Yes! Great article OP. And it’s fantastic to see the Morning Star on the side of women so frequently.

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Best article I’ve read on this in ages.

What the hell were the Unison’s Women’s Conference thinking? I know nothing about them - have they been taken over by men in dresses?

"Trade unionists, please come to your senses. Don’t do this! Think of the implications for all women. The precedents it would set for all workers. Don’t buy the sex industry propaganda. Don’t betray all the good hardworking women you represent. Don’t betray the next generation. Don’t create a world where jobcentres send young women down the brothel.

Prostitution is NOT a normal job."

Think of the implications for all women. The precedents it would set for all workers

So many leftists can easily be critical of amazon and uber, acknowledge that "choice" is not a good argument for allowing harmful industries to exist, acknowledge the concepts of economic coercion and class traitors (think scabs), but suddenly, when this topic comes up - it's "their choice", "it just needs to be reformed!", "they could get a different job if they don't like it!", (IMAGINE a leftist saying that about an Uber driver) "how does THEIR choice effect YOU?" (As if the popularity of online porn has had NO effect on women and girls, as if strip clubs as a bachelor-party-stereotype/rite of passage for men has had no effect on women and girls, as if we live in a vacuum and can be separated from how men treat some of us vs the rest of us).

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Leftists are so happy to say that workers for Amazon etc. are being horribly mistreated because they have nowhere else to go and nobody to defend them.

But when a woman talks about being literally raped for money, they tell her that she's made a choice to be in the industry and it's just her own prudishness and our society's attitudes towards sex that make her less appreciative of this "opportunity".

Somebody who comes into a leftist space and proclaims 'but I love MY Amazon job! We work in good conditions and my boss treats me well!' is probably going to get relentlessly mocked and downvotes for missing the hugger picture, hindering worker solidarity, etc. But a woman who makes such comments about sex work is taken to be the norm and her experience is held up to show that sex work is jUsT LiKe aNy otHeR jOb

It's fashionable in left-wing circles to claim that "sex work is real work" and that anyone who dares to suggest otherwise is right-wing, fascist even.

Seriously, though. As a socialist feminist I get tired real quick of the accusations of being "sex negative" or being right-wing - I'm pretty much as left-wing as you get, and when you actually analyze my points, they come from a socialist perspective, and not a "puritan" one as these people love to insist.

That picture made me see red; if anyone thought "sex work is work" is actually some progressive battle cry, that photo should clear things up real fast. HOW can other women not see the degradation there?

Yeah this is just gross as fuck. They didn't even try to make it look like 'oh SHE'S actually in control' or 'look at how empowering this is!'. It's just... a faceless, subjugated woman and a man who couldn't give less of a fuck.

"And look at his face. His eyes are closed. His awareness is with himself. Not her." Perfect description of the whole concept. It's all about men's wants. Liberal guys will very happily cheer for this shit because they get exactly what they want from women: sex and submission.

Seems like leftists and working people should always be suspicious of an attempt to expand the definition of "work." If the idea is "xyz is work and therefore it should be compensated (for example "commuting to work is work") then sure that might be a good thing for the working people. But if the idea is "xyz is work and therefore it should be accepted as part of employment" that would be a blatant attack on working people, to get them to accept more degrading and invasive treatment...