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The rage at not being able to control women's movements is palpable.

It's so telling that he cites women "leaving for greener pastures" as though it's an act of aggression.

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I've got whiplash at his attempt to simultaneously characterize GC feminists as this tiny mad coven of deranged harridans and as an existential threat to democracy and the entire project of modernity.

If we're that tiny, why not ignore us?

If we're that scary, don't poke the grizzly!

Also characterising fears of censorship as irrational in the same piece that he cites multiple instances of censorship and calls for more censorship...

Yeah, who have we ever tried to censor? We can easily win rational arguments, science is on our side, and average people know in their guts that we're right. They understand that if we were given the platforms to speak and debate them, they'd be finished, and it terrifies them.

Isn’t that a fascist tactic? Making the enemy seem simultaneously weak and pathetic but omnipresent and dangerous?

Yes that's Literally what we learnt in school about the Nazi regime in Germany. They made Jews look simultaneously like pathetic weak vile degenerate creatures... But they're also so insanely intelligent and powerful that they lead the world order.

TRAs are fashists.

it's so telling that he cites women "leaving for greener pastures" as though it's an act of aggression.

To entitled men, its an act of aggression whenever a woman says "no" to them. They actively expell us from major platforms like Twitter and Reddit. But it STILL isn't good enough because now we have our own little space where they can't control us.

They won't be happy until they've turned us all into woke Stepford Robots

Anything women do that isn't clearly done in service to men and their needs is apparently an act of aggression.

I know, right? Telling someone "okay, you do you, I'll be over here" is the opposite of aggression! TIMs will follow us wherever we go and try to take any new words we coin. Honestly, I bet there are some TIMs on here right now trying to pose as "terfs" and feel like a real female.

The thing is, we can never fix their problem, even if we allowed them to overrun each and every space, win each and every woman's medal/award and gave them all the validation in the world, because they are aware of the reality that they aren't us and can't ever be. So it will never be enough and they'll continue to take their anger out on us. It's an abusive relationship. I feel bad for the women who are still trying to bend over backwards to please them while being harassed and taken advantage of. I tried my best to do it years ago when I felt bad for them, but eventually self preservation kicked in.

Removing ourselves to places where we won't face the aggression of TRAs and their handmaidens is seen as an act of aggression, to them. "Women won't be our punching bags? That's literal violence against us!"

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This journalist sounds so unhinged.

However, despite the crazy tone, it was very nice of them to link to Abigail Shrier Substack, Graham Lineham Substack, 4W, Feminist Current, caWsbar, and of course our own website here at Ovarit. Maybe, this writer is a secret 'Underground TERF' and wants to peak everybody. :)

Also nice he called out Meghan Murphy for "misgendering" Yaniv (by name). I hope lots and lots of people google Yaniv!

I bet he was hoping to summon the flock to abuse Abigail and other pro-sanity activists, but what he doesn't know is his movement is actually bitterly unpopular and held together only by social shaming and the fear of ostracization. Most people are only pretending to support TRAs. linking to Abigail, Lineham, Ovarit etc gives these people a breath of fresh air, and opens a door to what could be.

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Lol I was just thinking, he is literally linking people to us.The more they hate read us the more they will peak.

Also I forgot to check Graham Lineham recently so you can even thank him for me for the reminder to give him a click.

“Those dudes you hear about who get off wearing stockings and dresses? The ones who put on a feminine disguise to prey on women in bathrooms and locker rooms? The shemale traps who lure straight men into having gay sex? Yeah, I’m one of those.“

Actual quote from the dude. Source

I truly don’t understand why women don’t want to be around “those dudes…who put on a feminine disguise to prey on women in bathrooms and locker rooms”.

A real puzzler.

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it's amusing how men feel threatened by actual women, every century they find a new way or form to call for a witch hunt. As if we are really the ones that are going around and murder them. Never have I ever encountered so much vitriol and hate online as when I argued with either TIMs or men in general.

I surely haven't spent enough time here, but enough to say that I never encountered calls to violence against TIMs or TRAs. And that's it: Most women aren't violent. Sure, we can be, if threatened, but violence is such a male thing...and they are so hard at projecting their image onto us because they are 'wimmin' with 'wimmin-feelings'.

They want to silence us. They silenced us on their male centred platforms and they loath it. So we go against them, build up our own networks that they can't control and suddenly we are radical right wingers (I'm not a right winger by any means, but I'm from a country where there isn't simply just left or right). That's another thing - we don't just come here together from one country. We unit from all over the world because we all feel the threat of those muppets. They feel threatened because they can't control us.

