Got banned from r/science because I said that asking the general public to accept that trans women are literally biologically female is immoral because that is a lie.

Oh didn't you post a screenshot of your ban a week ago or so? I remember seeing something similar.

[–] MadSea 86 points Edited

I got permanently banned a couple nights ago for saying jeopardy bro shouldn’t be called “the highest earning female.”

Reddit is run by degenerates.

High five sister. A permaban from reddit is the highest honor.

I think for my mental sanity I'm going to take this as a cue to not make another reddit account. I can't keep watching the fucking idiocy.

[–] PGTips4Lyfe 🐸☕🤏 20 points Edited

I've gotten like 30 accounts suspended in the months since I've come out. All for reasonable discourse and insisting on using proper pronouns. They legit consider "misgendering" (aka proper gendering) hate speech, they've succeeded in inventing a new kind of hate speech that never existed before. Where's the slur to speak on reality?

I seriously worry where our world is going.

ETA: aaand my recent one is banned as well from the antiwork gate. Reddit is destroying so many people's lives by giving them this false idea that misgendering = hate.

[–] ElectricBlue 12 points Edited

They're fucking themselves up here, even if they don't know it. No one is looking at Doreen Ford and seeing a woman. Doreen Ford is peak material for the average redditor.

Edit: the top post on the front page of Reddit right now is a Cringetopia post, which shows a headline saying "Trans r/AntiWork Moderator Admitted to Serial Rape Allegations." The post is captioned "Tonight on Most Shocking", and it is upvoted 44.7k times. It looks like they're saying the quiet part loud.

Even jeopardy bro says the reason he won was because he was a white man until 10 minutes ago.

I got banned from Two X for pointing out that the user count was plummeting during the trans selfie party.

I got banned from TwoX during the trans selfie party too lol. One TIM commented that "we make better women anyway!" and I lost it. I got banned for asking if there were any actual women on the sub. I knew I'd get banned for that, but I was so fed up by that point, especially since they were banning people who simply posted/commented asking what kicked that whole thing off.

The women in TwoX are posting about their experiences with sexual assault and discrimination. The men in TwoX are posting selfies.

It's disgusting that they only allow content from women who are being mistreated, harassed or abused.

They get off on the general mistreatment of women while also perpetuating the further mistreatment of women.

It’s funny all the comments asking why this is so prevalent among Reddit mods clarify that they’re talking about the pedo part. I should reply, “their minor attraction is intersectional” but I’m not ready to get permabanned.

By then I was already banned from posting but, I still followed until then. Tons of TIM selfies.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 71 points

Women who get banned from Reddit are my personal role models

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 29 points

I can't believe I'm BlackCirce's role model. I'm going to throw my diploma in the garbage, this is my greatest accomplishment lol

I'm going to throw my diploma in the garbage

Off topic, but if Millennials had a family crest that would definitely be the motto.

[–] Tq231442 Cervix owner 7 points

Lololol fortunately I'm getting a degree that is "useful" but all my friends who studied social work, psychology, and journalism etc are shit outta luck. My mom wanted me to get a law degree and BOY am I happy not having gone that route lmfao

When I moved out, my mom had to shove it in a box and demand I keep it. I told her I'd just throw it out and she looked like she was going to snap. I got the stupid degree on full scholarship in a tech field and I'm working a tech job. Fuck that piece of paper. I didn't do any of it because I wanted to or care.

Is this from AntiWork-gate? I was disgusted at how many people were willing to call that pathetic slob of a human being who they sent on Fox "she". Another case where a TiM barely even tries to look like a woman but we're supposed to respect their feelies because they said they're a woman.

And apparently alllllllll the people calling this asshole out for 1) being a narcissistic idiot and 2) COMMITTING FUCKING RAPE are “TwaNsPhObiC UwU”.

Nope, not transphobic, people just really, really hate rapists.

[–] Gladys_Kravitz 13 points Edited

Exactly. I don't respect rapists or recognize their humanity.

"It's a human rights issue!" well these monsters are not human and thus have no rights to respect

Yep this thread is bout that mod, and it was in wallstreetbets

And there's no looking like a woman regardless, you're either a woman or you're not

[–] ProMoleratWaxer #1 Worst Poster 42 points

Well with Reddit already having 4(YES FOUR) TIM predator scandals and them not acknowledging it at all, it's completely infested with brainworms and you're having a radioactive chance of being policed by these barely-human people than any normal forum


-aimee chancellor (pedo rapist supporter ((he deliberately tried to get the victim to not report it by guilting her and nominated his dad for "best dad" a year after, a "babyfur" shits himself online, currently married to a DIFFERENT PEDOPHILE, only got fired after extreme pressure from whole website, still a mod)

-bardfinn (beat his wife and abused his children, incest supporter, supported his aquaintances possessing child porn for """trolling purposes"", keeps databases of users committing wrong think, still in status as powermod)

-drewithepoodle/awkward the turtle (tried to lure a minor(12) to his house to take hormones, says he has already done this multiple times, still in status as powermod)

-doreen/Nicholas (enlightened tranbeard)- serially sexually harassed/raped a sexual assualt victim by exposing his penis to her and not letting her sleep for weeks because he couldn't stop fucking masturbating and forced her into never sleeping at the same time as him the would purposefully shut off her alarms without her knowledge so he could continue to sexually assualt her), forced her to masturbate him while she was unconscious because "uwuwuw I'm pent up" says HE has PTSD from this

Reddit is a lost cause, I deleted it today because it's just brain-numbing sex-pred central and censors about 10% of its shit each year, the content is not worth it

I don’t suppose anyone inquires why so many TIMs are mods and why so many of those are sexual deviants and criminals. I mean come on now!

