I saw this on twitter a comment about using puberty blockers so that it is easier for their child to "pass". This concept of passing is so upsetting. Basically parents are condoning that their child will have to live a lie for the rest of their lives.

What a terrible way to live.

I saw this on twitter a comment about using puberty blockers so that it is easier for their child to "pass". This concept of passing is so upsetting. Basically parents are condoning that their child will have to live a lie for the rest of their lives. What a terrible way to live.


Even if they pass, so what? They'll be sterile, mentally ill, and still their birth sex. So who cares if they can fool more people than a person who transed themselves later in life?

And "passing" requires keeping everyone at a distance. You can't let anyone close enough to you to realize the truth. What a sad way to live your life... close relationships make life meaningful.

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My problem with “passing” is that it’s at complete odds with authenticity.

Passing goes beyond looks. It means keeping your history hidden from people, even close contacts. It means keeping new acquaintances and friends separate from the people in your life that know the truth and could out you without even being conscious of it. It means being self-conscious about everything you do, lest you slip up and reveal your past to others.

When TIPs talk about passing, they generally mean around strangers. Anyone interacting with them beyond a superficial encounter is excluded from their generalizations, because close contacts are actually paying attention in a way that the cashier or taxi driver is not. So the sad thing is, what they are living for is the goal of moving through the world without causing randos to do a double take. That is all. Most of them cannot actually achieve genuine relationships with others because being genuine means allowing yourself to not pass.

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I saw this on twitter a comment about using puberty blockers so that it is easier for their child to "pass". This concept of passing is so upsetting. Basically parents are condoning that their child will have to live a lie for the rest of their lives.

But the claim that "puberty blockers" will make it easier for a child to "pass" only applies if the child is male, right?

My understanding is that a female child put on "puberty blockers" to facilitate "gender transition" will likely end up less able to "pass" as male later on in life rather than more so. This is because these drugs have very different effects on children depending on their sex.

In females, "puberty blockers" used for "gender affirmation" appear to markedly stunt height and skeletal development. As a result, puberty-blocked 'trans guys" seem to end up shorter than they would have if they'd gone through puberty. This is a kick in the teeth to them because one of the reasons so many of these young girls want to change sex in the first place is that they are petite to start out with.

Female children who've had their puberty chemically blocked most likely will go through life with serious bone density issues that will make them more "clockable" rather than less so too.

After being put on "blockers" at age 11, the 15-year-old girl "Leo" in the 4th part of the Swedish documentary series "Trans Train" didn't grow at all in height, so she's ended up short even compared to other girls her age. Moreover, she has developed such serious and disabling spine issues - fractures and disc degeneration - that it sounds like exercising and even standing up straight will always be difficult for her.

Recently I read about another puberty blocked female child in Australia who is in similar straits, only in her case apparently it's not just the spine and torso that have been so dramatically affected, it's her leg bones too as she now needs crutches.

Even if I believed in genderwoo, I still wouldn't understand the rush to put females on blockers. Like you said, the blockers actively harm their ability to pass as male. And most adult women who take testosterone end up fairly passable (aside from the Muppet voice), so there isn't a rush to stop irreparable changes like there is in males.

Its all a ploy to sell more drugs (blockers are CRAZY expensive)

The girls are scared to grow breasts and/or have a period. That’s probably why.

This generation of girls is also being told that if their puberty was "traumatic" read--they weren't doing backflips upon their first period and felt awkward growing breasts--they're really men. And that "cis girls" love puberty.

I think the idea is to eliminate the need for mastectomy by stopping breast growth and stopping the widening of the pelvis/changes in fat distribution.

Ugh, I briefly worked with a teenaged TIF who was maybe 5'1" and was SO OPTIMISTIC that going on hormones was going to make her become literally male and grow to a more typical man-height (she also had a lot of aspie mannerisms and did the whole dressing-as-Pee-Wee-Herman thing). It was very demoralizing holding my tongue knowing she was so badly failed by education she believed this, but even small, obvious challenges to her misconceptions fell on deaf ears (our boss was also a gung-ho TRA cheerleader; saw him pressuring her crying mother into just allowing all of this). So she was put on hormones by age 15 and had her breasts amputated by 17, and I don't think she's grown so much as an inch since the process began. Just a wispy beard and a cracking voice and no way back.

Once the growth plates fuse it’s impossible to get any taller. For females this is usually 1-2 years after first menstruation.

By 15, most females are as tall as they will ever get.

and in a country like Sweden, her height is probably even more noticeable.

