I dunno, this sort of language just bugs me. I don't 'own' my uterus, I have it. I was born with it. It is a part of me. I don't 'own' my eyeballs either. I was born with them, they are a part of me. I didn't go to the store and pick them out. I didn't pay for them. They belong to me.

I dunno, this sort of language just bugs me. I don't 'own' my uterus, I have it. I was born with it. It is a part of me. I don't 'own' my eyeballs either. I was born with them, they are a part of me. I didn't go to the store and pick them out. I didn't pay for them. They belong to me.


I worry that this 'owner' language is hinting that female body parts are available to buy and sell. And it is always the female ones for some reason.

This is exactly it. Grooming us to accept the sex & baby trade

[–] greenbeans 36 points Edited

David Lammy (UK politician) accused women of 'hoarding' our rights.

I feel like anything women have - our time, work, bodies, emotions, even our human rights - are just seen as resources that we are unfairly hoarding.

I'm not planning on having children, maybe I should stop 'hoarding' my uterus.

We're so not free, and this language makes it crystal clear how we're not our own individual selves in many people's eyes.

If women were a sufficiently large majority of the population I have a feeling this cultural "trend" (seeing women as unfairly "hoarding" our own resources) would go the way of the dinosaurs, which it should.

This is reflective of some classic misogyny. A job a woman had was a job being kept from a man. A woman who is accepted into a school program is selfish, because she will inevitably leave the field and bear children. Her position is a wasted position for a man who might have a family of his own to support. A woman refusing to bear children was refusing the men around her a wife and mother. (Friendzoned, Lead on, Cold) A woman refusing sex was selfish (possibly in need of reminding exactly what she brings to the table in the marital arrangement. By force if necessary). A woman refusing to care for her husband's aging parents or her aging parents was depriving them of care.

Women are public resources. When they take too much, they have taken from men. When they own their time and energy and bodies, they are greedily hoarding what they have to offer the world.

[–] KWNiteWyvern 13 points Edited

For sure. I remember getting into an argument with a man who thought (genuinely believed until he reread his own sources) that a uterus transplanted into a male body could still menstruate and become pregnant. I absolutely believe they will try to pass this off as fact to try and buy uteri from women and label women transphobic for not giving up their body parts to allow men to Frankenstein themselves.

[–] yesisaiditxx 3 points Edited

Oh it is. Just like no one thinks surrogacy is weird now, just watch all of the “I care about people so much I’m such a good person, I put the underdog first always” progressives not say a word if we could suddenly live in a world where a woman could sell her uterus and ovaries and they could magically work in someone else? It would be accepted and applauded by the trans community with some grotesque arguments about how those women have a right to decide what to do with their bodies and for some women it’s worth it and they don’t want kids anyway probably (ignoring that it’s about health and not just kids though)— who are YOUUUUUU to tell them it’s not?!?

PS if I see in my lifetime this start to happen with actually allowing women to sell their uterus I will go full on nut job if it means I have to get fired from my job or whatever else I WILL be publicly flipping my shit.

They love their language that distances you from your body as if you are some separate entity that just happens to be carried around in this flesh vessel. Now, this may depend on your personal views/spirituality/whatever, but personally I AM my body, and my body and my 'soul' are not separable. I really don't appreciate this transhumanist push of 'ooh we are all just a consciousness and if we put your brain in a robot it would be the exact same thing'

Personally, everyone I know with this "meat husks" mentality has some mental illness or personality disorder so I don't know why people just accept this line of thinking as if it's fine and healthy.

Is it not crazy town to think that the BODY aka the only reason why we're here and able to do literally everything we do is wrong and you don't even have a condition or illness. You're literally healthy and it's "wrong". At the same time you have this laundry list of mental illness but your brain is "correct" here, no room for error at all.

I think it is partially due to misinformation. Many people think your 'mind' and personality rest solely in your brain so basically you could take that out, put it in another body and you'd be the same person. Really though it's proven that for example even your digestive system plays a part in your behaviour. You literally just cannot separate body and mind. I understand this as a sci fi thought experiment but it's just not real and will probably not be in the range of possibly for a long time or ever

I'm going to weigh in as someone with chronic illness from various diagnosis that this is true. Sometimes I'm not even present because my head literally feels it's surrounded by cotton, I'm dizzy or I get so damn angry. And all of that is because of something going on in my body, not because something especially angered or saddened me. Same thing happens during your period, a rush of emotions etc. What goes on in your body really affects your mental well being and vice versa. Being depressed has been noted to actually make you chronically tired etc. Our body is a system with every part supporting and influencing the other parts.

