This feels like the most outright condemnation of TRAs that I've ever seen from JK Rowling, wow. I love how precisely she uses language, it is always a bit frustrating when GC people use sex and gender inconsistently and condemn the concept of gender and then walk it back.

Hilarious how she has gone from her comparatively tame and restrained initial thoughts to being pushed over to being GC just through TRAs exposing their movement through all of the vitriol they aim at her.

I like how in a few comments she used hearts in colors of a suffrage movement. And recently it started to be associated with rad fems.

This feels like the most outright condemnation of TRAs that I've ever seen from JK Rowling, wow.

They poked JK Rowling's inner Mama Bear when they targeted her family's home. That was their biggest mistake

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 48 points

Honestly are they insane? I can debate you but if you come to my house where my husband and children live, it's game over. Way too fucking far.

"I’ve now received so many death threats I could paper the house with them, and I haven’t stopped speaking out."

That's courage. True, she can afford protection most people cannot (hats off to her for pointing this out herself). But her money is really only foolproof against cancellation ruining her financially. It doesn't stop zealots from trying to harm her, or her from being scared of what they might manage to do. In a way her fame adds a layer of vulnerability, as she's not going to be forgotten within a few news cycles.

Perhaps – and I’m just throwing this out there – the best way to prove your movement isn’t a threat to women, is to stop stalking, harassing and threatening us.

This was the best part of the whole thing. She is completely right. The reason we are fighting back is because actual real life women who are affected by this are sick an tired of being continuously mistreated.

But her money is really only foolproof against cancellation ruining her financially. It doesn't stop zealots from trying to harm her, or her from being scared of what they might manage to do.

And I'm sure the money doesn't lessen the hurt of her reputation being sullied, being compared to Hitler online, and having former colleagues trash her like a bunch of cowards. Judging from her charitable work and interactions with fans, Rowling seems to care very much about helping others and being seen as a good person with liberal values. So I'm sure the online trashing still hurts (even though she appears to be developing a callous against TRA bullshit)

I think she knows exactly how important it is for someone with her privilege to continue speaking out. It provides a platform for other women who don't have the means to defend themselves like she does, and gives weight to the cause.

[–] Ave_Lucifuge gender atheist 58 points

I still can't get over that one guy going over there in clown makeup. Sir, look at yourself and tell me that your sad little dick is not making all your decisions for you.

JKR is a modern day legend. Bless.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 15 points

He's obviously a raging misogynist. Maybe one of those gay men who just resent women for stealing men away from him or something 🙄

Another update - Rowling is trending on Twitter, so Twitter has decided to editorialize it with this: "Author J.K. Rowling speaks about her address being posted online without permission after a group of trans rights activists took a photo outside of her home and shared it on the internet." https://twitter.com/search?q=%23JKRowling&src=trend_click&vertical=trends

Just took a photo, huh? Just some innocent Harry Potter fans taking a photo out of their excitement to be near the famous J.K. Rowling, I guess? How fucking dishonest. Twitter, fuck you.

I'm so annoyed by the twitter editorializing. They ALWAYS distort.

[+] [Deleted] 4 points

I'm not from the UK, but I noticed that a few people said her house is a landmark and it is listed on tourist maps. Does anyone know if this is true? I don't think it detracts from the actions of the TRAs who took/posted the photo (because their intent was clear), but if her home is publicly listed, I really hope she moves so this doesn't happen again!

Awesome! I see the three people who doxxed her deleted their accounts now. I bet they didn’t expect for her to clap back and @ their usernames lol

This is going to be the best way for women to deal with this, by showing they don’t intimidate us.

Really dumb of them to try to target a world-famous author with nearly 14M followers...I honestly wonder if a radfem paid them to do this. The alternative is that they're just THAT stupid.

Kind of messed up to suggest a radfem would pay someone to doxx JKR’s address. TRAs are stupid enough to do that without being bribed.

It doesn't matter if she's well-off, JKR has put so much on the line to defend this stance. It's clear that it's not easy by the way no one else who is well-off is willing do the same, and hardly anyone even stands up to say what's happening to jkr is wrong. She really looks more amazing by the day, standing up for women, for reality and handling shitty things like this with grace.

