Men. The left care more about men than they care about women. And as absolutely everybody knows, trans women are men.

Mix of identity politics (a group that will always vote democrat. Democrats got the black and LGBTQ’s voters - 20% before hitting the streets) and it benefits males

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Feminism is identity politics. Gay rights is identity politics. Identity politics isn't a bad thing. I don't get why people throw that saying around like it's supposed to mean something negative?

I don't think of feminism (female liberation) and gay rights/liberation as "identity politics" because those movements fight for aspects of personhood which exist in material reality and cannot be identified into or out of. One doesn't have to "identify" as female to be concerned with or benefit from (even if not concerned with) our liberation, because people either just are or are not female. I dunno, maybe I just see idpol a bit differently than what it used to be because it's so screwed up, but I don't see how feminism is a form of idpol other than worrying about whether or not women 'identify' as feminists. It's always been the case that most women don't, so I guess that aspect seems kinda moot to me.

It’s a good thing if the party the says they support identity politics actually follow thru.