The public censure of women as if we are rabid because we speak without apology about the world in which we live is a strategy of threat that usually works. Men often react to women’s words—speaking and writing—as if they were acts of violence; sometimes men react to women’s words with violence. So we lower our voices. Women whisper. Women apologize. Women shut up. Women trivialize what we know. Women shrink. Women pull back. Most women have experienced enough dominance from men—control, violence, insult, contempt—that no threat seems empty. –Andrea Dworkin

I mean all I want is a place to say "women who have periods" without waiting for the immediate "gentle reminder" riposte. I'm pretty unfazed by TW generally compared with many on here.

I get you and I agree. As a lesbian I have been banned from every major lesbian sub on reddit, so I just wanted one place where I can say "hey, lesbians don't like dicks," without getting kicked off.

Same, that's what brought me here! So sick of the homophobia, I can't help that I'm a homosexual, rage all you want but it will never change.

Twitter hosts a well-integrated TERF community known for targeting trans users for doxing, mass-reporting (wherein mobs of transphobic users will try to get a trans person suspended or banned by “reporting” them for violating a social media site’s “community guidelines”) and other forms of online harassment.

Project harder. These are all TRA tactics.

Depressingly, I cannot think of any mainstream platform that is more likely to ban a narcissistic TRA than a TERF. Reddit will ban you from subreddits for challenging the TWAW doctrine. Probably get a site-wide ban if you persist. You can definitely get hatemobs on twitter. The 3 sites that will speak up at all about over the top TRA behaviour are lipstick alley, Ovarit and maybe kiwifarms (which, of course, is a sewer in its own right). The far right only uses this as a wedge issue and those sites /platforms are generally a male dominated space with precious little regard for feminism, so not really a good space for women to post at all, either.

The far right & alt right narrative is designed to scare you back into submission

No, I'm a left leaning voter across the board for very good reasons. The alt right really does have opinions on women I find absolutely deplorable, and uses topics like abortion or mens' rights to weaponize hatred against women. That will never be my political home.

The TRAs abuse the general left leaning impulse to be nice to minorities, which at least comes from a place I understand. I'm politically homeless, but I will definitely not align with the alt right. Think about it. The left wants some sexually disturbed men in bathrooms. The alt right wants to roll back Roe v Wade. Not likely to need an abortion, but that is such a fundamental bodily autonomy isue that triggers all the alarms in me. Women die in countries where abortion is illegal, even from desired pregnancies gone wrong.

Gettr is an alternative to twitter. Yes, a far right lunatic started it, but there are LOTS of us TERFY people there and more every day. I ignore the others. And you can say "Trans women are men," and not get banned!!

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So true. These are DOCUMENTED tactics by trans rights activists. Please TIM journalist, show receipts of us doing this to anyone?

I’m surprised he didn’t claim that radfems send CP to innocent people. (I still can’t get over how fucking vile that is. I am a normal person, so the thought of using CP against my “enemies” is unfathomable, because that would require being in possession of CP and that is horrifying.)

Most TERFs/GC people have been banned from Twitter, unless they've been very careful...

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Very flattering to the “unusually productive” MK Fain.

a promise to curb digital hate of the sort that dominates the TERF alt-internet.

This is truly one of the kindest, most supportive spaces on the internet. I find it both humorous and sad that anyone can consider calling a male a man and calling a female a woman to be any kind of "hate."

He is seething with envy, is what it is.

I would be too. This site is an oasis in what can be a horrible world. Men don’t have an equivalent.

Lololol! Maybe the reason people keep joining our ‘hate’ group is because it isn’t a hate group, and because it makes more sense to be pro-woman than anti-science?

I’m pro-woman. I’m against men in women’s single-sex spaces. Trans ‘women’ are men.

Just to pull out the Ovarit portion:

Ovarit.com is among the better known TERF platforms. When Reddit banned popular TERF forum r/GenderCritical in June 2020 as part of a site-wide crackdown on hate speech that also removed alt-right subreddit r/The_Donald, among others, Fain and the subreddit’s moderators simply built their own link-aggregator to continue r/GenderCritical’s anti-trans legacy.

And linked to an article by Fain herself!

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There's a link to an article by me, too. We should send this guy flowers for raising our profile.

Oh yes, I used the link, thank you so much. (And hello! Long time no "see"!)

(I was quoting for the lazy person I usually am.)

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