Fighting the "meat husk" mentality was vital to getting control of my own mental illness. Between health issues, sexual abuse, and mental illness which included disassociation, I 100% lost touch with my physical body. Regaining and accepting that connection is a major tenant of both meditation and therapy.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 37 points

Neoliberal transhumanism. We “own” our parts so rich people (men) can rent or sell them as commodities when we are too poor to feed ourselves and our children. This is why cultural feminism is so important. Being female and having female organs is integral to who we are. This is why class pride is important. Being female is good.

First they tell you it’s bad to be female, and they make it true through violence backed up by law. Then they tell you the problem is your female organs. If you didn’t have these bad female organs, you could be free and happy. And they say, you’re raped anyway, you’re going to get pregnant whether you want to or not, why not get some money for it? You’re in pain from menstrual disorders, why not give us your uterus and ovaries? Then the slave, in her mind is free, because she chose it. She transcends her inferiority through destruction and degradation of her body. Her only power and control is through complicity in her own enslavement. So she becomes a partisan against her own interests.

Neoliberal transhumanism.

This is not getting a fraction of the press it should, or they write about it like "we'll get rid of diseases and live to be 150" etc.

No. It's creepy billionaire men who not only want eternal life, but want to wear female skin.

Martin Rothblatt should be the most infamous Supervillain out there. Bill Gates and George Soros get a lot of press as Supervillains, but Rothblatt is largely unknown.

Transhumanism isn't being pushed to enable the blind to see or children in wheelchairs to walk -- it is part of a sick sexual fetish.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 19 points

We already have the technology to feed everyone on the planet but we don’t. Same with medicine and other such amenities for the disabled. So why should I believe that transhumanistic advances would be treated any other way? They’re just fun things for the ultra rich (99% male) to soothe their death anxiety. And they’re also pedophiles looking for a way to create human being who is chronologically of legal age for sexual relationships but physically and mentally early puberty or prepubescent.

Feminists are blamed more for queer theory and transgenderism than Martin Rothblatt is.

[–] Ruby 10 points

They're not just playthings for the rich. They'll make people physically or economically dependent on having a device and then switch from an ownership to lease model. Imagine having to call Comcast for your O2 device, paying a monthly fee for a prosthetic working arm (and having it surgically removed if you can't pay), and poor people offered "free" devices (that will eventually break and be unaffordable to service) so the rich can experiment on us before they upgrade themselves.

The rich will physically enslave us.

I would subscribe to your blog in a heartbeat if you had one. You always have such well-thought-out, thought-provoking, and eloquent responses. Thank you for sharing them!

[–] Mikkal 29 points Edited

It's a symptom of "Depersonlization" - the feeling your body is separate from "you" instead of being part of you. It's not uncommon among people with PTSD.

Part of my recovery from PTSD was accepting I am my body as a part of my identity.

This 100%, in a lot of mental illness you'll feel seperate from your body as usually that is part of the trauma. And then TRAs swoop in and prey on these people, their lies and brainwashing training and manipulating them into further sickness, and then we have another mentally ill and now violent TRA on our hands. Very vicious cycle.

[–] BogHag 1 points Edited

What do you do when you're having a panic attack? You reconnect with your body with physical sensations. Breathe. Suck on ice. Bite a lemon. What do you do when you've suffered sexual trauma and can no longer feel sexual pleasure? You focus on reconnecting. Hot baths. Moisturizing your skin. Interacting with your skin in a positive way and focusing on the feelings of warmth and pleasure.

Mind/Body connection is such a massive part of healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, managing stress around chronic illness, etc.

if only there were a word for people with female reproductive anatomy...that would make things so much easier!

In ancient times, it's said there was. They found evidence in some half decayed books that woman meant adult human female once upon a time.

I dunno, this week peri has blessed me with the ability to sweat profusely without lifting a finger. I'm more inclined to say my uterus and fellow organs own me, but then I suppose I'd sound too much like a man?"My penis made me do it!"