And still has the awareness that she’s in a better position to do so than others while a lot of greedy celebrities would think they were a gigantic martyr hero because of how much they had to lose…she actually thinks rationally about her lifestyle…and yet everyone is still being told to believe that she’s a terrible person.

"She really looks more amazing by the day, standing up for women, for reality and handling shitty things like this with grace."

Completely agree. She is a real hero. Because like you said, many other financially uncancellable people don't do what she does.

She is amazing. I am SO happy that she named the cretins that doxxed and threatened her.

She is amazing. I am SO happy that she named the cretins that doxxed and threatened her.

So am I. Naming and shaming is the best tactic here. They deserve no grace after what they did to her!

I thought it was frankly very kind of her to only name their Twitter handles, given that they broadcast her family’s home address! I hope she sues them, TRAs need to see that they can’t just doxx people and get away with it.

They’ll probably twist this into “Rowling sets millions of angry Terfs on three activists by tweeting at them”.

I’ve no doubt a lot of people told them to fuck off, but I wonder how many death and tape threats they received. Willing to bet it was a lot fewer than Rowling received.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 49 points

Someone already said she was "doxxing" them by @'ing them on Twitter lolll cut the BS dude 😂

They already did lol It's textbook abuse. They want her to take the abuse in silence, how dare she point it out that TRAs are not the sweet & lovely justice warriors fighting on the right side of history? I've also seen several posts of "see, that's the consequence of your actions for your violence against the T community". Fucking losers.

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 23 points

They undoubtedly threaten themselves from their own made up accounts lmao

They already did. There's a headline 'JKR unleashes her millions of followers on protestors'.

I really admire this woman.

Despite everything she’s been through, she remains calm and rational, even when she’s scolding the actions of delusional men.

Yes, I find that admirable.I could never stay so calm with three clowns (or probably more, I have only seen that one photo) threatening my safety.

... if I were Rowling, I would already be composting horseshit in a pit in my garden, covered by very breakable cardboard and fake lawn for aesthetic purposes.

They should count themselves lucky it is her and not I who is the millionaire.

I admire the way she writes about this - the peacefulness of her tweets stands in contrast to the raging TRA ones.

There's something that TRAs just don't get: you can't demand acceptance or respect from individuals. You earn those things with kindness and fairness.

[–] ElectricBlue 46 points Edited

Genuinely asking, what was the point of what they did? Was it meant to look as if they were really on the way to kill her, or was it showing other people where she lives so they can go and harass her?

Edited to add: I fucking love JK Rowling. I only ever thought she was so-so as a writer, but her continued grace, the intelligence of her Terf Wars essay, her philanthropy... she is an incredible human being and she will be in the history books long after these little shits are forgotten.

I only ever thought she was so-so as a writer

You're welcome to your personal preferences, obviously, but I do wish that literary culture reserved a more respected space for being a phenomenal storyteller. She got children who didn't necessarily even like reading turning hundreds of pages because she is just that good of a storyteller.

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 36 points

Her Cormoran Strike series is one of those books that are fun to read. I was up till 4am last night to finish her second novel in the series. I love reading in general but sometimes it feels like a chore, but never with JK's books. I genuinely recommend them because I like them, not even because of her views (although that helps of course lol).

I agree. I never got in to the Harry Potter books and don’t get the appeal, but her CB Strike books are great.

I agree! She made my nephew interested in reading and that’s lasted. She’s a fantastic writer and person!

My brother, too. He couldn't read at grade level and hated reading as a result, but he got into Harry Potter instantly.

[–] Moonpriestess 4 points Edited

The need to put down her writing before admitting to liking it is just misogyny, I think. We don't have that same reflex with popular male writers.

I'm not getting drawn into a big conversation about her writing, but when I said she was so-so, I meant that I like her ideas but I don't think her prose is good. If other people think her prose is good, then that's fine too. I was also thinking of all her work and not just Harry Potter, because I think it's fair for prose to be simplistic in children's books, I'm not one of those people who shits on HP for being for children.

[–] VestalVirgin 63 points Edited

I loved the Harry Potter books as child, got a bit more critical about them as adult (mostly, ironically, for a perceived lack of feminism ...), and then I learnt that Rowling actually had meant what she had had Dumbledore say about choosing between what is right and what is easy, and that she was willing to be as brave as her main character.

She's really amazing.

I have always admired her philantropy, but would likely have grown out of being a Harry Potter fan, and not have become a fan of her books for adults.

