Oh, boy, we get to miss class!

This is literally it. I remember some dumb scrote leading other scrotes out during class for a racial protest. Except he openly admitted he didn’t know or care what the protest was about. Just wanted an excuse to cut class.

The protest took place after a 16-year-old transgender Temple High School student posted on Instagram on September 22 that she tried to use the girls’ locker room, but a teacher blocked her and told her that she couldn’t use it even though she’s a girl.

Well, obviously she's not a girl, or else there would be no problem about using the girls' locker room. Does anyone know if this is a child transitioner? People are generally more sympathetic to transitioned male children who have no apparent male characteristics.


Surprised this is happening there. Is this a liberal part of Texas? I notice the article did not mention how many students joined this walk-out, only that 4000 people liked it on Instagram, and those could have been people from anywhere.

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my generation is very dumb!!! and that's all i have to contribute!!!

Crazy to me that any girl would be protesting to put a boy changing in the locker room with them. They're so naive.

And indoctrinated.

And stupid. And desperate to be handmaidens. :-(

The boy students , at least some of them, know they're protesting for the erasure of women from public places : From employment, from education, even from any place in public where they might need to use the restroom, AND that this will lead to a society in which women can only survive by finding some man, any man, to marry. That this is the result of allowing any boy or man who wants to , to "identify" as a woman (woman=porn category) has been openly discussed on 'manosphere' sites for years now.

And I have zero sympathy left for trans people at ALL. I do not believe dysphoria is at all common ; where it does exist is mental illness probably akin to body dysmorphia disorder; most trans woMEN are just autogynephiliacs (IOW, rape-y, entitled heterosexual men) , and even they are being replaced by violent sex predators willing to feign trans ness to prey on girls and women (as we see in only too many prisons). In a word : MONSTERS.

If Texas has fallen, we're fucked.

If Texas has fallen, we're fucked.

Texas is at risk because lots of Californians are moving there and trying to ruin the place by advocating for the same shit that is making California uninhabitable.

I say this as a life long Californian, BTW.

I don’t understand why people do this. If you want to live in California, live in california. If you turn Texas into california then it will be as expensive and miserable as california.

Same reason other religious zealots move from their countries to "heretic" ones. Holy war and evangelism. 😒

Then they complain when things turn to shit like it did in their previous place. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Yeah a lot of people seem confused. To the extent that the "Califreakians are fleeing the state!2w1" jerking is true there are two main groups; people who like living in California but can't afford it and people who don't like living in California.

The people in the latter group who move from Ca to Texas, Montana, Wyoming don't want to live in California. That's why they moved to Texas/Montana/Wyoming.

The people who would have liked to continue living in California mostly move to Austin or other blue areas. The idea that anyone is moving to anything smaller than Amarillo from San Francisco or LA for any reason other than dire necessity is stupid.

They've already fucked our housing markets.

They can sell their homes in cali for half a million or more, then they come here & offer 300k cash on listings for 200k. They have priced many Texans out of the market, myself included.

Half right. Liberal Californians are moving to Austin and pushing old school austinites into the surrounding burbs. The conservative Californians are moving to all our other major metro areas.

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There's still Utah lol

considering they were the last state to ban gay conversion therapy in 2021, trans isn't very high in any discussions or priorities

Wow what about all the women who are assualted on campus? No walk outs for them to get any kind of support or Justice? Of course not, she'll just be degraded and blamed, and the man get off free.

I thought it was funny that the article pretended to be confused about why the school required trans-identified students to use their real surname. TIMs love to give themselves fictional last names.

I thought it was funny that the article pretended to be confused about why the school required trans-identified students to use their real surname. TIMs love to give themselves fictional last names.

"I am oppressed because my school won't refer to me by my proper female name: Bubbles Sugartits!"

It's probably to keep a link to school records; they might start the year as Jared Jones and end it as Melody Jones but they're still Jones. One less administrative headache.

Definitely. It seems like the least they can do is not create a logistical nightmare with trans students adopting completely new names.

Wow, this is a Newspeak masterpiece.

"They won't let her use the bathroom even though she is a girl"

If you need to specifiy that "she" is a girl then she's not a girl. But I do like how they insist on turns of phrases where they seem to be screaming at their keyboard "THIS PERSON IS WHAT I SAY THEY ARE, IS THAT CLEAR ?!?!?!?!"

This is horrible. This kid is being a prick and someone should take responsibility to make him understand that girls' boundaries are not his to decide.

Damn that actually does look pretty massive, and in Texas? Crazy. I guess there's a positive that it isn't trans girls plural. Tho I imagine by next semester that'll have changed

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