[–] ProMoleratWaxer #1 Worst Poster 4 points

When other people can see an extremely obvious social disease afflicting you (I'm not talking about tism here) making IRL life hard and you also tend to have a desperate need to manipulate and control public perception of you because of your unique genderfeels, there's no better role for a pred than a Reddit janitor. They all speedrun power corruption too because well they're dudes but still it's a hole made just for them

Don't forget the FOUNDERS of reddit awarded Violentcraz special status and gave the r/jailbait sub some award.

Jesus, and that’s just the ones that we know. There’s probably hundreds more as mods and admins in the cesspool of a forum.

it's completely infested with brainworms and you're having a radioactive chance of being policed by these barely-human people

I'm laughing so hard rn, ty

Working on it. I just replied to what current trend I'd like to see disappear forever and I said "men in women's prisons".

That one might take a minute to sink in but once it does, you're gonna get bonked with the ban hammer 🤣

[–] riverwilds 48 points Edited

i've been happily ""misgendering"" him (correctly calling him he) and so far my comments are still up, but I stay out of the main subs.

I also haven't called out anyone saying "her", but I'm hoping that by just casually he/himming when I talk about these cretins I can re-normalize calling rapists what they actually are.

we mostly learn what's normal via just passively absorbing the behavior of others, so keep he/himming the goons. shrug off anyone who calls you out in the reply, because they want you to argue so you can get banned. don't waste time trying to convince the gender crusaders. just keep setting an example for others that it is fine to call men what they are, that the world doesn't end if you say he/him.

My posts calling him he were upvoted, this particular comment where I got more specific was downvoted. hmmm.

Reddit is weird in that for example this person, people are calling him a guy in a lot of posts and comments. The ones I saw would randomly have some loser bust in with “But wemember da wight pwonouns for dis pewson she is a wooman and goes by she/her don’t be a twansphobe UwU” and got downvoted to shit.

They got shit on because it’s like, well, it’s like someone is getting called out for their “I am persecuted because I work for 10 hours a week and don’t even want to do that I should be teaching philosophy because I’m such a genius and oh yeah also I am a rapist” garbage and idiots decide that the real important part of this conversation is correct pronouns.

Reddit is weird in that for example this person, people are calling him a guy in a lot of posts and comments. The ones I saw would randomly have some loser bust in with “But wemember da wight pwonouns for dis pewson she is a wooman and goes by she/her don’t be a twansphobe UwU” and got downvoted to shit.

The male dominated right wing subs can misgender these assholes all day without much blowback. The Reddick mods only get itchy banning fingers when female users/communities call these dudes "He"

Even the people who think you’re a TERF know he’s a “he” and don’t even notice the “misgendering”.

Also, based on his profile calls himself "non-binary" so everyone calling him a "she" is "misgendering" and that's LiTeRaLlY mUrDeR

Yeah, I found that bizarre. Even accepting trans rhetoric, I thought they were going for trans men: he, trans women: she, non-binary: they. Which is straightforward to make sense. Why use such 'binary' pronouns if you're 'non-binary'? Shouldn't that be tRiGgEriNg dYsPhOrIa?

He said somewhere in his comments that his pronouns are she/her. So all the people using they are also misgendering.

Well fuck him anyway. Ugh what an embarrassment to the human race. Maybe we’ve taken acceptance and inclusion just a tad too far.

[–] cupcakes_and_shiraz 🧁🍷🥰 43 points

When "misgendering" is worse than rape. This is clown world.

For men, rape has always been a trivial issue that we women just keep on blowing out of proportion.

[–] Gladys_Kravitz 28 points Edited

It's because they actually love rape. Why would they do it so much if they didn't?

It's like if men really hated and were traumatized by eating tasty birthday cake. Women wouldn't understand why they don't love eating the delicious cake.

Men don't ever want rape to stop. They get everything they want via rape. They get sexual gratification and domination over another person. Defective males get an opportunity to pass on their genes, when normally no woman would voluntarily touch him. It serves as psychological terrorism and keeps women "in their place".

Just like /u/BlackCirce pointed out in another comment last week or so, men have created a rape culture and they don't want it to go away. It benefits them at every turn. Women's fear and revulsion of rape is the perfect tool to keep us in line.

Because the victims of misgendering are men, not women. They decide who's the victim.

Just got banned from a leftist sub for saying that people shouldn't be forced to use female pronouns for penis-having rapists, and that ~98% of sex offenses are committed by penis-havers. They seem to really hate when "inclusive language" is applied to males and called it transphobic. But I only went back to reddit for the antiwork-debacle anyway.

Don't know if it was posted here or on twitter but there was an AITA thread where a man in a health class kept calling the women in the class 'birthing persons' so she turned it around and called him 'ejaculating person' and I swear more than half of the comments called her the asshole for it.

And I just got banned from a gender critical discord for preaching compassion to the gender confused... Im still critical of the ideology I am just a Buddhist! Lol

[–] Ave_Lucifuge gender atheist 24 points

It's hilariously vindicating/infuriating to see antiwork Redditors complain about "a greasy haired moron" taking over/speaking for their movement when these are the same greasy haired morons that have colonized women's subs.

Feels pretty bad when it happens to you, doesn't it broseph?

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