But the TRAs have done to her what Tom Riddle junior (I am "deadnaming" him as a matter of principle) did to Harry: They elevated her from being a nice but more or less ordinary person to the symbol of resistance.

Had they not attacked her, I might never have heard of her famous tweet, at I had ceased following her on media. Indeed, had this whole gender insanity never existed, I would never have known just how brave J.K. Rowling is. Or how truly feminist. (I had taken her to be a pretty mainstream woman, perhaps not even a libfem, just a woman who isn't a doormat.)

It is uncanny how much Rowling predicted her own life in the books. Just like Harry, she went from rags to riches, just like Harry, she was denigrated by the mainstream media, with only news outlets no one takes seriously reporting the truth, and she has become the Woman They Could Not Cancel, even though their curse of cancellation had previously worked on everyone else.

She is very kind in assuming that the TIMs want to prove they are not a threat to women.

I really don't think they want to prove that - they want us to submit and repeat the lies they tell us. They delight in the knowledge that we actually know it is lies.

So really, I think the main point of threatening her was to show less wealthy women what they will do to us if we stand up to them.

But probably they are also attacking her as a matter of principle. Like Tom Riddle always going after Harry. They cannot bear her existence as a symbol of resistance. She constantly reminds women that she, at least, could not be silenced. She's a beacon of hope. As such, they cannot stand her existence.

And just like Tom, they try again and again the same methods that have previously failed, trying to frighten her when they should know by know that she's much too brave for them.

I love this.

J.K. Rowling is The Woman They Could Not Cancel!

I had never even put the Tom deadname thing together before, and I've read the books a LOT! Great comment, one of my favourites on Ovarit. I love the scenes in Harry Potter when Dumbledore refuses to call Tom by his chosen name and he just becomes apoplectic, and Dumbledore is just like "sorry mate but I'm old and you're an ex pupil of mine, it's all too ingrained."

I got the idea from a youtube video that listed all the insane accusations TRAs make against Rowling.

"Dumbledore deadnames Voldemort" is something some of them actually say. And of course, deadnaming a genocidal murderer is Bad with a capital B. Just like misgendering a rapist, you know?

It is not at all likely Rowling was thinking of trans people when writing that, but it is possible she was thinking of narcissists who invent a new name and backstory for themselves because the reality is not grandiose enough for them. (It is stated on Pottermore that Dolores Umbridge is actually a half-blood, but pretends to be pureblood, denying any kind of relation to her muggle parent, if I recall correctly)

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 17 points

Ooooh, niiiicely put. Great comment. And you're right about Tom. How very meta.

"For none can live while the other survives" is true about feminism and gender ID. So let's hope JK is our prophet as well and gender ID will get its head cut off like the snake it is :)

(Hahaha I have so many ideas of who's who, I guess Owen Jones can be Pettigrew? 😂)

Probably a combo of threatening her but also the point is to show less high profile and less wealthy women that they can and will do the same to us. JKR can afford private security measures, to move her family to a new location with relative ease; the rest of us cannot.

I agree with you.

The threat isn’t against Rowling specifically- it’s a threat to every woman who doesn’t live behind a wall.

[–] Sylvanas 33 points Edited

Part of that display was just about seeking attention, likes, karma, internet points. We’re not talking about men who just want to “pass” as women. One of them had a bucket of makeup on his face.

When that plan failed they deleted their Twitter accounts.

[–] crodish 🔪🍠 30 points Edited

I think it was the latter. In the original doxxing tweet, (edit: I remember reading it, but can't find the screenshots now) they made very sure to specifically state that they were "just standing quietly" or some shit like that that was meant to play off as "we're not being threats at all" but they full well knew what they were doing. Like JKR said they had posed to make SURE her address was visible.

Fuck them. I really hope they get into legal trouble for this shit.

"I'm not touching you!" screeches the obnoxious boy while he hovers right in front of your face.

Considering her doxxers shut down their accounts, I'd say she showed the world that bullies are, in fact, cowards.

I don’t think they thought that far ahead. Point? How will my actions be perceived? No I don’t think they asked those questions. It’s performative activism “look what I can do” achieving an aim doesn’t register as necessary.

[–] Gwen 20 points

My admiration for this woman just keeps growing. I'm happy to be on whatever side of history she's on.

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