Since the state has made it clear that it doesn't prioritize enforcing justice against men who condemn women to lives to torture and sex slavery through their violent actions, I think the only answer is to work to create funding and protection for women who murder their own abusers. They have no other choice to regain their freedom or even survive because men who choose to victimize women like this already feel enabled by the state and by society to continue committing humanitarian crimes against these women.

Smart girl, she killed him while he was asleep. That's what the punishment was really for, she didn't give her abuser a fighting chance.

Yes, wouldn't someone just think of the pedophilic rapist men?

As if a teenage girl had a "fighting chance" against a full grown adult male. Good for her.

How can they even punish her for this? What choice does a 15 year old girl being held captive have? She’s up against someone more than twice her age. What else is she supposed to do besides kill him in his sleep? If she tried to run she would probably get caught.

Good. Now let's make it known that we will do this for any woman who kills her rapist. They say punishable by a fine means legal for rich people, right? It can also mean legal for people who have enough public support.

As of right now, her GoFundMe has $362,868!

[–] OwnLyingEyes 25 points Edited

This is such good news. Really hated the idea of this girl who'd already lived through so much shit being saddled with that kind of debt for defending herself, and having to go out into the world with no support, with a criminal record, with no job prospects and no clear way of repaying it. I hope this allows her to evade the pipeline to prostitution or prison that that outrageous charge and punishment seemed to set her up for. Hope she can take that money, live her best life with it, and never look back.

Really though, that money should be enough to show the US Law system that she was innocent, money talks and all. Seriously, she should take the money, fake id, and run to almost any other first (and some second) world country on planet earth and live a better life.

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As long as they don’t have an extradition agreement with the US. I wouldn’t put it past law enforcement to pursue her.

Karl Schilling, an activist with the Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance, said that while a bill to create a safe harbor in Iowa passed that state's House earlier this year, it stalled in the Senate due to concerns from law enforcement groups that the legislation was too broad.

I.e. So, pedos in the government and their pedo friends and donors, along with pedos in law enforcement didn’t like the idea of a child victim being protected by the law when they defend themselves from ADULT RAPISTS?!?

Men get out of playing child support for years- she shouldn't pay him a fucking cent

he's dead. the money will go to his family.

Fck the family of that guy. Kidnapped children shouldn't have to be made responsibles of that rapist family.

Of course not, I agree with you. She shouldn't have even been charged! I just don't want anyone to misunderstand what is happening.

It's super interesting case. I feel so bad she was in detention for so long. And her sentence is probation. 🙄

Instead of 20 years in prison, District Judge David M. Porter sentenced her to five years of probation and a deferred judgment that could be wiped off her record, along with fines. Almost everyone seemed elated. Opposing lawyers, who had indignantly objected to each other’s lines of questioning witnesses, clasped hands, radiating goodwill. Witnesses and spectators who moments earlier had wept listening to Lewis tell her story were elated. Even the judge, whose repeated admonitions against cellphones and undiplomatic courtroom conduct seemed like overkill, was smiling.


It sounds like everyone, even the judge and lawyers, felt that her case was pretty bogus. Hopefully this will spur the state to make an exception for sex trafficking victims like other states have?

Yeah i hope so. But, there are still issues even in States with it. Nikki Addimando is still in prison despite it being a clear application of NYS' DVPA.

So, a deferred judgment means the conviction is expunged? That is fantastic if it means that. She will get her chance, particularly now with the funds from the gofundme to do something and not be forced into a rough existence upon release.

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While I’m disgusted that the judge did that, it almost seems as though his ridiculous sentence ensured this girls future. Her college has been paid for because of his horribleness, no one would’ve noticed if she had just been declared innocent and then she would’ve had to go to college and take out loans. I’m so happy for her that it worked out this way that kind of money is enough that she won’t have to work through college at all.

That being said though, I really hope that decision has no precedence for him doing it the way he did, though unfortunately I suspect otherwise.

Because of state laws, this was the absolute minimum the judge could’ve done. There was no lesser punishment they could’ve enacted. This is the fault of those who set the initial charges, not the judge.

A GoFundMe campaign started for Pieper Lewis — the Iowa teen sentenced Tuesday to pay $150,000 in restitution after killing her accused rapist — has raised over $235,000 as of Wednesday, with donations pouring in from nearly 6,000 people. Lewis, who pleaded guilty last year to involuntary manslaughter and willful injury, was also sentenced to five years of probation.

Officials said Lewis was 15-year-old runaway and a victim of human trafficking when she stabbed Brooks to death in his apartment in June 2020 after being forced into sex.

The GoFundMe was started by Lewis' former math teacher, Leland Schipper, who stated on the page that the funds will be used to pay off her restitution to Brooks' family and the state, "Remove financial barriers for Pieper in pursuing college/university or starting her own business," and to "Give Pieper the financial capacity to explore ways to help other young victims of sex crimes."

Lewis, now 17, was sentenced by Polk County District Judge David M. Porter Tuesday in the killing of 37-year-old Zachary Brooks of Des Moines. She could have faced up to 10 years in prison for each of two charges. While Lewis managed to avoid doing time, the judge warned that any violation of her probation could result in having to serve a 20-year prison sentence.

The judge said the restitution Lewis was ordered to pay to Brooks' estate is mandatory under Iowa law, and that "this court is presented with no other option," the Associated Press reported.

Prosecutors had argued that Brooks was asleep at the time, and posed no immediate danger to Lewis.

"My spirit has been burned, but still glows through the flames," Lewis read from a prepared statement on Tuesday. "Hear me roar, see me glow, and watch me grow. I am a survivor."

Lewis earned her GED while in detention awaiting sentencing.

"Pieper wants to go to college, she wants to create art, and she wants to advocate for other girls who find themselves in situations like she endured," wrote Schipper in the GoFundMe description. "She does not deserve a massive debt looming over her, holding her back from pursuing her ambitions."

Many states in the U.S. have "safe harbor" laws, which grant minors who are victims of sex trafficking a certain level of criminal immunity, but Iowa does not have such provisions in place. According to the National Institute of Justice, a University of Kentucky study on safe harbor laws in the state "showed that justice-involved children were more likely to be screened for sex trafficking and to be offered victim services, and were less likely to be criminally charged."

Karl Schilling, an activist with the Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance, said that while a bill to create a safe harbor in Iowa passed that state's House earlier this year, it stalled in the Senate due to concerns from law enforcement groups that the legislation was too broad.

There is some good in the world. That will go to support of rapist monster's children, who are innocent. Good result in the end.

There's gov. support for that, they shouldn't have to rely on a child kidnapped and raped for money. The girl is still 17 and they dared to ask money from a minor. That shouldn't happen bc not all sexual trafficked kids have a gofound me.

They don't deserve more support than a trafficked child. Fck the adult who asked for monetary retribution.

Yeah, I'm not saying it was good that restitution was ordered in the first place. The judge said he was literally forced to order it by state law, he had no choice. I am just saying that if it had to be ordered, this is the best result. Only possible due to the kindness and sympathy of strangers recognizing how unjust restitution is in this circumstance. And at least the rapist's children are the beneficiaries, not the rapist himself. They are innocent and have lost the value of their rapist father's labor, which they did have an entitlement to.