What really gets me is the loss/amputation of sexual function. If a boy goes on blockers before he's ever had an orgasm, he never will be able to have one. What a violation of human rights. And because the genitals don't grow, there isn't enough tissue to create a neovagina, so they have to create one with tissue harvested from somewhere else. Jazz Jennings's doc used thigh skin. How awful. However the neovagina is created, it will never function like a real vagina. I just don't get why this isn't more important to people. I guess there are a lot of parents who do care about this stuff but feel they can't speak out. I don't know how the docs in this field sleep at night.

I just learned this today. is this the same for girls who get fake penis attached?

Jazz's doctor used the abdominal lining. Thay is supposed to eliminate problems using tissue from the colon creates. Thigh skin wouldn't work for vaginal lining They do use a large graft from the arm or thigh for neophalluses.

This bothers me too. Why not push for greater acceptance of a wider kind of presentation instead of medicalizing it? (Oh wait it's capitalism.)

I honestly think that many of these parents are terrified at the prospect of having a visibly gender-nonconforming child. That's why they push for 'passing' at all costs.

Trying to pass is so insidious because even trans that pass perfectly will never have confidence in passing. Even if people buy the illusion 100% of the time the trans person will always wonder 'do I really pass? Do they know and they're just being nice?' and constantly editing their behavior and self presentation to create this illusion of passing that they're so obsessed with. Imagine constantly checking every hand movement, the way you walk, the vocabulary you use, to fool the people around you, and beating yourself up for every perceived slip- 'Why did I say/do that? Now they've clocked me for sure...' What a miserable way to live in your own body and relate to the world.

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Lol idk about that, a lot of TIMs are hilariously non self-aware and brag online about "passing" when people are just trying not be rude. When a TIM actually passes, they try to be as noticeable as possible

Fetishistic transvestites' main regret is not transitioning sooner. For them passing is an erotic obsession, which they project onto "trans kids". In addition, TIMs tend to have a "sissification" fetish (forced feminization of boys), and some are simply pedophiles. But victims of childhood (prepubescent) transition will typically not develop sexual attraction at all; never mind a paraphilia.

I also think this is a trial run for transhumanist elites to biologically engineer their children.

Ugh, your comment just made me realize that piece about how some of this might be adult TIMs living out their forced-fem fetishes on children; I hadn't connected those dots, but it fits. One of the cockiest 'egg-crackers' I'm aware of is also saturated in all of that shit and won't stop hornyposting on Twitter about it.

Yeah, this was even included in the 1980 DSM-III entry on transvestism:

Predisposing factors. According to the folklore of individuals with this condition, a "petticoat punishment," the punishment of humiliating a boy by dressing him in the clothes of a girl, is common in the history of individuals who later develop this disorder.

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Jazz Jennings was on puberty blockers and may have looked feminine as a child, but now, at age 19, post HRT for years and surgery, looks very much like the man he always will be. You cannot block the bones, though you can destroy them over time with this crap.

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Just FYI: Jazz Jennings is 21. He'll be 22 on October 6.

Also, it's not true that "you cannot block the bones" in youngsters through use of GnRH analogs to stop normal pubertal development. These drugs block bone development in female "trans" children particularly.

Jazz Jennings is a walking PSA against transitioning kids. He was cute and feminine as a child. But his male physiology came back with a vengeance once he got sick and gained weight. Now he has a tiny baby face on a fat male body with breasts and it just looks weird. And that's not even getting into how the surgeries have fucked him up...

What I've always found terrifying about transition is the idea of being on medication for your entire life. Hormones are one part, but I imagine there'll be an awful lot of remedial treatments required to artificially "develop" the body if puberty blockers are used. Children can't consent...

I just read that one of the early doctors Marci Bowers - that if a person (child) hasn't had an orgasm before going on puberty blockers they might never have an orgasm. Jazz can't have an orgasm. How are doctors doing these surgeries and not telling parents what a horrible life that will be.


The BIG LIE really bothers me. It's a desire to deceive and trick the world.

When I was in my 20s, Victoria Secret was really pushing push-up, padded bras (pun intended) to make your breasts look larger. My friend and I, who were both small cupped at the time, joked how women who bought them were engaging in 'deceptive sexual marketing' because when you got naked w/ your date, the 'reveal' would be quite the surprise. While that's just a stupid joke we had - (no man was harmed by women wearing padded bras [insert eyeroll emoji]) - trans ideology could be considered a form of sexual marketing based on trickery.

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