I searched a bit, but couldn’t find what he was arrested for. I don’t want to pay one of this public records scammy sites. I saw on his go fund me (which was $10k goal, so he must have good health insurance that covered the rest of the hospital bills) that he was “wrongly arrested” for not letting police search his car.

Nothing more on what actually happened. Why they arrested him could be part of the police motive to put him in such a cell. They are clearly in the wrong to allow anyone to be beaten, be beaten for that long and then take that long to get him medical help.

Some might say it doesn’t matter what he was arrested for, this shouldn’t have happened, which is true. But if he was arrested on BS charges that makes their actions even worse, since he was targeted for only being trans. If he had some bad charges, this will support that there was still a strong motive by the police to see him beaten and weaken their claims that they didn’t target him.

So. Why not mention it?

I've heard that male prisoners really hate sex offenders and paedophiles. Maybe they saw a male dressing as a woman, asking to be housed with women and just acted per they normally would.

Trans identifying male assaulted by male cellmate in an all-male prison. Read here for details about the epidemic problems of male violence.


Male on male violence is common is prison. Sounds like the guards who didn't intervene should be punished. They're not doing their jobs.

"Let's move them into women's prisons so only women are getting assaulted" is not the solution. Time for men to take care of their own shit.

This is a case of deputies failing to intervene in a fight. That is what should be addressed.

There is no reason on earth not to put this man in a cell with either other trans-identified persons or by himself.

The solution is not to put him with women.

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They used to quarantine (lacking the right word) prison gay men who pretended to be women with one another, unless, like Richard Speck, who gave himself crude implants in prison, had the time of his life as the prison 'lady' in general population.

Segregate is the word you're looking for. They do with cops, ex prison officers, elderly, disabled, famous, anyone who might be a target or extra vulnerable gets put with others like the them. They dont typically do the same for TIM inmates to my knowledge because they arent actually particularly vulnerable. Homosexual relationships among prisoners are common so "gay bashings" are very rare. TIMs arent physically vulnerable. Theres nit generally a reason to segregate them at all. But if its necessary for an individual or a group of course it can be done.

DIY implants? How tf….?

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I am unsure, but there is video available on youtube. Perhaps wax or paraffin, this is what old school transsexuals would do before medical implants, or DIY. These injections would be done in the face or chest/hips/buttox, and would eventually melt or harden, to disaster.

edited: hormones smuggled in, I guess. My mother could have been killed by him, is why I am familiar; circumstance saved her.

Curious that in their zeal to trans historical figures, they forget this one.

I'm so glad to hear your mother escaped harm from this man, hope you and your family are well. Thanks for the info, stuff like this really cements how not-right-in-the-head these guys are.

They need to give trans IDd males their own prison cell

Not sure why putting them in w women is the solution

With the strength difference between male and female the injuries would have been worse had it been a female placed in with 3 trans IDd males as could happen if they are moved by gender ID

This is horrible and I feel for the victim. But this is not justitication to put TIMs in women's prisons. TIMs should have their own wing in male prisons.

There is more to this story. Not that it could justify what happened, but why was he put in a cell on his own then moved? Why was he taken into custody when that’s not normal on a book-and-release? I would bet money he was acting like a violent psycho and he probably attacked the men first.

Even if I’m right- especially if I’m right - he shouldn’t have been locked up with the other men. and the cop behaviour is inexcusable. I just don’t believe this is a case of transphobic hate crime or whatever.

Men attack other men in holding cells pretty much constantly and this has absofuckinglutely nothing to do with women.

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