April Fools!

Men are men. End of story.

Happy April TransFools day, gyns 💜🤍💚

April Fools! Men are men. End of story. Happy April TransFools day, gyns 💜🤍💚


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Transistors are brothers 🤔

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Just struck me that the t slur was only short for transistor (as in, portable wireless radio) when I was a kid. Don’t know if that was particularly Australian slang, but back then that sort of t was worth listening to. 😄

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I work on cars as a hobby. Basically all US English-speaking auto mechanics, amateur or professional, pronounce "transmission" in a way that rhymes with nanny.
Nobody is ever like, tee-hee! double entendre! It's almost as though people understand words and context and stuff 🤯

The thing along these lines that has honestly surprised me the most was hearing "light up a [cigarette]" in certain former british commonwealth countries, where cigarette was pronounced like flag with one silent letter.
I know that context is king, queen and dictator again in this example and that I'm just overthinking it, but it's still jarring to hear even younger people saying that. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I really enjoyed reading you refer to words without naming them lol. It was a delicate linguistic dance and I'm here for it

Up til recently it was used for the transmission in your car. Probably still is, among the class of people who work on transmissions.

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Ah! I didn’t know that one (newish driver and know buggerall about cars). :)

Haha. Very good april fools fooling.

More foolishness: Women can have penises. Humans can change sex. Chopping off body parts makes you the opposite sex. Delusions are reality. Non-binary, sex is fluid, sex is a spectrum....Total nonsense, and A fools fantasy.

I wish we could pin this for any TRA lurkers, just so they can be satisfied with the title and feel like they don't have to read further 😂

Also, happy April Fools!

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