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From protesting against the banks to parades funded by the very same banks that caused the financial crisis. Coincidentally, the same period of time when wokeism increased in popularity dramatically, and has basically replaced any kind of class analysis on the left.

Hmmm yeah I wonder how “wokeism” became so popular around this time hmmmmm… (It couldn’t have been the 1% finding a way to make the 99% hate each other and always be fighting and take the attention off of them forever and and and it just couldn’t, right?!)

The US elites have been pulling this shit ever since the emancipation of slaves, and it kills me that most people still haven’t caught on.

It's been happening for all of recorded history, apparently!

What is that quote about bread and circuses again? Because it's very true and I see the evidence daily...

soooooooooooooo true.

Identity politics is a tactic to fracture solidarity among the working class.

Exactly. Its just a distraction from the fact that americans are overwhelmed with student loans, medical costs, increasing rent, low wages, and unable to buy property. It doesn't matter what you call yourself, you're still unable to control of those factors.

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This is such a powerful image that should be featured in all future American history books.

Ugh too real.

This is why, even with how annoying they were, I appreciated the randos being peaked during the meme stock/Gamestop fiasco last year. Also the same crowd contributed to r/superstraight before it got banned. They were large enough that it trickled into other social media platforms as well, including twitter. All to say, that a lot of these online bans and censorship are probably doing way, way more to stall economic progress and awareness of what the financial sector is doing. They would rather watch us bicker over cultural issues without the substance behind it.

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I agree. Internet censorship is a major head of the hydra. The goal is to keep us bickering about stupid shit that doesn't lead to an systemic change to the core issue which is the wildly unequal distribution of wealth and power in the world today.

Yep exactly. And a lot of the stupid shit isn't stupid per se---- if it's linked to class analysis. But they enjoy cutting that connection off and just leaving us bickering in a frenzy as we discuss only the tiny tip of the iceberg. I also think it drives the narcissism. Anyone can be an expert at a topic where the actual deeper substance is unimportant.

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The woke are the most gullible hypocritical group I've ever seen.

The author Pat Rothfuss, who wrote the pretty popular Name of the Wind, spouts all the woke talking points, yet literally has "iconoclast" in his twitter bio. Right beside his pronouns. (twitter.com/PatrickRothfuss)

The hypocrisy is unbearable.

I mean....the Occupy protestors weren't all that great either (most of them were trust fund socialists who filled parks with their garbage and raped women in their tent cities). But at least they weren't blatantly in the pockets of major corporations and their protest target was a valid one

Yep. Who else can afford to hang around in their little tent city while ordering takeout from bougie take out restaurants. :)

Nailed it.

What do we do? Is there a better option?

Individually there are things you can do. I think just staying true to your values, keeping a critical eye on everything, speaking up when possible even if unpopular. As a whole, idk what the solution is.

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