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Women are at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to human rights. It’s a joke to see those armbands and pretend that’s Qatar’s biggest problem when women are a literal slave class there.

My goddess, being born a woman in Qatar sound literally like being born into hell.

Women have to obtain men’s permission (usually their father’s or brother’s) to marry, to travel, to get educated. (An app that allows men to veto travel permits, driving licences and other government services for unmarried women under 25 has been downloaded a million times.) Neither rape nor domestic violence is illegal. Men can marry up to four wives but can divorce any wife without even informing them about it. Divorce for women is limited, even if the marriage is abusive. Women are not guardians of their own children. They do not have the authority to make decisions about their own children’s schools, finances or medical treatment. A woman who reports rape may be sent to prison.

Imagine being a little girl born into this regime. I can't even imagine it, it's too painful.

Women are the only class of people I can think of that are oppressed like this in multiple areas of the world, yet we are so frequently treated as if we are being overly dramatic when discussing the need for women's rights. We have quite literally been enslaved for most of human history and continue to be in places like that.

And when those of us speak up about how it used to be like this in our "developed" countries, we get told we're fetishizing the Handmaid's Tale or whatever. NO. This is OUR HISTORY as women, and I refuse to forget it, because forgetting it means the risk of going back.

We especially can’t afford to forget it when it is so fresh. Our grandmothers knew the oppression of not having the same opportunities as men. My great aunt told me she didn’t even know she could choose to do something other than be a SAHM. Besides, we are in a time where we are losing rights even in developed countries.

Also the indentured servants, and sex trafficking victims being flown in to make money for their owners - one of the many side industries for these $$$sporting events$$$$

I would start murdering men if I had to live like that. I'd rather die in prison.

And yet we have young women in the US complaining that they can't get "gender affirming care" instead of just taking advantage of the opportunities they have as the women they are.

I don't mean to offend by saying this but this is the exact same thing that conservative men have said for decades to prevent the advancement of womens rights and liberation. This idea that because women in other countries have a more "archaic" and overt form of misogyny, that it must mean that WE in western countries are just "not doing enough with what we have," rather than experiencing our OWN form of misogyny which is more subversive, perhaps subtle, but is still just as damaging to the female psyche.

I've said it about ten million times but if we do not address the fact that these young girls are transitioning for the SOLE REASON of societal/cultural misogyny (with other sex-related traumas often atop it), then WE WILL NEVER SOLVE THIS ISSUE. Telling women and girls to "get over" misogyny has NEVER worked, it will never work, and it solves nothing.

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I think the attempt to opt and identify out of womanhood is the other side of the same coin of misogyny. Our grandmothers burned their bras, women now are cutting off our breasts. I don't think of TIFs as spoiled babies, they are going to the ultimate extreme to escape misogyny. It does not work of course, but when nothing ever has you really can't blame women.

Qatar was where all the women were removed from an airplane and forced to undergo vaginal exams after an abandoned newborn baby was found in an airport toilet. Some of the women have initiated a lawsuit.



Or the arm band for all the slaves that died making the damn facilities?

I don’t think the World Cup should be hosted there at all, but then since when did FIFA act ethically?

I will say though, the Iranian players refusing to sing their national anthem in protest to what’s going on in Iran face arrest and surely worse when they get home. Yet Western players are now reluctant to wear the rainbow armband because of a yellow card.


I’d wear the rainbow armband because I feel LGB people SHOULD be stood up for in the Middle East. I’d just be wearing a lot more armbands too. They’d probably end up a sleeve at that point.

Or better yet don't play there at all. These teams want the benefits that playing in Qatar offers-- money, prestige. But at the same time they want to tsk tsk them. Put your money where your bicep is you shills.

Damn straight. A lot of these armbands etc are just fucking performative bullshit now. Women all around the world in many countries need urgent help to escape their oppression.

To add insult to injury, news reports now are saying that teams were forbidden from wearing the pride armbands and would suffer penalisation - i.e.: starting the match on a yellow card if they did.

Obviously, all the teams immediately decided that they couldn't possibly wear pride armbands. Talk about performative bullshit.

It's also deeply disappointing as it's been good over the last few years to see British football teams in what is a deeply homophobic sport start to talk about gay rights, racism and mental health, but this has just really proven they don't give a shit about anything except their paycheque.

Many top European clubs are owned by Middle-eastern tycoons, so no, they don't give a shit. Probably just want some good PR.

It always was performative bullshit: it cost them nothing to do it, but when it would, they caved.

I kind of think literally all armbands are just fucking performative bullshit, I mean, unless they're part of an actual faction's actual uniform, in which case it'd probably be preferable for it to be meaningless virtue-signalling.

Also don’t forget the time Qutar forced female passengers off a flight to Australia in order to do forced gynaecological exams because a woman had miscarried in the airport toilets and pre marital sex is a crime.

Curiously, the media seems to have forgotten that the entire structure was built with what amounted to slave labour. Women have no rights. Workers have no rights. But armbands!

Yet people keep claiming that we are critical of Qatar just because we are racist

The same people who call you islamophobic for disliking the religion. Why should we be expected to tolerate religions that see women as subordinate to men, that say it is our job to serve men?

I don’t support any organised religion, and Islam is especially brutal, especially to women and girls. I won’t support the abuse of women and girls under the guise of religious tolerance.

The women and gay men who defend Islam (while often slamming Christianity in the same breath, so they’re capable of recognizing criticism == bigotry) only know the Western middle-class version of Islam — the one you follow by choice. If they had any idea how brutal and restrictive Islam is in other parts of the world, I doubt they’d defend it so readily.

When I was younger, the ultra-"modernized" states of Qatar and the UAE were the envy of my eye.

Now I know better.

These countries, like America, were built using slaves. But at least America is trying to be honest about it.

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