I used to want it to pass. Not now, because it will be a vector for TIP's to usurp our sex-based rights.


Hello, I've missed this discussion, and I feel ignorant. I started marching for this when I just learned to walk. How did they wedge in?

If gender is conflated with sex, then the ERA is an act that will be usurped by TIP.

Most trans-advocacy groups think the ERA will provide 'protections' for TIP. Here is Columbia opining on the subject https://gender-sexuality.law.columbia.edu/content/equal-rights-amendment-and-equality-act-two-equality-measures-explained

Other people, better versed in law than I, could suggest how this all would play out. I'm guessing there might be a SCOTUS push (for definitions). Without that push - I would think the Biden administration would continue to conflate the two and use the ERA for the benefit of TIP.

Anyway, I know less than others. What I do know is that trans-groups are eager for the ERA to pass because they think it will aid them.

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond with this information.