I'm no expert but I suspect the overall largest demographic of victims of domestic and sexual violence is straight women, based on (a) everything we know about male pattern violence and (b) sheer numbers. But sure lump us all under LGBTQ2S that makes a ton of sense

We're nonmen before we're women and nonmen are a queered gender

I had to go to the hospital emergency room this week. While there I went to the washroom, and there I saw this poster. Look how there isn't a clear "women" section, and it's lumped together with the LGBTQ2S, and how Battered Women's support service welcomes all women, girls, transwomen, two-spirited people, and non-binay folks in a smaller font. And then you go to the men section, and nothing about transmen, nonbinary men, genderfluid men or whatever (I only noticed the big glare on the men section just as I was transferring the file, sorry about that but I think the point I'm trying to make is still clear). Apparently, women who represent the vast majority of domestic and sexualized violence victims, do not deserve their own section. What is worse is while I was waiting in the emergency room, a lot of patients there were not native english speakers, I knew this because many had family members beside them translating what the nurses and doctors were saying to the patients. The fact that this poster was INSIDE the washroom tells me that it may be intended for peope who want to take actions discreetly from a possible abuser that are with them even within the hopsital. Women who are not familiar with the western woke notion are not going to see LGBTQ2S and find the resource they need without confusion.

That is ridiculous. About 90% of women would look at that poster and decide there are no services for them.

Yeah, I just read the headlines at a first glance and figured this wasa poster for the minority of domestic abuse victims.

What washroom? Is it possible there is a different poster for women?

I guess that is also possible, but all the washrooms there were all single person use with both men/women sign on them.

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Back to men as the default human, and everyone else gets lumped together under "queer".

And OF COURSE the men's poster doesn't have an entire goddam paragraph about how the men are obligated to accept trans-men, non-binaries, two-spirits, otherkins, omni-queers, etc, etc.....

Of course we all know any TIF dumb enough to choose to go into a men's shelter where she has to room & shower with strange dudes would likely get the Teena Brandon treatment. So TIFs aren't likely to ask for men's services (and would likely be discouraged from doing so if they tried)

Good catch. Men get "males" and we get trans alphabet soup. I'm sure an AGP designed this poster.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? First off, why would men be listed first when the vast vast vast vast majority of domestic and sexual violence victims are women? Extreme male supremacy there. And how are women as a whole LGBTQ??? Straight women would not look under "LGBTQ2S," and since the vast majority of domestic violence is carried out by men attacking their female partners, that's an enormous group to exclude. It's sad TIFs are left out as well, since as women they are much more likely to be victims of sexual violence than men. Absolutely insane that the male part talks about human trafficking while the combined female/LGBT part only talks about "gender-based violence." That's right, women are the vast vast vast majority of human trafficking victims because they chose to identify that way, not because of their sex!

Honestly (maybe just to cope with this disgusting and extreme sexism) I think/hope there's a chance there could have been a second page to the left of it that focused on women? I can't tell from your picture but it looks like maybe there's a plastic envelope that could have held another piece of paper attached to the left side. Maybe some jealous TIM destroyed the women's sheet or someone took it to have for themselves as a resource, or the person putting up the papers forgot to put it in or ran out of pages or something. I truly hope.

You have a good point about the empty plastic envelope beside it. I really do hope there was a separate women's poster and that that particular washroom just didn't have it up for whatever reason. It's too depressing otherwise. Although, I feel like, if there was a separate women's poster, then they wouldn't have worded it to include women and girls under LGBTQ2S section...

It might be worded like that as just the description of the organization "Battered Women's Support Services" which on its own website says, "Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) Crisis line remains open, providing emotional support to women experiencing gender-based domestic violence and/or uncertainty during these difficult times." I'm not sure what "gender-based domestic violence" is, but lines like that maybe made them count it as an LGBTQ charity rather than simply a women's one. I hate to criticize a domestic violence charity but their website also uses the line, "Violence against women continues to be a public health and community issue despite of the virus, which is why we continue to provide support and service to self-identified women, girls, Two-Spirit and non-binary folks." That definitely makes it seem like an LGBTQNWBP-specific charity. It's very disturbing that they seem to be implying that they would help a woman calling herself non-binary but would refuse to help a woman calling herself a man. Also, would they even help an actual woman, who is a woman because she is one and not due to self-identity? And worse yet it's suggesting women self-identify into abuse.

Again though, I might just be trying too hard to stay hopeful and optimistic, since we all know there are tons of TRAs who would make a poster exactly like that. The only hope is most are too stupid to get put in a trusted position, or someone sane could intercept it first??

'I'm not sure what "gender-based domestic violence" is'

That's not a bug its a feature. By making it impossible to distinguish between people laughing at ridiculous blokes in frocks and violence against women, it becomes impossible to name, never mind fight, the violence that limits women's lives, causes real, long lasting harm and makes women's autonomy so much harder.

And all men benefit from that, even (us) nice ones.

Yeah I think this is page 2. Page 1 has been taken down, either by a patient or someone else. Page 1 would have had like a general introduction and then Women. It should all be on one page though. This is just very badly designed and with way too much info and too many details.

this is just depressing really. :/ back in my arguing with TRAs days, whenever they tried to argue that all this stuff is just about 'inclusivity' and 'making trans people feel welcome' etc i would always ask the very simple question: "why are men not expected to do the same with their language and spaces?" never got a single answer in 5+ years, funnily enough. they all seemed to mysteriously disappear at that point in the debate.

I've gotten a couple replies from clueless 'allies' who have said that men should be just as inclusive. I even got some of them to start using mxn when making this argument about womxn (not my intention at all, but funny). The truth is that trans people are afraid of imposing on men so they impose on women more and more. That's why trans men and non binaries compete in women's sports as well as transwomen. According to their gender religion they should compete with men, but they know that real life doesn't work that way.

bingo. they know that they can't go after men bc men aren't socialized to roll over for them lol. it's the same reason they attack lesbians for not wanting dick but don't attack straight men for the exact same thing.

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This one is so egregious! The woman erasure, to me, is getting much worse. They are really on a roll.

Look at what men have accomplished in a relatively few years. It really is breathtaking when I look at it as objectively as possible.

Women ask, we beg, we demand and it’s crickets.

Men? Oh, you want to be women now? No problem. Put a dress on and some make-up and you are good to go. Anything else? Give us a few…

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So women are relegated to the junk drawer of homeless/DV shelters. Fucking Tranada.....

Also, I'm surprised to see a section for men's resources there! According to all the libfems and MRAs/TRAs, abused & needy men are denied any resources and are expected to pull themselves up by their bootstraps while the women laugh from their fully-funded luxury shelters!!

Lord, what a precious receipt! You really must send this to people who can amplify it, like Graham Linehan!

For real. This is so overt and egregious it needs to be spread far and wide.

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