Lol yeah I have the same superpower! Very fun esp wearing full PPE with patients. At least most patients are women and totally get it. I agree, feels like my ovaries are running me!

Ah, my absolute favourite part of peri. Showering and wearing deodorant in the morning and having to do it again before bed because of the damn sweating.

Same. It makes our bodies sound like a car where parts can be swapped in or out when needed. But that is probably the point.

Well if I do "own" my uterus, I want to take it back to the shop for a refund. Might trade the ovaries in for something else too.

I think mine need at least need some routine scheduled maintenance under warranty.

I don’t like the “assignment” and “owner” language used by so many gender lovers for this reason: labels can be transferred, as can ownership. The implication seems to be that womanhood and women’s body parts are commodities that are theoretically free for other people to use—and what’s that but a continuation of the same old patriarchal mindset, that women are resources?

Someone who’s actually progressive would recognize that women are a specific class of people sovereign over their own bodies, not a label of “femininity” or collections of spare parts that other people might use one day, but I guess the brand name is more appealing than the real thing.

To address this thread as a whole: I believe in reincarnation and the eternal soul and that doesn't automatically make me mentally ill or out of touch with reality . . . (What???).

I believe my soul has lived before, but whatever body I'm in right now, this is me. I AM a woman. I came here to experience life AS a woman. I am not separate from my body as that would defeat the purpose of incarnating altogether.

I believe in reincarnation based on very personal things I have experienced as a child. . . . dreams of past lives, near death experiences, etc. I'm not a big fan of Christians or Islam (both religions are highly, intensely sexist and homophobic), but I don't come on here saying all Christian and Islamic women are evil, stupid, or mentally ill. It would be nice if people would extend me the same courtesy . . .

But then what am I saying? This is the same website where women police each other's feelings about being oppressed by men ("Manhaters, shut up!!!") and constantly bicker and ridicule each other and have very little respect for each other's so . . . Sigh.

I'm not seeing where in this thread people are implying those with traditional, well-thought out religious beliefs are "mentally ill"-- this thread is about the belief system inherent to transgenderism which separates a gendered mind from the body entirely. This belief system, while it resembles some largely Protestant Christian beliefs about the soul, is not closely related to "soul" as you understand it. No one in this thread has remotely discussed reincarnation or even religion-- just transhumanist beliefs and general Western body/soul split concepts.

Someone upthread did mention "people with a meat husk mentality" and that is a very specific set of dissociated, dismissive attitudes towards their body... i.e. that the body is a regrettable, perhaps disgusting, entity that traps and limits the "internal part" (usually conceived of as the mind/will, not a "soul") from acting as it wishes to. It is not a set of spiritual beliefs. It is highly correlated with a number of mental illness experiences and with autism as well. It seems clear from your articulation of your own belief system that you do not have this mentality so there is no need to feel so judged.

Thank you for clarifying that. I don’t believe in reincarnation but I do believe in the soul, and sometimes comments here can seem like the commenters are equating that belief with mental illness or the things “trans” say.

Thank you, you said it better than I would have. I and others never talked about souls in regards to meat husk people. It should be understood there is a difference between people who believe in a spiritual soul and people who have debilitating hatred of their bodies.

Has anyone else seen Repo: The Genetic Opera?

YES and I mentioned it elsewhere in this thread. I LOVE that movie. Love it. love it!

Me too, I became completely obsessed with it one summar in collage.
It's so apt, isn't it? The surgery addiction, altering one's body as a religious experience, the dependence on highly questionable "medications," the shady corporation pulling the strings...

The TRAs present this tranhumanist fantasy of total liberation from one's body as a utopia, but we all know we're headed straight for the crapsack GeneCo® future unless we can do something about it.

Huh, I just realized the male character Pavi literally has a female face transplant at the end. Truly a GC classic.

I really think Repo is a pretty good movie in terms of not being so horrifically sexist I lose interest in it 30 minutes in. It passes the bechdel test with flying colors through an awesome song, features lots of awesome female characters, and shows what porn and an obsession with sex appeal does to a society. As well as late-stage capitalism obviously. Blind Mag is truly a hero every little girl needs.

Also, badass blue-lipstick bodyguards carrying assault rifles! YES

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