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It was all a scheme to get the guy a vanity title and a slight pay bump. People started asking questions and that was it

Yep. It was a token hire. He would have been paid to do nothing if us pesky women hadn't interfered.

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The article doesn't list a single example of this supposed abuse. But what an unbelievably narcissistic man saying that he's breaking down barriers and that period poverty affects everyone. And he was due to speak on menopause too? Laughable!

I'm glad to see this self centered misogynistic male won't be collecting what I imagine was a quite sizable salary though

It apparently was abusive to point out that a man in this role was just plain stupid.

Yeah they just listed two examples of women expressing their anger about the appointment. Women aren't allowed to get angry or something? Thats abuse?

On Twitter some women tweeted at him period questions like “help, I just passed a fist sized blood clot is this because I’m peri or is it something I should see a doctor about?” He probably thought this was abusive.

They don't list a single example because there aren't any because it didn't happen, of course.

This guy's ego is so delicate that he thinks women saying "LOL WTF!?" on Twitter in response to his hiring is abuse 🤣

The thought of him going around workplaces, thoughtfully explaining to women that the menopause can be a difficult time. FFS!

Saying that appointing this Chad to that role is "absurd" is just so AbUsIvE, it's literal violence!

A spokesperson for the working group said: "It is regrettable that given the threats and abuse levelled at individuals in recent weeks, the period dignity regional lead officer role will not continue."Support will continue to be provided to the colleagues and students who have been subjected to personal attack. Their safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance."The group is now considering "alternative ways" of providing the "vital" services.

So, rather than listen to what women were unhappy about, and appoint a woman to the role, they are now scrapping the scheme altogether. There isn't a swear word strong enough for what I think of this.

Can you imagine if this happened for a position like "Trans Dignity Officer"? There would be riots. But they know women (specifically TERFs) aren't assholes who will set shit on fire if we don't get our way. So our needs are ignored

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Exactly. They are still criticizing Kimberly Pierce the ‘genderqueer’ filmmaker of Boys Don’t Cry because she used professional actress Hiliary Swank in 1999 instead of a TIF

Again this was 1999 and Buck Angel was busy

Visiting filmmaker Kimberly Peirce was greeted with signs declaring “Fuck Your Transphobia,” “You Don’t Fucking Get It,” and “Fuck This Cis White Bitch.” Their beef wasn’t new: The movie portrays the plight of a transgender man, but it doesn’t feature a transgender performer.


Typical. Cultish SJWs terrorizing a woman for not living up to modern woke standards back in 1999. What do they want from her? For her to hop into a time machine and re-make it with a TIF? To collect all copies of the original film and burn them? Fucking fascists.

"Buck Angel was busy" lol! Yeah, the socially transmitted ideological disease hadn't infected 10,000 times the girls/women as in 1999.

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That's exactly it. Respect is given to those who can cause the most harm and who are most likely to cause harm. Those categories definitely do not describe women. Is it a coincidence that "woman" is the only category that isn't allowed to define itself and demarcate it's own territory? Sadly, terrorism works. It's why b**** isn't considered a slur, yet most men would prefer any other slur than to be called that. (And how is r*** not a hate crime?) Hell, every truly insulting word for a male is basically calling them female.

Maya Forstater did the maths and worked out that this scheme cost about £48 to deliver about £15 of free period products per year. A bit like the government paying a company £30 to give poor families approximately £5 worth of food during Covid.

Cheaper to give people the cash amount directly.

If he was supposed to talk about the menopause too, why is the role ‘period dignity officer’? I thought we were all about being ‘accurate and inclusive’ with language these days?! But I suppose ‘women’s reproductive health officer’ would have been too triggering for some.

Of course I saw quite a few idiots using Forstater's objections to this obvious scam as proof that "SEE! She's a misogynist and evil!" Ok, whatever.

Seriously, what in the fuck is going on with Scotland? This is like cartoon villain levels of absurd.

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The group is now considering 'alternative ways'

…that don't involve women

ETA https://archive.ph/rA27V

$50 says they'll hire a TIM next. Or, if they're feeling cautious, a TIF (but one who no longer menstruates because that's gross) 🙄

Such a male reaction: "If I can't have this job, than NOBODY can!!"

"Wow, they didn't want me, when I am categorically the best person for this job? Then they must not want period dignity at all."

So ironically, women lose either way. We either have to have a man instruct us on our period, or no one at all and have the resource removed. Nice.

It seems a bit like the authorities sabotaged the whole idea behind the role by appointing a man.