Interesting. So, in TRA terms, a violent cisman imposter was empowered by the community in his pursuits to bully and erase lesbians. Will there be a learning effect? Yes? No? Of course not.

[–] cupcakes_and_shiraz [OP] 🧁🍷🥰 38 points

A white cishetero male at that (did I get the term right)? Aka "the establishment".

Will they come for him as they have those evil terven? Inquiring minds...

People should refuse to call men by their original "deadname" once they detransition... call him Ava forever until his head explodes 🤣

Right? They said it was literally violence. They aren't going to trick me into messing up and committing literal violence.

And just to make sure we're being inclusive, use the pronouns it/its for the rest of its life.

In 2018, Pipitone was granted $15,000 by a Johns Hopkins trust to create "affordable housing for the LBGTQ community." The project, known as HostHome, would ultimately go on to raise nearly $90,000 in funding, but there would later be concerns raised as to what Pipitone had actually achieved with the money.

I can't believe Johns Hopkins was dumb enough to give this asshole money for a charity project

In 2019, Pipitone was invited to speak at the Women's March in Baltimore

Of fucking course the "womens" march platforms him...

But Instagram posts by Pipitone show that he no longer identifies as a lesbian woman, having quietly detransitioned. Instead, he now advertises himself as a techno-futurist, tagging his selfies “biohacker" and advertises his desire to "reverse engineer age."

Translation: He wants to find a way to identify into legally fucking underage girls

It's always a perversion, but donning whatever culturally acceptable or faddish cloaks will work to conduct their crimes.

[–] cupcakes_and_shiraz [OP] 🧁🍷🥰 59 points

The radfems have apparently found his IG page and the dragging has started.

I took a bunch of screenshots just to document since I'm sure he'll lock it down soon enough.

The text from his detransition announcement is both hilarious and enraging -

Trans day of visibility Journeys in androgyny . . What did I learn after 7 years living as a woman? Boundaries are creation When we encounter boundaries, The invitation is to slow down, communicate, and move towards alignment . The dance is infinite Alignment unlocks development and collaboration Which unlocks deeper reflection and refinement . Our boundaries evolve as we create, collaborate, and develop our world . The dance of space and closeness to others evolves with the depth of self knowledge and inner discovery. . So as we create our selves in continually higher resolution, our boundaries evolve and our ability to calibrate our expression, community, and surroundings increases. . . Boundaries are literally the infrastructure of Creation

So much talk about boundaries for a guy who clearly relishes violating them at every opportunity...

Oh, that’s a detransition post? I wasn’t quite sure what this blowhard was trying to say with that word salad.

That's a lot of word salad to essentially say "I violated so many boundaries and got my ass handed to me repeatedly and now that I've had time to think in my shame corner, I've realized they're right."

He is appropriating the word ‘boundary’ now?

So what Orwellian definition does it carry now?

It’s the one hundred and eleventh gender.

Boundary: When you only experience euphoria when a woman ghosts you

It was all a LARP.

It would be one thing if he apologized and tried to makes amends for what he had done. Quietly detransitioning and hoping people won't notice makes me think that his toxic beliefs haven't really changed.

[–] cupcakes_and_shiraz [OP] 🧁🍷🥰 40 points Edited

Exactly, he's pretending that his jaunt into TRA world never existed.

Just peeked his IG and LinkedIn pages. He's a venture capitalist now. So....he's a rich white guy?

SJWs letting privileged white males lead the charge is business as usual.

That made me laugh out loud. He's identifying as a rich white guy! It'll probably work, which is sad.

Interesting if he got the job to help their women’s workforce numbers?

With that $105,000 that's missing in his last venture in in creating affordable housing for the homeless TQ.

White boys always ahead of the curve when it comes to grifting.

[–] Nediljka_Orwell PITA crone 47 points

That tale gives a whole new definition to "sexual tourism".

"Yeah, I had a great time while I was there, and it was cool and all, but I was glad to get back home."

But look at all these great pictures of me and the local wildlife I hunted down :)

From that guy's insta (which is public):

When we encounter boundaries,The invitation is to slow down, communicate, and move towards alignment



When we encounter boundaries, we fucking RESPECT them.

A boundary means NO FUCKING INVITATION was extended!

ETA: Not mad at you, just so sick of this bullshit.

He should just admit

“When a man says NO, It’s the end of discussion. When a woman says NO, it’s the beginning of a negotiation”

Because that is exactly what he is describing

Again this situation occurred because the LGBTQ’s pride group allowed males to call themselves lesbian and control the narrative

Any sociopath will dominate if the institution allows it. The institution basically allowed lesbians to be bullied and reclassified/redefined

[+] [Deleted] 45 points

More fake deep nonsense from his Instagram:

"I now believe sex hormone supplementation is best suited to triage a condition. Poorly suited to generate the foundation of our embodiment. In doing so the body that I grew was foreign to my heart and therefore beyond my heart to heal. . Shedding the synthetic biological suit I had grown for myself over 7 years, I appreciate the deep study of the feminine and the female that I have had the honor of conducting in this lifetime. . I believe our modern transgender movement is imbalanced with the current use of hormonal replacement therapy."

Was it 'foreign to your heart' to threaten to hang women by their necks, Kodah? Or did you just realize you can't get laid anymore because no one likes a flabby weenus and moobs?

So it's fine for this asshole to question "affirmative care", but when women do it, it's time to get the rope. Got it.

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