or nurse but have you heard their specific reactions to this nonsense? I always wonder what they think because so few speak up and it seems like the entire medical field is captured. I know that can’t be true and they are probably ignoring the craziness and doing their jobs as they were trained. But I do wonder what the conversation is around gender ideology amongst practicing medical professionals. I’d also be curious to know how they feel about the damage this causes to the field and practice of medicine?

For me personally, the fact that medical professionals haven’t really had an organized push-back against this makes me feel uncomfortable seeking medical treatments. I know that even gender ideology shouldn’t prevent a trained professional from providing basic medical care but I dread going to the doctor and being asked for my pronouns etc. I am the type that avoids going to the doctor anyway and the whole push by medical organizations to embrace this has made my aversion to doctors even more intense.

My sister is in medical school rn and is a radfem. A lot of doctors are surprisingly more conservative than the average population. So far everyone in her class seems to be on the same page as her which is hopeful.

I’m a social worker, during rounds it usually comes up and the doctors/nurses always roll their eyes. They have to remind each other constantly because of blood transfusions/etc and always complain about the chart being so confusing because the protocol is to list both biological sex and gender identity.

Our charts now have 3 places - legal sex, sex assigned at birth, and gender identity. Interestingly, the automatic import of my own chart only filled out "legal sex" - so I'm leaving the rest of the nonsense blank as long as I can.

[–] A_Lady 1 points Edited

This really does sound confusing and it sounds like in a fast-paced setting, a chart could easily be misread. Incorrect information given to another doctor or nurse second hand could be mistaken for one of the three kinds of “sex” info included. I could imagine in a trauma situation someone misreading the chart and not providing the correct care. Kind of scary and doesn’t seem helpful for TIP.

Lucky you! I'm a midwife and the field is 100% taken over. Every single one of our guidelines and handouts don't use the word "woman" anymore, and most of them make a point to say "chest and breastfeeding". Midwives who use the word woman get called out all the time on social media and in person. (In person it is a little dependant on the community, I work rurally so it's not as bad.) This has been happening since the 2014 or so, so it's well entrenched by now.

I'm in Canada and my province is, I suspect, one of the worst, but our Canadian association is also going this route.

I actually think it will be really hard to come back from this. Even when this ideology loses popularity, which I think it eventually will, I suspect it will take a really long time for the community to go back to using the word woman.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 5 points

Uh oh. Serions-nous voisines ? 😅

Quebec is a shit show right now that allows the change of sex mentions on legal documents FOR MINORS, with only a sworn declaration.

hahaha tout à fait! Je suis en Ontario!

Le plus ridicule c'est que les sages-femmes Ontariennes se battent depuis de années pour être mieux payées, et l'argument repose sur le fait qu'on subit de la discrimination parce qu'on est des femmes et que nos clientes sont elles-aussi des femmes... Un argument qui ne tient plus debout si on enlève le mot "femme". So we're really screwing ourselves over.

I had no idea that Québec was also a shit show! That's depressing. Québec midwives seemed to be the only ones resisting when this was starting.

Out of interest, how many tif's babies have you actually delivered?

none!! That's the most frustrating part. We're bending over backwards for such a tiny proportion of our clientele. Though to be fair, I assume midwives working in cities see it more frequently (and in the last couple of weeks only, two midwives I know have made posts celebrating their trans sibling or child on facebook, so it's definitely a big thing in their personal lives as well).

Thanks for the laugh!

What do your colleagues think of stuff like The Lancet or the AMA saying “no sex on birth certificates?”

I have never seen any celebrity get cancelled for announcing their baby's sex. No one batted an eyelid at Harry and Meghan revealing that they were expecting a girl. There's a line that even the wokest of the woke won't cross yet, because they know it'll just peak too many people.

What state do you live in? I'm very glad to hear some of the world is still sane. I live in Minnesota and it wasn't until I moved close to the Canadian border I started hearing some common sense again.

I’m in NYC, I was definitely surprised by how sane the medical professionals are and how much they complain to each other about the chart confusion/how much more difficult it makes their jobs to have to treat patients who don’t acknowledge their own bodies/medical needs

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