"L With the T" as the title of the event is horrific. It is basically saying that prey (lesbians) should have no way to avoid their predators (rapey male "trans").

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All these TiMs with their "LwiththeT" hashtags and the like, meanwhile I see actual lesbians use "LetTheLOut" the most. Tells you all you need to know.

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Why do they all wear wigs? Men can grow long hair. More proof this is just a costume to most of them.

They can, but you'd see their male hairline and receding hair then. Plus, you know these types couldnt be arsed to actually take care of long hair.

Wait, the hormones that magically make them get periods and become women don't cure male pattern baldness? NO WAY!

Sometimes they post pics of what their heads actually look like under those wigs and I always want to scream with laughter. Gollum galore.

And the order of presentation is always this way. First the male-bodied person, then the awfully privileged "cis".

Yeppppp! “Let’s center a man at this lesbian event!” The whole world is topsy turvy.