How hard is it to find a yoga studio that proudly says PREGNANT WOMEN?!!!!! Even the word “pregnant” is being obliterated. I hate this!!!

Anyway, this is my second and I'm thrilled 😁

How hard is it to find a yoga studio that proudly says PREGNANT WOMEN?!!!!! Even the word “pregnant” is being obliterated. I hate this!!! Anyway, this is my second and I'm thrilled 😁


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"Carrying person's" Email them and ask why are they allowing people who carry guns do yoga with them.

Honestly though, my first thought was guns because of knowing so many gun people.

Ask them if the carrying persons are openly carrying or concealed carrying.

Open carrying person - a visibly pregnant woman

Concealed carrying person - a woman who is not visibly pregnant yet

Neither of those is legal in my state so it would be especially good to ask 😒

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Whoa, what? I thought that every state had to at least allow open carry... otherwise it goes against the second amendment, no? Does your state only allow them at home or something, for protection? I assume they allow hunting, right?

It technically is a constitutional right, but some go pretty far to prevent it, New York for example makes you prove you have a serious need for protection to own a gun.

It varies by state and by type of gun. There's a handy chart at the bottom of this link. If you live in the US and wish to carry a gun you do need to know these rules, because a gun in the glove box could be perfectly fine in one state but be a felony in another.


The Second Amendment allows for regulation of gun ownership. You can't just own any old gun you want and do whatever you want with it.

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Hey pregnant ovarit friend. It’s my first, 21 weeks, eek. I’ve already declined to order from or sign up for so many things because they say something stupid like this. It’s catering mostly to a bunch of idiots unsympathetic to women and pregnancy, and TiMs. Even if you want to be perfectly inclusive and change your language for everyone, it’s not hard to recognize if you have a TiF show up to yoga class and introduce herself as Jeffrey or whatever. THEN you can say carrying persons if you must. That insinuates you can tell who is trans though and that’s a no no… but you can.

Despite how bitter people think that pregnancy is like walking through a field of daisies and everyone is leaping out of their seat to be as accommodating and kind to you as possible that has NOT been my experience in any regard. I feel quite isolated, manipulated, and mistreated generally as well as handled like a cog in the machine by the medical system frankly. If I’m spending my money on something meant to be therapeutic for pregnant women I need you to at least indicate you respect WOMEN during this time.

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Why don’t we completely dehumanize women and just get rid of “person” and call them “bipedal gestation units.” (Thanks to Titania McGrath!) These twisted, garbled phrases get weirder every day. Carrying is a verb (gerund in this case). You can’t modify a noun with a verb. Stop the grammatical insanity! Edit: the gerund is a noun formed from a verb. But you can’t modify a noun with a noun. Sorry.

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You can’t modify a noun with a verb

Off topic, but this isn't correct. In the phrase "carrying woman," "carrying" is a gerundive and gerundives are indeed grammatical—just consider the phrases running water, pouring rain, barking dog, rising tide, setting sun, breaking wave, lying asshole . . .

I'll grant that the phrase "carrying woman" is very awkward, because the object of "carrying" is omitted, whereas in most contexts it is explicitly stated. If Sarah is carrying a box or a bag or a baby, we have to say "Sarah is carrying a box" or "Sarah is carrying a bag" or "Sarah is carrying a baby"; we cannot simply say "Sarah is carrying." (Contrast, for instance, "Sarah is reading," which is a perfectly natural and acceptable utterance even if we do not specify what Sarah is reading.) In American English, the only instance in which the object of "carrying" would customarily be omitted is if the thing being carried were a gun.

I haven’t heard of a gerundive in years, but I recall it is used in Latin. In English, it uses the infinitive form of a verb, which carrying people does not have. Thanks though, I’ll read more about it to refresh my now weak memory.

Seconded. "I actually prefer the term 'birthing unit' because I'm not comfortable with my existence as a human" I feel like no one would bat an eye.

I used to feel sorry for TIFs, they’re not a threat to me, victims of misogyny too, and all that. But when I think of the kind of pressure it has taken to impose these farcical speech codes on every business, government and institution serving women, I don’t feel like being in a room with TIFs any more than with TIMs. The delusions and aggression are almost equally creepy.

Honestly I think it's TIMs pushing for this as much if not more than TIFs. They know they can never be women because they can't get pregnant. They're desperate to divorce womanhood from female biology and turn it into an outfit, that's the only way they can participate.

More and more I find them practicing the worst kinds of misogyny. Skyler Bailer - HUGE supporter of Lia Thomas - given the voice of credibility because "he's a trans man athlete!" Think about it a little deeper and you'll see someone who hated being a woman so much she lopped her own tits off, who is now pushing for rules to hurt and humiliate other women.

I cannot STAND Schkyuyllerrr or however she spells it 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Same, plus I find their obsession with opting out of womanhood to “become men” particularly pathetic and enraging.

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What's frustrating is 90% of them don't actually want to become men. They're literally scared of men (like more so than the average woman IME) and refuse to use men's spaces because they don't like the misogyny, bro talk, male mannerisms, etc. They basically don't like anything about men, they just REALLY hate being treated like a woman.

They obsess over male characters written by women, male representations that don't actually exist. That's what they want to be.

They obsess over male characters written by women, male representations that don't actually exist. That's what they want to be.

They want to be like the yaoi boys in their Manga. Just like how the TIMs want to be giggling hentai sluts

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Call up the yoga studio and keep asking if the class is for women but replace that with shitty confusing phrases that sound like a TRA made them up. Examples: breeding uterus carriers, former menstruator gestating persons, non-man breeders, non-man gestators etc. See if you can confuse them until they say pregnant women out of frustration.

Record the call and put it on the internet with the name of the studio. (Check your one party recording laws. It's legal in some states and not in others)

The audio would peak the normies and even piss off the TRAs because the person was finally forced to admit that they were speaking about women.

I don’t have the time or energy to devote to this but I’d watch the shit out of it!

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I hope you write down these weird substitute words somewhere for future reference

Carrying what? A sack of rice? A bag of sporting equipment? I'm so confused. /s

People, of course.

OP, ask them how many people you will be expected to carry in this class, and whether that's really appropriate for pregnant women.

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(I’d want to ask them if we have to BYO cat for the class or they’re included in the cost.)

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A few days ago I was driving and heard them say "pregnant person" on the radio and it dawned on me that person has SON in it, so how long until person becomes offensive?


I've noticed woke/trans people seem to favor "kiddo" over son, daughter, child, or any other term.

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I put "carrying person" up there with "front hole" for offensiveness.

ETA: congratulations, pregnant woman!

Worst one I’ve ever seen is still “black birthing bodies” (ugh, that feels horrible to type out... racist and misogynistic).

Worst one I’ve ever seen is still “black birthing bodies” (ugh, that feels horrible to type out... racist and misogynistic).

And it was especially bad because that language was used in a discussion about disproportionate MATERNAL DEATH amongst Black women. Like, these women are already dealing with shit from the medical system. And woke handmaidens in congress twisted the knife by calling them "birthing bodies" (as if they’re farm animals). Terms like that obfuscate the fact that this problem only happens to FEMALES (and that misogyny is likely a factor in it)

Also, "body" is a colloquial term for corpse. So they're talking about maternal mortality... and then they call living women corpses. Keep 'em classy.

Hahaha thank you!

Seriously. This particular studio is really popular in the neighborhood but I’ve always gotten a holier than thou vibe from the owner. Figures.

Carrying person......

Sounds like something they would've used back in medeival days to call a servant.

"Oh my lord, where is thy carrying person to carry thine sword!? Summon the carrying wench!"

[–] hmimperialtortie AGP = evil 2 points

That’s what portmanteau originally meant - the porte-manteau was the servant who carried the lady’s cloak in a bag in the 17th century.

God forbid some TIF get triggered by the word "pregnant" or "woman"!!

Also, these cutesy terms for medical conditions are fucking stupid. What happens if the yoga teacher has to call an ambulance for somebody in the class...

Teacher: "FYI This is a carrying person!!"

Paramedic: "Carrying what!? AIDS? COVID? A gun? Be specific!!"

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